Dangerous Complications Gout

Dangerous Complications Gout

The subjects most likely to get gout are adults, especially from the age of 40 onwards. The disease causes many dangerous complications, the most serious being it can cause disability. Gout is also known as the disease of the king or the disease of the rich, also known as gout, today gout tends to thrive and towards all ages. Gout develops when there is an excess of uric acid in the body. If you do not treat for a long time, it can cause your joints to deform and not be able to move as usual. If you recognize symptoms of the disease at the time you find it and treat it early, you can avoid long-term complications, improving your quality of life.

Complications of gout

Not only does gout cause you to have unpleasant life complications, severe attacks, it can also lead to serious health problems if left unchecked.

Tophi (nodules, lumps)

The most common complication of gout is tophi. Tophi are clumps of urate crystals that form on the joints of the fingers and toes, the wrists of the hands and feet. In some people tophi can form around the ear. Over time tophi develops around joints and erodes your joints, causing your joints to become inflamed and swollen and, to cause permanent damage.

Joint damage and deformity

If gout is not treated over time, then the gout pain will seriously recur. The severe pain associated with the development of tophi will lead to damage to the joint tissue, stiffening of the joints and impaired movement. Over time these injuries get worse and worse and lead to deformation of your joints, more serious these deformations can cause you to completely destroy your joints, you can become permanently disabled. . You need surgery to repair the damage to your joints, some people also need joint replacement.

Complications of gout

Complications of gout related kidney disease

Kidney stones: People with gout are more likely to develop kidney stones, urate crystals build up in the urinary tract, forming stones that interfere with urination and make you feel uncomfortable when urinating. In mild cases, most kidney stones will be small and pass out naturally if you drink a lot of water for a day or two.

Kidney Failure: In addition to the discomfort when you urinate when you have a kidney stone, the discomfort associated with the buildup of kidney stones over time can cause damage and scarring. Over the years these untreated damage can lead to kidney failure.

Other gout complications

As your gout progresses to a chronic stage, you may experience constant, prolonged pain in your joints. You will have a limited ability to walk and work or perform everyday life activities. When you live with pain for a long time, it has negative psychological and emotional effects, causing you to be frequently irritable and other negative manifestations. You should go to the nearest medical center to be examined for the best solutions for gout treatment.

Other health problems associated with gout

In addition to the complications mentioned above, gout also affects vision such as blurred vision, dry eyes, and cataracts in the eyes.

Other health problems associated with gout

Can gout be cured

Gout is a chronic disease, and if you detect it early and treat it effectively, most people with gout can live a normal life. You can control uric acid levels with medication, and combining it with a healthy diet and lifestyle is the long-term measure.

Control and improve gout

In addition to taking medication, stick to the right diet, exercise regimen and a healthy lifestyle that will reduce the development of gout that damages your joints.

Treatment of gout with drugs is mainly based on the following methods:

Drug therapy: You can take drugs pain relief, anti-inflammatory and uric acid-lowering drugs.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Cut back on red meat animals, pastries, and seafood. Get protein from sources such as low-fat milk, yogurt, and cheese. Exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet to control your weight.

Drink plenty of water: You should regularly drink water to replenish enough water so that the body can best remove urich acids through natural sugars. Limit alcohol, beer, and other alcoholic beverages as they can dehydrate your body.

Control and improve gout

A healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors in preventing gout and many other diseases, prevent many diseases in general and gout in particular. Try to take care of your health not only for yourself but also for the peace of mind of your loved ones around you.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of gout as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about gout !

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