what is septic arthritis

what is infection arthritis

Septic arthritis is a common disease today, everyone is at risk of infection arthritis. Infants and older adults are at high risk for septic arthritis.

Infection arthritis often directly affects the knee joint, the knee is also the part that is most often affected. However, in addition to the knee, infection arthritis can also affect other joints such as the hips and shoulders. Over time, septic arthritis can affect your ability to move, damaging the cartilage and bone in your joints.

What is infection arthritis

Infection arthritis is an infection inside the joint, when bacteria enter the joint, it causes swelling and pain in the joint. Usually, arthritis occurs only in the knee joint and very rarely in more than one joint. One of the most common causes of septic arthritis is when you have a penetrating injury that brings germs directly into the joint, which can also travel from another part of the body to the joint. Joints such as the knee joint, hip joint, wrist joint, shoulder joint, elbow joint, and ankle joint are vulnerable joints, so pay attention to protect them when performing daily activities.

Symptom of infection arthritis

Septic arthritis often causes discomfort for sufferers, limiting daily activities to the affected joints. When a patient with an septic arthritis may exhibit the following symptoms :

- Fever.
- Pain in the affected joint, especially when moving the joint.
- Swelling and redness of the affected joints.
- Warm, hot affected joint area.

Symptom of infection arthritis

In children, an infection with arthritis can present with very sensitive symptoms such as :

- Children often feel unappetizing.
- Unstable mental state.
- Feeling a faster-than-normal heartbeat and discomfort in the joints.

Note: You can use pain relievers to limit the pain caused by septic arthritis. These drugs can limit pain and fever.

Joints are often infected with arthritis in each subject:

- In adults, the joints of the hands and feet - especially the knees - are often affected by septic arthritis.
- In children, most hip joints are likely to be affected.
- Children with septic arthritis often keep their hips in a fixed position and try to avoid rotation.

In rare cases other joints, such as the neck, back and head, may be affected.

cause of septic arthritis

Septic arthritis can be caused by a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection such as Staphylococcus aureus. Some common causes of iseptic arthritis,such as a skin infection or a urinary tract infection, spread through your bloodstream to your joints. Additionally, puncture wounds, injections, or surgery in or near a joint can allow germs to enter the joint space.

When bacteria enter the body, reach the synovial membranes, easily penetrate and can begin to destroy cartilage. When the muscle detects the bacterial invasion, it reacts causing inflammation, increasing pressure around the joint, in the joint and reducing blood flow to the joints contributing to joint damage.

In addition, abnormal joint changes can lead to septic arthritis such as injury, other forms of arthritis, a weakened immune system, diabetes, kidney disease, or cancer.

cause of septic arthritis

Factors that increase the risk of septic arthritis

Patients may be at risk for septic arthritis when they have certain joint-related conditions:

- Gout, rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
- Rheumatoid arthritis.
- Thin skin. Fragile skin and poor healing can allow bacteria to enter your body.
- Skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema increase the risk of septic arthritis, as well as infected skin wounds.
- Diabetes.
- Animal bites, stab wounds, or cuts on joints can put you at risk for septic arthritis.

Symptoms of septic arthritis

If not treated in time, infection arthritis can cause serious consequences such as joint degeneration and permanent damage, osteoarthritis, joint deformity.

Symptoms of septic arthritis

In severe cases, the joints may need to be surgically reconstructed. If the infection affects the joint, the prosthetic or prosthetic joint may need to be replaced.

Arthritis treatment

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