Painful knee arthritis: Know the cause and cure at home

Painful knee arthritis: Know the cause and cure at home

Inflammation painful arthritis of the knee is an inflammatory phenomenon of the knee joint causing numbness and pain and discomfort, the disease adversely affects the health and life of many patients. Arthritis is a disease that causes indescribable pain in the joints of the body. Arthritis is an inflammation of the knee joint that causes numbness and discomfort, arthritis of the knee significantly affects your quality of life, so how to understand correctly about the disease Knee arthritis, how to cure and prevent it, today join us to find out more details through this article.

What is knee arthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee develops over time as your body ages over time, especially joint cartilage, leading to a situation where when the joints are moved against each other, causing inflammation and knee pain. This interferes with your mobility and adversely affects your ability to work or live.

Osteoarthritis is one of the most dangerous diseases that, if left untreated, can cause dangerous complications.When you have knee pain, it also warns you that you may have a number of related conditions other bone and joint involvement such as spondylolisthesis, disc herniation or arthritis. These diseases, if not treated in a timely manner, over time can leave dangerous complications such as deformity of the joints, muscle atrophy, even a lifelong polio of extremities.

What is knee arthritis

Causes of painful knee arthritis

There are many causes of this osteoarthritis, of which the most typical are the following pathogens:

Natural aging: Age is the main cause of hip arthritis, with time the higher your age the faster your body ages. The same is true of aging bones and joints. This is a situation that happens to almost everyone when entering middle age, old age.

Injuries: If your knee joint is injured while doing everyday activities, playing sports, working, or being in a car accident while in traffic, your joint will become inflamed and swollen, causing muscle activity can be difficult.

Inflammation of the knee joint: Inflammation and degenerative joint disease are the main causes of knee pain in young people due to the inflamed and inflamed cartilage, causing the patient to suffer pain and discomfort.

Osteoarthritis of the knee fluid: The sudden increase in fluid in the knee joint increases, causing you to suffer from a number of diseases such as gout, causing swelling, swelling, and redness, thereby causing very uncomfortable pain. Over time, the patient has many difficulties, affecting the mobility and walking of people with knee arthritis.

Obesity, overweight: Some bad habits like eating inappropriateness, being inactive every day cause uncontrolled increase in body weight, thereby putting pressure on the knee joints, making them easy damage and develop symptoms of infection

Obesity, being overweight are the causes of knee arthritis

Symptoms of knee arthritis are typical

When you find it difficult to function every day, frequent manifestations of pain in the knee, inflamed knee joint become red, swollen to the touch, unpleasant to touch, Moving you feel in the joints appear creaking sounds when moving, climbing stairs, waking up feeling the knee joint is numb, leading to limited mobility. If you have one of the above symptoms, you may have arthritis of the knee.

How to effectively prevent arthritis of the knee

In order to limit inflammation from progressing and deteriorating, the reduction of risk factors is the most effective way to prevent the disease. In which, there are options as follows:

Nutrition: Nutrition is one of the important factors to prevent knee arthritis, you need to add foods high in calcium, omega3, vitamins such as milk, fish, fruit, turmeric, ginger, onions, green vegetables, spinach.

Youth Diet for people with osteoarthritis

Activity mode: You need to set up for yourself a specific plan for sports, exercise and daily activities. You need to work hard to practice gentle sports such as walking, cycling, and swimming. Avoid overwork, limit movements affecting the knee joint such as standing up, sitting down, squatting, hunching, climbing stairs when knee arthritis.

Bad living habits: you need to limit drinks containing stimulants, alcohol such as alcohol, greasy foods, fast foods, foods high in salt or sugar ... Persistent inflammatory knee pain in the patient.

Treatment of knee arthritis

Treat knee pain with medicine

When the knee osteoarthritis is mild, you can take pain relievers or anti-inflammatory and swelling medications to limit the pain symptoms caused by the disease. In some cases of severe development of pain relievers that no longer work, you need to use until now, the patient will be prescribed to use corticosteroids by doctors to limit the development of the disease.

When using medication in the treatment of arthritis of the knee, pain symptoms will be improved markedly and quickly. But you need to pay attention and consider when using them because they can bring undesirable side effects such as:

Stomach disease: stomach ulcers, duodenum ...
High blood pressure.
Reduced kidney calcium absorption.
Osteoporosis, sparse, brittle.
Rickets, slow growth in young children.

Treatment of knee arthritis at home

In addition to using medicines to treat arthritis of the knee you can also use the following remedies with rare natural herbs to help treat knee pain:

The remedy for knee arthritis from the guise leaf tree: cover the guise leaf, drink the guise leaf juice, stir-fry the guise leaf with beef.

Remedy for knee arthritis from wormwood: Drink wormwood juice with honey.

The remedy for arthritis of the knee from salt and ginger: Soaking in warm salt water and ginger in ginger for 30 minutes a day will help support the treatment of knee pain effectively.

A remedy for arthritis of the knee from salt and ginger

Methods of supporting arthritis treatment

In addition to the use of medicines and medicines to help heal the knee, you can also use the medicines, methods for treating arthritis of the knee, these are safe and long-term measures, we evaluate high in these methods.

Treatment of arthritis with therapeutic materials: In addition to exercises you can also use other types of external influences to treat knee arthritis such as hot compresses, mud baths, acupuncture, massage, pressure points to help air circulation, tendon relaxation and immediate pain.

Yoga Exercises: Yoga has long been known to be excellent therapies to help heal osteoarthritis, today I will introduce to you some exercises called cat pose. Bridge pose is an extremely easy yoga exercise that is good for joint health that patients can perform.

Yoga exercises to help cure arthritis of the knee

So above is the most basic information about knee arthritis pain from the cause of the disease, typical symptoms, how to prevent and cure the disease most effectively and easily.

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