A reasonable diet for people with low back pain

A reasonable diet for people with low back pain

In the current rush of life, low back pain becomes more and more common. The lack of nutrients in meals makes lower back pain worse. A scientific diet is essential for everyone, in addition to implementing a regimen. Formal nutrition and science are one of the important factors that help people with low back pain can quickly push back their sickness in parallel with treatment. So what will the diet for people with low back pain will be, today let us learn through the article below.

Diet plays a very important role in ending low back pain

Several studies around the world have shown that a reasonable or nutritious diet is the main factor in determining whether a patient's low back pain is progressing better or not. In addition to treatment, lower back pain also needs to eat properly and scientifically, and abstain from posture will help ensure good health and repel low back pain in the fastest way.

Recommended foods for people with low back pain

Types of seafood, marine fish

Omega-3 and Calcium are compounds that are considered to have miraculous effects in anti-inflammatory effects, very good for bones and joints. In your daily meals, you should regularly add foods that contain a lot of omega-3, calcium to provide the best pain relief for people with low back pain, calcium and omega-3 are found in abundance. assorted seafood and marine fish. You can also supplement calcium and omega-3 simply by adding mackerel, salmon ... to your daily meals.

Recommended foods for people with low back pain

Fruits and vegetables

In fruits and vegetables always contain a large amount of healthy vitamins such as Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. The regular addition of fruits and vegetables in the meal for low back pain is essential work. Vitamins help increase immunity for the body and help the process of disease treatment faster. You can also find beneficial vitamins in the everyday fruits you use to treat low back pain better and faster.

Vitamin K: Found in grapes, cucumbers, avocados, kiwi,... is effective in preventing osteoporosis.

Vitamin C: Found in guava, lemon, strawberry, orange, tangerine, cauliflower... works as a very effective natural anti-inflammatory agent.

Vitamin E: Found in tomatoes, mangoes, bell peppers, chestnuts, papaya ... to help strengthen the body's immunity and relieve pain for the sick.

Lotus seeds, black beans and walnuts

A good night's sleep is very important for everyone, especially for those with low back pain, a good night's sleep is essential. Frequent low back pain will make the patient feel uncomfortable pain, feel sleepless, sleepless, make the body tired, seriously affect the health and life activities of the day the next day. Lotus seeds are a good food to help people with low back pain to reduce insomnia, improve sleep better, in addition to the lotus seeds also have anti-aging effects, effectively support in the process. Treatment of low back pain. In addition to lotus seeds, black beans and walnuts also contain many healthy minerals and especially omega-3. In addition to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects to help treat low back pain, Omega-3 and minerals also help to protect the heart, both effectively detoxify and cool down, so these are considered two good foods for people with low back pain.

Lotus seeds, black beans and walnuts are good for low back pain

Turmeric, ginger and dairy products

Turmeric and ginger are not only two popular foods for making everyday dishes, helping to increase the flavor of delicious dishes. In addition, turmeric and ginger are considered two precious medicines that have anti-inflammatory effects for bones and joints, and effectively relieve pain of muscles and joints. Turmeric and ginger have warm properties, so use them wisely, and regular use of turmeric can make your skin yellower than usual.

Milk and dairy products

In addition to the vitamins and minerals you need to supplement, you also need to supplement a large amount of calcium to help the body prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Every day you use 1 to 2 glasses of milk per day, regularly using cheese, yogurt, ... will help improve low back pain in the most effective way.

Top cheese for the treatment of low back pain

Foods to abstain when suffering from low back pain

Drinks or stimulants are foods that people with low back pain need to stay away from, for the best treatment of the disease.

Alcohol and alcoholic beverages: Alcohol or stimulants are extremely harmful to our nervous system, frequent abuse of alcohol will cause acute poisoning and chronic, fiber poisoning liver, nervous breakdown, hand tremors, decreased memory, increased stomach and intestinal ulcers, increased blood pressure, atherosclerosis, easy to cause stroke due to damage to coronary vessels and brain blood vessels. In addition, drinking too much alcohol for a long time also makes the inflammation worse, makes the pain last longer and worse, and deteriorates health leading to the treatment of sciatica. enjoy serious.

Fast foods: Greasy foods are not good for health, if you use them regularly will reduce calcium in the bones, increase inflammation in the bones and joints, the pain becomes more severe more, your lower back pain gets worse. The foods you should stay away from if you want lower back pain are beef, dog meat, lamb, animal organs, sausages, canned foods, bacon, fried foods,...

Foods to abstain when suffering from low back pain

Tobacco and stimulants: In cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that are harmful to the health of the body and the skeletal system, regular smoking can make you suffer from respiratory diseases and teeth like lung cancer, periodontitis. Tobacco smoke causes inflammation in the joints.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of upper back pain and middle back pain as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about back pain !

Although upper back pain and middle back pain cause you many difficulties in life, there are now many measures to help you treat back pain effectively. As long as you have a good thought, everything will be better, have a good day.

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