10 reasons why your eyesight is poor you should know before it's too late

10 reasons why your eyesight is poor you should know before it's too late

When I am close, I wear glasses, too much surgery is the way of thinking of many people to justify unhealthy habits, which is the reason for poor eyesight at a young age. The deterioration of vision is an alarming condition today. Vision impairment is a common trend among young people, especially those with unhealthy habits, which is the reason why vision is poor at a young age. Today, join us in detailing 10 reasons for poor eyesight you should know before it's too late through this article.

Use expired cosmetics

One of the leading causes of serious damage to your eyes is to use expired cosmetics for eye makeup, you should discard eye makeup products that have been used for more than 3 months. Due to overdue use of cosmetics causes bacteria to accumulate in the product, which can cause eye infections, over time eye damage and vision impairment.

Eat too much wheat

Cereals are one of the most popular and consumed foods in the world, especially wheat. Although wheat is a healthy grain, wheat is also responsible for the increase in insulin levels in the body. Some studies have shown that the regular consumption of wheat can cause an increase in sugar levels in the body. Products processed from wheat when entering the body will quickly turn into glucose, causing increased sugar and insulin levels in the blood. In addition, consuming wheat for a long time can cause dilated eyeballs, which is the reason for poor eyesight and makes you more susceptible to myopia.

Using heavy wheat for a long time can cause dilated eyeballs, which is the reason for poor eyesight and makes you more susceptible to myopia.

Use over-the-counter eye drops

The free, non-prescription use of medications such as eye drops, especially those containing antibiotics over a long period of time, can seriously affect your vision, as some Combined drugs can produce side effects that are bad for the eyes. The use of eye drops may only provide temporary relief and will not completely cure the vision problem you are having. It is best to visit and consult an expert or doctor before you intend to buy eye drops.

Not drinking enough water

One of the causes of dizziness is not drinking enough water or drinking too little water. You should drink at least 2 liters of water per day to ensure the daily functioning of the eyes and body. When the body becomes dehydrated, the body does not produce enough tears and this can lead to dry eyes and poor vision.

Do not use glasses when out in the sun

Going out in the sun and not wearing sunglasses can cause keratitis due to short exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet rays, also known as UV rays, when the eye is exposed to UV rays for a period of time, the outermost cells of the cornea layer die, causing burning pain in the eyes, which is the reason why poor force. You should limit exposure to sunlight continuously for 6-12 hours and go out on the street to wear sunglasses to have healthy eyes.

Do not use glasses in the sun, and can damage your eyes

Not getting enough sleep

Lack of sleep frequently will overload your brain and cause a feeling of fatigue the next day. Sleep is an important time for brain and body to recover energy after a long day of activity. If your eyes do not have enough rest, you may experience symptoms such as distracted vision, dark circles and nervous system defects.

Keep the book too close to your eyes

Some studies show that books and regular readers have a strong relationship, people who regularly read and keep books too close to their face are more prone to myopia and is the reason for poor eyesight.

Rub your eyes often

One of the bad habits you need to quit is that you rub your eyes, rubbing your eyes often, you will affect the cornea. Sometimes when your eyes get tired or itchy, it is a natural body's reflex to rub your hands to ease the discomfort. However, rubbing hands inadvertently causes inflammation, tearing the cornea, increasing the risk of other eye-related diseases. Wash your face if you feel itchy or uncomfortable to make sure your eyes are healthy.

Rubbing your eyes often can cause eye damage

Working too stressful

If you work too much with the computer and feel pain or discomfort in your eyes. Take a break, close your eyes, and take a deep breath to release your mind. Stress, fatigue is also a major cause of vision impairment caused by working too much for a long time.

Forgot to remove contact lenses

Contact lenses are known to be a fashion trend to increase the aesthetics of today's young eyes. Wearing contact lenses regularly can prevent your cornea from receiving oxygen from the air while you are awake and moisturized by tears while you sleep. While sleeping, you should not wear contact lenses because the organisms in them can grow and cause corneal ulcers, open wounds on the cornea can blur your vision. So, take off your contact lenses right away if you're going to sleep. So wearing contact lenses continuously for 24 hours is extremely dangerous because your cornea will not have the necessary moisture and oxygen supply and will become weaker.

Wearing contact lenses regularly can damage your eyes

Many people are prone to the 10 reasons for poor vision, especially when young. This negatively affects your health and causes problems related to the reasons for poor eyesight. Therefore, you should pay attention to improve the health of your eyes better.

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