8 simple ways to cure tinnitus anyone can apply

8 simple ways to cure tinnitus anyone can apply

Currently, tinnitus is a very common disease of all ages with a variety of causes. Prolonged tinnitus can lead to serious consequences. There are many effective methods of tinnitus treatment that are easy to use. With the foods available today we will guide you 8 simple and most effective tinnitus cure. Join us to find out through this article.

1, Rub the ear to treat tinnitus

The ear ring rub method to treat tinnitus is a simple and effective method you can do anywhere. First you just need to put 2 palms on 2 ears, slowly gently rub the rim of ear in a circle for 1 minute so that the ears feel hot. Next, you use your middle finger to cover your ear and then let go, repeating that movement about 50 times.

2, Ear drumming method

The ear drum method is a method as simple as the rub the ear to treat tinnitus. By tapping the ear drum by placing the palms on either side of the ear, the fingers slid to the back of the nape, holding the head, the fingers holding the head, the palms opened and closed, pressing into a heavy a heavy one lightly, do so 30 times. Finally, use two index fingers and the middle finger to tap behind the ear about 30 times.

The method of drumming helps treat tinnitus

3. How to cure tinnitus with salt

A simple method not everyone knows is to treat tinnitus by roasting a little salt, putting it in a small bag, and applying it around the ear while it is still warm. The mild heat of the salt works to immediately relieve tinnitus.

4, How to cure tinnitus with pennywort

Pennywort is a vegetable known for its cool, refreshing properties for hot summer days. In addition, pennywort is also known for its many effects and benefits for human health such as having a great effect in treating tinnitus effectively.

To make the treatment of tinnitus with pennywort is very simple, first you just need to prepare pennywort, mulberry leaf, green rose silk about 10 grams with 16g of earth dress spirit for all these ingredients in the warmth. boil water every day. Regularly drinking this water helps you regulate blood, significantly reduces tinnitus symptoms and is very safe.

How to cure tinnitus with pennywort

5, How to cure tinnitus with ginger

Ginger has long been known as one of the popular spices in every family today. In addition to enhancing the flavor and quality of dishes, ginger is also used as a natural herb to treat diseases such as kidney stones, strengthen the body's immune system, help destroy bacteria and virus cells. Especially regularly using ginger can also help you improve absorption of vitamins and nutrients needed to help reduce tinnitus.

6, How to cure tinnitus with licorice

In addition to its great effects on the respiratory system, licorice is also used by many physicians to treat tinnitus due to its anti-inflammatory effects caused by viruses and bacteria, especially tinnitus treatment.

7, Yawn properly

Yawning is also the simplest way to cure tinnitus, note that when you yawn you can't swallow it to be effective. If you can't do the above yawn method, you can do the following, hold your breath and cover your nostrils, take a deep breath, then push the air that you inhale inside.

8, Cure tinnitus by chewing gum

Chewing gum is one of the best oral health habits. Also, when you chew gum, your tinnitus can be significantly improved. When you chew gum, the chewing movements will help activate the ear muscles and the tinnitus will decrease significantly over time. In addition, when chewing gum, the salivary glands will be secreted more than usual, which will play an important role in simple tinnitus treatment without having to worry about side effects.

Cure tinnitus by chewing gum

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