Do you know what people with knee osteo arthritis and knee arthritis should eat

Do you know what people with knee osteo arthritis and knee arthritis should eat

When treating knee osteoarthritis, patients should also pay attention to the foods they use every day. So when you have knee arthritis, knee osteoarthritis, what should you eat and avoid to keep your bones strong.

Osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee are diseases that do not have a specific diet to cure health problems, but you will improve your health if you know how to eat wisely. A scientific diet will help you control your weight effectively, when you can control your weight this is a very important thing to help cartilage become strong and reduce inflammation.

It is not necessary for the patient to completely change the current diet immediately for the condition to improve. Some of the following suggestions will help you know what to eat with osteoarthritis, what foods to avoid.

What should people with osteoarthritis eat

Cut calories in meals

The knee will take less pressure when you keep your body weight moderate. One of the best ways to effectively control your weight and reduce your calorie intake is to eat smaller portions and avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar. Actively consume plant-based foods.

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Try to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible. Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of fiber and vitamins and minerals that are good for bones and joints. In addition to vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables contain many antioxidants that can help protect cells from harmful agents. Certain antioxidant-rich vegetables that you should actively eat, such as apples, onions, chives and strawberries, are also capable of reducing pain and arthritis.
Do you know what people with knee osteoarthritis and knee arthritis should eat

Extra Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s can reduce joint pain and morning stiffness. Omega-3s are good fats that are beneficial for health and the joint system and effectively reduce inflammation.

For an easy omega-3 supplement, eat fatty fish (with a serving of about 85g) twice per week. Omega-3s can be found in abundance from readily available foods, so you can find them very easily. The best sources of omega-3s are salmon, trout, mackerel, herring, tuna and sardines. You should regularly add these foods to your daily diet to improve your current health better..

Use olive oil instead of other fats

One study found that the compound oleocanthal in olive oil helps prevent inflammation with a mechanism of action similar to that of NSAIDs. Olive oil contains many compounds that are good for health, especially the joint system. In the daily menu, you should use olives instead of other fats such as butter if you do not want to provide too many calories, helping to control weight effectively. About 3.5 tablespoons of olive oil provides the same pain relief as 200mg of ibuprofen. However, that amount of oil also provided the patient with 400 calories. So the use of olive oil is quite effective measure to control weight and lose weight.

Do you know what people with knee osteoarthritis and knee arthritis should eat

Get enough vitamin C

Another factor that plays an important role in the health of joints is vitamin C. In addition, when inside the body, vitamin C helps form collagen and connective tissue, helping the body strengthen resistance, fight against other harmful free radicals. In addition, vitamin C also helps reduce inflammation in the joints effectively. Vitamin C can be found in abundance in citrus fruits, red peppers, strawberries, broccoli, cabbage and kale. Although Vitamin C, but you should also use it properly, avoid overuse that affects your health. You can use the recommended daily amount of vitamin C of 75mg for women or 90mg for men.

Avoid cooking at high temperatures

Meat cooked at high temperatures can produce inflammatory compounds in the body called persistent glycation end products (AGEs), which are linked to many diseases such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. You can limit levels of AGEs by limiting foods such as grilled, fried, smoked, or microwaved meats in your diet. In addition, processed foods should not be eaten because processed foods are often processed at high temperatures.

Do you know what people with knee osteoarthritis and knee arthritis should eat

Foods to avoid when knee osteoarthritis


According to a study, carbohydrate sources with a lot of sugar such as cakes and biscuits can affect the condition of knee arthritis, osteoarthritis of the knee. Too much sugar can alter the immune system's response. Over time, this gradually affects the joints, making the inflammation worse and causing the joints to weaken.

If you're a sweet tooth, you can replace sugar with foods that are naturally sweet like honey or maple syrup. To ensure that the condition of knee arthritis and knee osteoarthritis does not progress to more serious.


Eating too much salt (sodium) causes cells to retain water and causes edema. Although the body needs sodium to maintain activities, eating too much salt will cause the body to react with inflammation, affecting joint damage. You can also replace salt with other spices such as lemon peel, pepper, garlic... when seasoning food instead of salt.

Fried foods

Foods high in saturated fat, such as chips and donuts, can increase the inflammatory response and make the pain of osteoarthritis and knee arthritis worse. You should limit eating processed foods, fried foods in oil. The oils used to fry food are often used oils many times, you use these foods, these types of foods will participate in biochemical reactions in the body and increase cholesterol. High blood cholesterol can put you at risk for heart disease and high blood pressure, and in some cases, stroke.

Do you know what people with knee osteoarthritis and knee arthritis should eat

White flour

Refined products like white bread can stimulate an inflammatory response in the body. That's why when you eat a lot of pasta, cereals and refined flour products, patients will have more joint pain.


Research shows that people with osteoarthritis who do not consume dairy products and other inflammatory agents have significantly improved disease symptoms. If you are a person who has a habit of drinking milk in your daily meals, you can consider replacing animal milk with plant-based milks such as almond milk, flaxseed milk, etc.

You also note when choosing milk, you should not use dairy products that contain carrageenan – an additive derived from seaweed, which has the potential to cause digestive problems and reduce intestinal permeability.

Omega-6 fatty acids

Patients should limit their intake of foods containing omega-6 fatty acids, such as egg yolks and red meat. These harmful fats when entering the body have the ability to increase inflammation levels making you feel more joint pain, arthritis becomes more severe.

Do you know what people with knee osteoarthritis and knee arthritis should eat

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