Type 2 Diabetes Is Severe Or Mild Compared To Type 1 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Is Severe Or Mild Compared To Type 1 Diabetes

Many people with diabetes think that type 1 or type 2 is to assess the severity of the disease. As far as we know, type 2 diabetes is not worse or worse than type 1 diabetes, but the severity or lightness is caused by complications of the disease.

Usually, type 2 diabetes is not the cause of death, but the main cause of complications from other illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. Over time the complications of this disease can put you at risk of disability, amputation, kidney failure and blindness ...

The Effects of Type 2 Diabetes Complications

Type 2 diabetes can have serious effects on our bodies such as the nervous system, heart, retina, and kidneys.

• Neurological complications: You feel your body is present with symptoms that often cause numbness and burning of the limbs. This condition lasts without timely treatment, which may worsen the loss of pain, heat or cold, the patient can be injured without realizing it, gradually progressing to wounds, ulcers and serious infection.

• Cardiovascular complications: This is the most dangerous complication, when the blood sugar level in your body increases, your blood pressure also increases, causing atherosclerosis, increasing heart rate and the leading cause of death.

• Retinopathy: Type 2 diabetes also has complications to the retina, such as damage to the blood vessels of the retina, bleeding, which can cause retinal tearing and blindness.

The Effects of Type 2 Diabetes Complications

• Kidney disease: The kidneys are also a serious influence when the patient has diabetes. If the disease is not prevented or treated in a timely manner, the disease can quickly deteriorate. The disease will cause kidney failure, lifetime hemodialysis or a kidney transplant.

People with diabetes have serious complications such as kidney failure, myocardial infarction, complications are often worse than cases of peripheral nerve complications, skin complications ... The more complications appear, the more severe the disease and the more difficult it is treatment.

Type 2 diabetes is severe or mild compared to type 1

Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body cannot automatically synthesize glucose to feed cells because the pancreas is no longer able to produce insulin. Often, the symptoms of type 1 diabetes are easier to spot than severe. However, if you find it in time, get treatment early to address the risk of complications later. However, the treatment for type 1 diabetes is more limited than type 2.

Type 2 diabetes usually goes on quietly for many years, you can only detect it when you go to the medical center periodically, you find that your blood sugar increases dramatically. abnormality or when symptoms have become severe

The disease progresses silently over the years, beginning with insulin resistance and gradually reducing insulin secretion by the pancreas. Patients have many treatments but often find the disease late. Many cases have complications at the time of diagnosis. But type 2 diabetes has a simpler treatment than type 1 diabetes by changing lifestyle habits, and changing healthier eating menus will help patients stabilize blood sugar in the healthiest way.

It is difficult to compare type 2 diabetes to be more severe or milder than type 1 diabetes. You need to understand the characteristics of each disease to avoid confusion affecting treatment effectiveness.

Type 2 diabetes is severe or mild compared to type 1

Complications warning signs

When your type 2 diabetes shows signs of more advanced complications through some warning symptoms such as long-lasting wounds, heart palpitations at rest, or leg pain while walking, nails, thickening, peeling and itchy skin, blurred vision, dark spots, tenderness, watery eyes, heavy limbs, knee stiffness, shoulder joints, nocturnal cramps, numbness of limbs, burning, stinging like needles, ants crawling on the skin. You should always be the proactive person to prevent disease from the very beginning to have the best health.

Methods of preventing complications

Seriously follow your doctor's instructions:

When you feel that your blood sugar level is stable at a healthy level, you should not voluntarily stop the drug during treatment, you should go to the nearest medical center to see and hear advice from Doctor.

Build a healthy lifestyle:

You should build yourself a diet and a suitable exercise regimen will help you fight off type 2 diabetes quickly.

• Diet: You should limit the consumption of sweets, avoid eating sugary foods. Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits with high fiber content. You can use the rule of the plate to do this. Fill 1/2 plate with green vegetables, 1/2 is the starch (rice, vermicelli, vermicelli ...) and 1/2 is savory (meat, fish ...). You should also remember to eat vegetables at the start of meals to better lower blood sugar ..

Methods of preventing complications type 2 Diabetes

Exercise: You should spend 20-30 minutes a day to practice light exercises like yoga and motor exercises to help the body circulate better blood and help reduce insulin resistance.

Get enough sleep and relax: Sleep is very important for people with type 2 diabetes. When you are stressed or lack of sleep the body releases many hormones that cause hyperglycemia, you should always be happy and need must remember a full day of 6 to 9 hours of sleep.

Sleep is very important for people with type 2 diabetes

While type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes are two different diseases, you still need to treat them appropriately. If left untreated, the situation can get worse, which you can easily control by taking the right medication and incorporating healthy lifestyle habits like eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping properly hours and other habits.

Diabetes Freedom - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Freedom Review - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Freedom is a simple health optimization program through a healthy diet that teaches users a number of natural tips and tricks that can not only help them control their blood sugar but also reduce Completely reduce any problems they may encounter from the disease thereby making use of meal times. Diabetes Freedom also offers foods repel type 2 diabetes, nutrition and increasing your metabolism to help solve the problem.

Diabetes Freedom is a two-month program that aims to help you flush fatty deposits from your body through a regulated diet and exercise. The fatty deposits around your pancreas can aggravate diabetes symptoms caused by high blood sugar levels.

The only way to control these symptoms in allopathy is through frequent medications. You also have to skip your favorite desserts, which is extremely difficult for those with a sweet tooth.

High sugar levels can also result in poor brain functioning, apart from harming your kidney and liver too. Moreover, Diabetes is a precarious position to be in.

You have to control insulin constantly apart from regulating glucose levels. Diabetes Freedom contains several video tutorials that help you reduce toxins, improve the functioning of the pancreas, control food cravings, and so on through various natural methods.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Type 2 Diabetes Is Severe Or Mild Compared To Type 1 Diabetes as well as this measure to balance. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Type 2 Diabetes.

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