Does walking reduce belly fat, how to walk to reduce belly fat is correct

Does walking reduce belly fat, how to walk to reduce belly fat is correct

Walking is a favorite exercise of many people. Walking is a simple way to exercise, but its effect is amazing. Walking regularly has many benefits both physically and mentally. In addition to improving your health, walking can also help you lose belly fat, regain a slim body you've dreamed of. Walking to lose belly fat properly is a problem not everyone knows. Today, join us for details through the article below.

Does walking reduce belly fat

Does walking help you lose belly fat, I would like to say yes. Some studies around the world have shown that when obese women walk for 50-70 minutes 3 times / week continuously for 12 weeks, their waistline is reduced by about 2.8 cm and burned 1.5% of the amount. body fat. In addition, combining a reasonable diet with walking 5 times / week for 1 hour each time, maintained regularly for 12 weeks. The results showed that they lost an additional 3.7 cm in waist circumference and 1.3% more fat when compared to those who only applied a weight loss diet.

Does walking reduce belly fat

Correct walking posture to lose belly fat

For maximum efficiency in walking to lose belly fat, the correct walking posture is not everyone knows. Practice correct posture while walking to reduce belly fat to increase performance and avoid damaging some areas of the body:

Keep your head up: While walking, pay attention to the posture of your head and neck. Stand up straight with your chin parallel to the ground, eyes facing forward at a distance of 3-6m.

Walk straight: You need to keep your back straight while walking to avoid putting pressure on the back muscles.

Shoulder Push: Keep your shoulders in a comfortable position, avoiding tension that strain the muscles and joints in the shoulders, neck, and back.

Walk while swinging your arms: Don't swing too high, keep in your belly is just right.

Ground with your heels first and then toes as you walk.

Correct walking posture to lose belly fat

How to make walking lose belly fat a daily routine

After a period of persistent practice, you feel now that walking every day is indispensable in daily activities. You can also add some ideas to make your walking experience more enjoyable.

- You should buy yourself a bracelet with a step counting app installed to motivate yourself to achieve each small goal.

- Limit the use of means of transport if the distance to go is not far. Make a habit of walking from the office out to lunch or dinner instead of ordering food delivered to the place.

- You can invite your friends or invite people around your family to walk with you to create a fun atmosphere while walking.

- If you have a dog or a cat, please take it with you. If possible, walk to work. This both helps to protect the environment and is good for your health.

Finally, we recommend that no matter how busy you are, try to walk whenever possible. Start with 15 minutes a day, 5 days / week, focus on walking in the right position and gradually increase 5 minutes each time each week to lose weight and lose belly fat effectively.

Other benefits of walking

In addition to the effects of walking for reducing belly fat, this exercise has many other unexpected benefits.

Walking helps to retain muscles

In addition to its weight loss benefits, walking will also train your muscles to be more supple. During walking, you lose some of the fat and muscle in your body. However, this is normal, when the muscles move, the metabolic process takes place to help the body easily as well as burn calories faster, and maintaining weight is easy. Walking will help reduce fat while preserving muscle mass in the body. From there, it helps to train muscles to make your body firmer and more compact.

Walking helps to retain muscles

Walking can help improve your mood

If you are having some sad story but don't know who to talk to, take a walk and take a deep breath to relieve your mind. In addition to the effects of walking to reduce belly fat, physical activities such as walking have the ability to improve mood, reduce stress, feel depression or anxiety. Walking helps your brain function better and releases hormones that help release negative thoughts and stimulate the production of endorphins to make you happier. In addition, regular walking also helps you to be more motivated to exercise every day.

Walking helps to maintain weight

Walking helps you to improve weight, maintain weight at a stable level and limit the prevalence of overweight and obesity today. Walk at least 150 minutes / week for best results, after a while you can also walk at least 150 minutes / week. However, then you need more time to walk, namely about 200 minutes / week to avoid gaining weight again. This is not too difficult when you have the habit of walking every day anywhere.

Walking helps to maintain weight

So you have learned how to walk to lose belly fat effectively, to lose weight faster you can combine with a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Wish you have a beautiful body and good health.

Above, Health Life For You has shared with you basic home gym exercises to help reduce belly fat, slim your waist quickly and effectively. What are you waiting for, do not apply today to own the body of your dreams.

You need to be patient to perform quick weight loss exercises, not over-exercise or eat irregularly. You choose for yourself an exercise that you like and then create a habit to practice to own a slim body.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have a better understanding of Does walking reduce belly fat, how to walk to reduce belly fat is correct as well as how to lose weight quickly. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay up to date with useful information about Health And Exercise !

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