Severe bad breath, how to overcome this situation

Severe bad breath, how to overcome this situation

Bad breath is a disease, although not dangerous, but bad breath causes feelings of anxiety and discomfort for the patient. Bad breath makes you lack confidence in communicating in relationships. However, no matter how severe bad breath can be completely cured, you just need to identify the cause and then have appropriate treatment directions. Depending on the cause of bad breath, there will be many different treatments for bad breath.

The reason you suffer from bad breath

Food: Some foods containing specific essential oils such as onions and garlic, when broken down in and around teeth, can cause odors. If you feel that after eating these foods, there is a bad smell in your mouth, you should consider it in the next use.

Dental problems: The daily oral hygiene is poor, the food pieces are still stuck in the teeth and create good conditions for bacteria to grow. Bacteria thrive on the plaque around the teeth can cause tooth decay, gum disease, periodontitis, which are also common causes of bad breath.

Dry mouth: Dry mouth reduces your saliva production and cannot help clean your mouth, removing particles that can cause bad odors. Dry mouth can happen when you take certain medications that lead to dry mouth or while you are sleeping you breathe through your mouth. Some cases of dry mouth appear when you have other conditions of the salivary gland.

Dry mouth is the main cause of bad breath

Other conditions: Certain medical conditions can cause bad breath problems, such as cancer and metabolic disorders, and bad breath is the result of the chemicals they produce. Some people have a fishy smell like fish on their breath, potentially suffering from a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, kidney failure or liver failure. Some cases of chronic gastroesophageal reflux or low bowel obstruction also cause bad breath.

Mouth, nose and throat

Respiratory diseases such as infections in the upper and lower respiratory tract, or respiratory ulcers are also one of the main causes of bad breath. Bad breath can be caused by small particles formed in purulent septal tonsillitis. These tiny particles are covered with bacteria that produce chemicals that cause odors.

Tobacco: One of the main causes of dry mouth is frequent smoking, prolonged dry mouth leading to bad breath. In addition to causing bad breath in your breath, smoking can also cause you to get periodontitis, a cause of bad breath.

Smoking causes dry mouth and bad breath

How to recognize bad breath

You can feel it yourself by placing your hand in your mouth and breathing out and smelling it, or go to some of the nearest medical facility to measure the concentration of bad breath in your mouth by Halimeter, Halitest.

Severe bad breath can not cure it

Bad breath can completely cure quickly if you can know the exact cause of bad breath and then have the right treatment.

Depending on the cause of the bad breath, there are different treatment options:

Treatment of oral causes such as: oral hygiene after eating, treating oral diseases affecting bad breath such as cavities, gingivitis, dry mouth,

Treatment of ENT diseases: Curing diseases such as rhinitis, rhinitis, tonsillectomy ... is a treatment for bad breath.

Treatment of digestive tract diseases: complete treatment of diseases such as stomach pain, hepatitis, colitis, gastroesophageal reflux disease and other diseases of the digestive tract ...

Limit smoking: You need to quit or limit your daily smoking habits, avoid foods that cause bad breath, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid drinking alcohol and stimulants such as alcohol or beer.

Mouthwash should be used at night because this is a time when the bacteria are active. Periodic health check and scraping drunk tartar every 6 months to cure bad breath completely.

Preventing bad breath from recurring

Oral hygiene after eating: You need to clean your mouth after eating, and at least 2 times a day. You will also need to floss to remove food particles between the teeth when brushing cannot be cleaned. Your tongue contains a lot of bacteria, which is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow due to the accumulation of food waste particles, so brush your tongue daily to effectively prevent odors. So clean your mouth every day after each meal.

Proper oral care helps prevent bad breath

Avoid dry mouth: To avoid dry mouth, replenish enough water every day, chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production if you feel dry mouth.

Healthy lifestyle: You should limit smoking, limit soft drinks and alcoholic drinks and stimulants such as alcohol and beer. Adjust your diet properly, avoiding foods like onions and garlic that can cause bad breath. Eating a lot of sugary foods has also been linked to bad breath.

When you know the cause of bad breath and how to treat bad breath, you will detect this condition earlier for timely treatment. In addition to ways to prevent and treat bad breath at home, you should remember to visit your doctor periodically to check your oral health every year !

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Bad Breath as well as measures to help you solve Bad Breath. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Bad Breath.

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