Arthritis: Some dangerous complications of arthritis

Arthritis: Some dangerous complications of arthritis

For arthritis, if we do not know about the disease or treat the disease incorrectly, the disease will progress more seriously, causing many complications, especially affecting motor function, causing difficulties in move or move around later, especially as you get older. Arthritis is a common medical condition today, occurring at any age, but mainly in the elderly. Arthritis is inflammation of an inflamed joint in which pain, swelling is prolonged. So is arthritis dangerous or not or together with us to find out in detail through the article below.

Causes of arthritis

Age: as your body gets older, the risk of arthritis increases, because the aging process will be proportional to your age, the older the aging process, the stronger the joint becomes. Dried by lack of joint fluid makes cartilage more brittle and brittle and this is the leading cause of arthritis.

Genetic factors: In your family, if you have a member such as a parent or grandfather or have polyarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, you are also at a higher risk than the average person due to osteoarthritis is a genetic disease.

Obesity: As your body gets heavier, the more weight your body puts on the skeletal system, the more pressure on the hip, spine and knee joints will be. So obese people are at risk of osteoarthritis.

Causes of arthritis

Gender: Some studies have shown that the incidence of arthritis in women is higher than in men. Because of the muscle growth of men, men respond to nerve impulses at a faster rate than women.

Occupation: People who regularly do heavy jobs that often bend their knees or squat are at risk of arthritis in their ankles, knees, hips, spine and neck area. People who often have to repeat movements for a long time are at risk of arthritis in the wrists, fingers, and shoulders.

Smoking cigarettes: A very bad habit that increases your risk of rheumatoid arthritis is smoking regularly. Tobacco smoke can activate abnormal immune systems in carriers of genes associated with rheumatoid arthritis, increasing the severity of the disease and reducing the effectiveness of some arthritis medications.

Wear high heels: When you regularly wear high heels, the body weight will be put on the feet, especially the knee and heel joints. Over time the cartilage becomes damaged and causes arthritis, so high heels can be one of the reasons that adversely affect the health of your bones and joints.

Causes of arthritis

Some other causes: In addition to the above reasons, some reasons that accidentally help you get osteoarthritis such as poor nutrition, injury, accidents ...

Dangerous complications of arthritis

Decreased mobility: When you first have osteoarthritis you need to be treated promptly with effective measures otherwise complications can be very dangerous such as reducing or possibly losing normal motor function such as take hold... and make you lose the ability to work.

Muscle atrophy, joint deformity, or disability: One of the most common and common complications of arthritis is stiffness in the joints, where your knees, legs, and arms are difficult to move. Over time, these complications are dangerous and more serious such as muscle atrophy, joint deformity, joint adhesion, even polio if you do not have timely treatment and treatment.

Cardiovascular diseases: In addition to causing pain in the joints and reducing the body's ability to move, arthritis also affects other parts such as damage to the heart ear, especially the heart valves and this is the cause causes cardiovascular disease and can cause death in older people and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease in the elderly.

Dangerous complications of arthritis

Treatment of arthritis

Healthy lifestyle: You need proper rest, proper diet to manage your weight, and especially regular exercise. You should supplement foods rich in calcium, vitamin D, and collagen to help strengthen bones and flexible joints. You should supplement 2 - 3 glasses of milk per day to have a healthier body for the elderly.

Cures and medications: There are now a variety of instructional exercises to help fight arthritis like Feel Good Knees for knee arthritis and medicines to help you manage your joint pain. quick as the MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Arthritis as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Arthritis !

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