7 exercises for diabetes to improve health

7 exercises for diabetes to improve health

With the right amount of exercise, diabetics will be able to improve their condition very well. If you have diabetes you can try light exercises at home to improve your health. You should immediately try 7 exercises for diabetics below.

If you have diabetes, regular exercise can help you actively control your blood sugar and weight. In addition to improving blood sugar levels to a stable level, regular exercise can effectively prevent the development of the disease for you very effectively.

The link between exercise and diabetes

Exercise lowers blood sugar in 2 ways:

First, exercise increases insulin sensitivity. When you exercise regularly, your cells are better able to use insulin to absorb sugar from the blood, which can be used as energy for the body, thereby improving blood sugar control in the body.

Second, exercise stimulates another mechanism that allows the muscles to absorb and use sugar for energy, even without insulin. Regular exercise helps improve blood circulation in your body, exercise not only steadily lowers blood sugar, but also contributes to lower A1C levels over time.

Unhealthy living habits are one of the major problems that make your diabetes worse. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors that cause diabetes, high rates of obesity and overweight in people with type 2 diabetes. To limit this condition you should start exercising you can. reduces body mass and reduces insulin resistance of diabetes.

Unhealthy living habits are one of the major problems that make your diabetes worse

Along with nutritional therapy, exercise is one of the top ways of defense to help you proactively manage your diabetes. Regular exercise also helps you prevent cardiovascular disease, helping to control blood pressure better than cardiovascular disease is one of the dangerous complications of diabetes.

Exercise helps you control your blood sugar

How much Exercise is enough

You should give yourself about 2-3 exercise sessions per week for your body to move. You also shouldn't exercise too much to affect your health. You should only do up to 2.5 hours of intense physical activity per week (ie brisk walking, water aerobics, swimming or jogging). Physical exercise is one of the most resistance-boosting activities, but be sure not to be physically active for more than 2 days in a row. Incorporate endurance exercises like stretches or yoga into your weekly workout plan.

7 effective exercises for diabetics

1. Walk for diabetics to improve health

Walking is a simple exercise anyone can practice and do. First you just need to prepare a pair of shoes and a comfortable place to start walking. Some studies show that people regularly walk 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. There will be a lasting health and diabetes significantly improved.

Walk for diabetics to improve health

2. Cycling for diabetics to improve health

People with diabetes often have problems related to the joints and nervous system, especially arthritis. Conditions related to arthritis and other conditions are those that occur when a nerve is damaged, and can also cause joint pain. Consider improving your health.

Cycling  for diabetics to improve health

3. Swimming for diabetics to improve health

Swimming helps to reduce blood sugar very effectively. You can choose from water activities. Because this sport is not uncomfortable for the practitioner's joints. As you swim your muscles get active and at the same time relieve stress on the joints. This can also help lower blood sugar effectively.

Swimming  for diabetics to improve health

4. Aerobic exercise for diabetics to improve health

Aerobic activities have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, while also helping you lose weight. When you control your weight, it means you reduce the symptoms of overweight, obesity. This indirectly limits the symptoms of diabetes.

Aerobic exercise  for diabetics to improve health

5. Weight training for diabetics to improve health

Weight training and other strength training exercises help build muscle, increasing the number of calories you burn each day. Regular weight training helps you improve your physique and improve blood sugar levels in your body. You can lift weights to improve your health by adding weight training to your training plan.

Weight training  for diabetics to improve health

6. Exercises using elastic strings for diabetics to improve health

In addition to weight training you can also perform activities, exercises with using elastic strings to strengthen muscles. In addition to regular physical activity with elastic strings to build muscle strength, these exercises have a great effect on blood sugar control. Therefore, you should not ignore this extremely useful diabetic exercise.

Exercises using elastic strings  for diabetics to improve health

7. Yoga for diabetics to improve health

Yoga is the type that helps you control and improve core muscle strength, balance, blood sugar, cholesterol levels and weight. Regular yoga practice helps you not only improve blood sugar at a stable level, but also help you improve your mind and reduce stress effectively. Yoga helps control and improves your weight and helps lower blood pressure, improving the quality of your sleep and mood.

Yoga  for diabetics to improve health

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