Gout in women - How to recognize and treat

Gout in women - How to recognize and treat

Gout is more common among men. However, statistics show that, at present, the number of women infected is tending to increase. Gout is a common disease today, because unhealthy eating habits and living habits make the rate of gout increase rapidly. Gout usually occurs in men, but in recent years, statistics show that gout tends to increase in women. What is gout in women, the causes and the dangerous complications, today let us find out more details through the article below.

Gout in women

Gout is arthritis when uric acid levels increase in the blood bile and go out of control. The state of uric acid in the blood increases for a long time to be deposited, urate salt right at the joint makes the joints hurt, joints, the pain more uncomfortable when you move, over time, gout will cause the mobility to gradually be limited.

Causes to gout in women

Estrogen depletion

Estrogen is an important female hormone, estrogen significantly affects the health as well as the physiology of the woman, it not only maintains appearance and physiological functions, but also helps maintain activity. of the. than. In the pre-concentration stage, the estrogen levels decrease, the kidney function is affected and the activity slows down. Poor performance stabilizes the body's uric acid levels, which increases the risk of gout. Due to the pre-menopausal condition estrogen fragment makes women after 45 years of age more likely to develop gout.

Unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition

Frequent abuse of alcoholic beverages, stimulants such as alcohol and fast foods or foods rich in purines is at risk of gout. The unhealthy diet affects the body very seriously, over-intake of fats causes the body to produce more purines and pushes the body to produce more uric acid. The abuse of alcohol, fast food also seriously affects the kidneys and leads to uric acid elimination, which is also affected, leading to the constant increase in uric acid in the body, resulting in gout.

Unhealthy lifestyle and diet are the causes of gout in women

Overweight, obesity

Uncontrolled eating conditions make the body suffer from a number of diseases, including overweight, obesity, overweight, obesity is one of the main causes of bone and joint diseases in general and gout in particular. Obesity often suffers from a disorder of the metabolism of substances in the body. Sudden weight gain or too heavy body will affect joints, weaken bones, making joints more vulnerable to impact or bad influences.

Besides the above reasons, women are also susceptible to gout due to many other factors. May be age, impaired kidney function, heredity, lead poisoning ...

Symptoms of gout in women

In the early stages, most of the patients do not feel their medical condition. However, as time goes on, the disease progresses more clearly and the manifestations and symptoms become more pronounced. The joints are in sharp and sudden pain, feel hot to the touch, swollen joints, and tenderness usually occurs at night or in the morning. Gout usually starts in the first toe joints and then spreads to other joints, the most serious condition of gout is tophi in the joints, causing severe pain and also manifestations present infection.

Symptoms of gout in women

Warning complications of gout in women

Due to the subjective fact that women do not also suffer from this disease have caused gout to progress into a severe stage before treatment, this makes complications arise without many women being able to turn their hands on them. When the concentration of uric acid in the blood increases, urate salt crystals precipitate in the joints, causing deformation, paralysis, and necrosis of the joints. In addition to complications that seriously affect joints, gout in advanced stages also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or kidney stones. In many cases, a woman's life could be in danger.

Treatments for gout in women

Adjust your diet and activity

A healthy diet can have a very serious health effect and has a direct impact on gout. Building a reasonable diet will help you a lot in the gout treatment phase. Women with gout need to limit or immediately quit the habit of abusing alcohol, alcohol, tobacco, and limit the consumption of foods that are not good for gout such as crab, fish, red meat, viscera object to prevent the body's production of uric acid. In addition, the woman needs to add green vegetables and fruits to increase metabolism. At the same time, supporting the kidneys' activities, helping to excrete as well as release uric acid to the outside.

In addition to a reasonable diet, women need to combine physical activities such as regular exercise to have good health and strengthen the immune system. Stay away from the pressures, stress in work as well as life and limit staying up late after 23:00.

food for people with gout

Medication use

In addition to healthy eating and lifestyle measures to treat gout, you also need to use medicines to fight inflammation, relieve pain, and lower uric acid levels in the blood. Some drugs that you can take are Colchicin, Allopurinol, Probenecid. However, using the drug always has a potential risk of side effects, go to a medical center if you discover unusual problems when using the drug.


This remedy should be considered when the treatments above are ineffective for gout. When large tophi particles appear in the joint causing pain, structural destruction and deformation of the joint, this method should be considered. Although the surgery can solve the problems that the patient is facing, but also potentially dangerous complications. In some cases, the patient's motor function will not be restored as before. Therefore, it should be done only when the benefits and risks are carefully weighed.

Although gout is not as common in women as it is in men, we recommend that you pay attention to early examination when your body develops symptoms. Avoid long, severe disease progression with a series of dangerous complications and extremely unfortunate consequences occur.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors in preventing gout and many other diseases, prevent many diseases in general and gout in particular. Try to take care of your health not only for yourself but also for the peace of mind of your loved ones around you.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of gout as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about gout !

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