13 foods to help you support memory

13 foods to help you support memory

Studies have shown that eating certain foods can help ward off Alzheimer's and support memory. Several statistics around the world show that Alzheimer's disease and dementia are currently developing both the old and the young. However, we can still prevent Alzheimer's disease and support memory by eating foods that are good for the brain and nervous system, so which foods should be added to have better memory when? busy work and increasing age. Today, join us to learn 13 foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that have been shown to help with memory, calculation ability and disease prevention through this article.


Omega-3 and alpha-linolenic acid are two well-known healthy fats for the brain and nervous system found in abundance in walnuts. Some statistics show that regular consumption of walnuts improves memory, concentration and effectively prevents dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Walnuts are good for improving memory


Turmeric is an indispensable food or spice for today's dishes, turmeric has the effect of healing and fighting inflammation for the stomach and digestive system. In addition to its good effects on the stomach and digestive system, turmeric also helps nerve cells in your brain to continue to form new connections throughout adulthood through neural tissue-derived factor. from the brain. Turmeric also helps improve brain function and reduces the risk of degenerative brain damage due to age.

Turmeric are good for improving memory


Blueberries are a sweet and sweet fruit that is easy to eat, in addition, blueberries are a fruit that is good for the brain, in blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants, some statistics have proven that Consuming blueberries every week can aid memory and prevent memory loss.

Blueberry are good for improving memory


Tomatoes contain a lot of carotenoids that have excellent antioxidant effects that help neutralize free radicals, helping your brain function at its highest level. In addition, nutrients like fat-soluble carotenoids in tomatoes help protect your brain, preventing the aging process of the brain from happening as slowly as possible.

Tomato are good for improving memory


Onions are a healthy food for everyone, onions help increase the quality of the dish, increase the flavor of the dish. Onions contain a good amount of natural folate, folate has been shown to improve blood flow to the brain by reducing homocysteine ​​levels in the body. This can benefit people with depression, improve memory, reduce the risk of diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer's.

Onion are good for improving memory


Broccoli is a vegetable that is very popular with dieters, broccoli provides a very healthy amount of fiber and the content of vitamins A, K, folate, and lutein are good nutrients brain. Regularly consuming broccoli in the daily diet can help slow cognitive decline.

Broccoli are good for improving memory


Fatty fish often give us a very delicious taste in meals, in addition to fatty fish also contain good fats for the body, salmon contains a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, helping reduces the concentration of beta-amyloid in the blood. Beta-amyloid is a protein that forms dangerous blocks in your brain that lead to Alzheimer's disease.

Salmon are good for improving memory


Similar to flaxseed salmon, which is also rich in omega 3 and ALA, which are natural fats for brain health, regular consumption of flaxseeds can help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain. This reduction in blood pressure also helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, memory impairment and Alzheimer's

Linseed are good for improving memory

Chia seeds

Like flaxseed, chia seeds contain high amounts of healthy fats like omega-3s, omega-3s found in chia seeds that help support memory and promote brain health.

Chia seeds are good for improving memory


As a vegetable used daily in meals, spinach provides you with a great source of fiber for the digestive system. In addition, spinach contains vitamins B6, folate, and B6 which protect the brain and prevent oxidants, helping to prevent aging of the brain over time.

Spinach are good for improving memory


Apples are a good fruit that provides the body with essential vitamins, in addition, the apple also contains a compound quercetin that can protect nerve cells in your brain against oxidation. Regularly eating apples with meals will help you replenish a significant amount of quercetin, help reduce the cell death in the brain associated with oxidation and inflammation of nerve cells, and reduce the risk of disease. Alzheimer's disease and weakened immune system.

Apple are good for improving memory

The coffee

One cup of coffee in the morning helps you stay alert and increases your ability to focus on the job. Coffee contains a significant amount of caffeine which helps you to support memory. Several studies have shown that people who regularly consume caffeine can improve mental function and memory recovery.

The coffee are good for improving memory


In addition to being a beverage, tea is also known for its amazing uses in improving memory. The combination of caffeine and the amino acid L-Theanine found in tea has been shown to have powerful effects on brain function, improving cognitive abilities, memory strength and reducing anxiety.

Tea are good for improving memory

You can easily find the above popular foods to add to your daily menu. Combine it with meals to help boost brain health and support memory !

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