Benefits of practicing pilates that you should not ignore

5 benefits of practicing Pilates that you should not ignore

Pilates is a method of losing weight by combining a series of exercises to increase muscle strength for improved health.

What is Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise known to help with weight loss, in addition to yoga and gym. Pilates includes a lot of simple exercises that are easy to do, especially for beginners. For starters, Pilates will help you increase strength and increase muscle flexibility. Exercises are performed on carpet or on specialized equipment.

The benefits of practicing Pilates

Regular Pilates practice will help you stay mentally healthy. In addition to the ability to strengthen muscles, the Pilates practice also helps the perfect coordination between body, mind and spirit.

Increase concentration

It is very difficult to do the Pilates exercises if you are not focused. While practicing Pilates, you need to be very focused on the movements you are doing. The practitioner will notice the sensations created by each movement and the rhythmic coordination between movements and breathing. When you synchronize body movements with breathing and concentration, this can create a meditation-like state. In addition, the Pilates practice also helps you practice concentration ability to reduce stress, help your mood better and more confident in handling difficult tasks.

Increase concentration with pilates exercises

Helps you to be stronger - body and brain

Pilates is a form of strength training, although Pilates exercises are less researched than aerobic exercises. However, some studies have shown that practicing Pilates regularly shows positive changes in the brain. Pilates link with positive changes in the brain, reduced risks associated with dementia and brain atrophy.

Help improve posture and boost spirits

Another effect of Pilates exercises is to help improve body posture through enhanced muscle strength and awareness of the arrangement of muscle masses in the body as they move, through exercises daily exercise and activities. Improved posture is likely to result in physical benefits, better back and shoulder muscles, such as lower back pain and shoulder pain. In addition, good posture also helps you to be more confident in communication, encouraging strong spirit.

Help improve posture and boost spirits with pilates exercises

Give you the opportunity to learn new things

If you are new to Pilates exercises, you will benefit from learning new movement movements. When you are learning something new your brain will have to work to grasp new things, continuous effort will help change your brain, while increasing your cognitive flexibility. friend. In addition to 500 movements, Pilates exercises can be performed on a variety of devices to build and modify your habits over time, which benefits both the body and the mind.

Help you sleep better

Pilates practice is the type of physical activity that is beneficial to your sleep. Several studies have shown that people who regularly practice Pilates sleep better than those who don't. Pilates can bind the body and brain in ways that help the brain relax, removing all thoughts in the head, and thus helping us fall asleep more easily.

Help you sleep better with pilates exercises

By now, you should have understood more about what pilates are, right? The ultimate benefit that this subject brings is to help you improve mentally and emotionally. Just like yoga, this is one of the best exercises to help us feel refreshed and dispel all the stresses and pressures in life. Regular pilates practice will help you become more alert, happier, and more life-loving.

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