Tinnitus common foods that should and shouldn't be eaten

Tinnitus common foods that should and shouldn't be eaten

When you experience tinnitus, there are a number of foods that can help improve your symptoms. On the contrary, some others can make the condition worse. When you suffer from persistent tinnitus there is no resolution, there are a number of good foods that can help improve tinnitus symptoms. In addition, you also need to abstain from certain foods that make your tinnitus worse.

Prolonged tinnitus causes many problems in your life, and frequent tinnitus can seriously affect a person's quality of life. Living with tinnitus for a long time can make you feel tired, and tinnitus can be reduced if you have a proper lifestyle and diet. While an active diet and lifestyle may not help with tinnitus, it can contribute to significantly milder tinnitus. So today, let's find out in detail what foods should and should not be eaten for people with tinnitus through this article.


Tinnitus occurs sometimes due to poor hygiene in the ear or fluid build up in the ear, and the only way to relieve the symptoms is to remove this excess. A fruit rich in potassium like bananas can aid in the drainage of fluids, regulating the flow of fluids in the body so that tinnitus relieves as quickly as possible.

In addition to regulating fluid flow in the body, the potassium in bananas also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood circulation and improving tinnitus symptoms. There are also foods high in potassium in addition to bananas like sweet potatoes, spinach, mangoes, and pears. Potassium is a good thing for our health, but you should also note that not consuming too much potassium can lead to health related problems, you should consider using potassium properly.

bananas are good for people with tinnitus


Garlic is a popular spice nowadays, in addition to helping to increase the quality of dishes, garlic also works to enhance blood circulation and reduce inflammation in the body and prevent hypertension. Can help reduce tinnitus, if used regularly garlic can also help prevent tinnitus and hearing loss.

Garlic is good for people with tinnitus

Foods rich in zinc and vitamin B12

Some studies around the world have shown that if you lack one of Vitamin B12 and zinc, you have a higher risk of tinnitus than the average person. like salmon, mackerel and red meat. In addition, zinc is found in seafood such as oysters, beef, lamb and spinach. It is important to include foods rich in vitamin B12 and zinc because these foods will help control tinnitus, making tinnitus less severe.

Foods rich in zinc and vitamin B12 are good for tinnitus sufferers

In addition to the above foods, you also need to pay attention to cleaning your ears such as regularly taking earwax, not leaving wax for too long without cleaning, in addition you also need to combine with sound therapies such as listening light music. If you find that tinnitus is more severe, go to the nearest medical center to take action.

Or get tinnitus foods to avoid

The dishes were too salty

Frequent eating foods that are too salty for a long time can worsen tinnitus and cause high blood pressure, high blood pressure causes blood vessels to constrict, and blood can not circulate on its own. is due to being in the ear leading to pulsating tinnitus. We recommend that reducing the amount of salt you are using in dishes will help reduce tinnitus. Canned foods are also foods that people with tinnitus should avoid because the salt content of these products is very high. It is common to include green vegetables in daily meals to improve overall health, as well as control tinnitus symptoms.

excessively salty food makes tinnitus worse

Sweet dishes

The habit of eating too much sweets will greatly affect the health of the patient, too much sugar in the body can lead to the risk of diabetes, people with diabetes can often get. See a louder tinnitus when eating sweets, like chocolate or candies. Sugar metabolism plays an important role to help the hearing system function correctly, some studies have shown that when we consume sweets at night can make tinnitus worse. Tinnitus sufferers are usually those who have a sugar metabolism disorder that increases insulin levels in the blood due to over-loading of sugar over a long period of time, when the body becomes insulin sensitive and the pancreas has to produce. Export more insulin to convert carbohydrates and sugars into glucose for delivery to cells in the body. Too high levels of insulin and sugar in the body can lead to subtype 2.

Eating too many sweets makes tinnitus worse

Fast food

Foods that contain a lot of fat, harmful fats such as fast food, chips, hamburgers ... Saturated fats and trans fats have many negative effects on the body, especially tinnitus. In addition, these harmful fats also clog the blood vessel system, cause atherosclerosis and stroke.

One of the factors that are important to the cardiovascular system causing cardiovascular diseases and stroke is fast foods, fatty foods, and fast food. Significantly reduces blood flow, hinders the removal of toxins from the inner ear and the supply of oxygen and nutrients, making tinnitus louder.

Foods that contain a lot of fat, harmful fats such as fast food, chips, hamburgers


If you drink coffee in the evening, before going to bed you can lose sleep because it contains a large amount of caffeine. Prolonged insomnia can make tinnitus worse. Therefore, you should limit caffeine intake, especially before bed, to help control tinnitus effectively.

Drinking coffee before bed can keep you awake

Acoholic drink

Alcohol can seriously affect the nervous system, especially the abuse of alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, which can cause more severe tinnitus, nervous system depression, and mental disruption conscious. Limiting or quitting alcohol, beer and other alcoholic beverages can help improve tinnitus and prevent many other health problems.

Alcohol abuse can make tinnitus worse

Hopefully, with the above useful information, you can choose exactly what you should and should not use if you have tinnitus.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of tinnitus as well as measures to help you solve tinnitus problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about tinnitus.

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