Guide to 4 simple yoga exercises to treat knee pain at home

Guide to 4 simple yoga exercises to treat knee pain at home

Today, the diseases related to the bones and joints happening are quite common, not only the elderly but the number of young people suffering from an increasing trend. Unhealthy lifestyle, sedentary, poor living habits are one of the causes of premature degeneration of knee joints in young people. So, immediately applying 4 yoga exercises to treat knee pain will be very helpful for you.

Guide 4 yoga exercises to treat knee pain effectively

1. Half squatting exercise

Yoga half squatting exercise helps you treat knee pain, improve your joint health. In addition, this yoga exercise also strengthens the muscles in both the front and back of the thighs. At the same time working on the knee helps to effectively relieve pain.

To do a half-squat yoga exercise, you need to be prepared in a standing position with two feet shoulder-width apart, arms stretched out in front of you. Next, lower your buttocks slowly, hands still and hold the body in a half-sitting position. Try to keep your back, neck straight, and balance your body. Do not lean forward or lean back. Finally hold this position for 5 breaths then stand up slowly. Repeat this pose about 5 - 10 times for best results

Half squatting exercise

2. Posture to greet the sun

Yoga exercises with posture to greet the sun is one of the exercises that help you strengthen your thighs and increase hip flexibility, widen your hip joints and increase calf strength, and limit injuries caused by activities. causes and improves other medical conditions such as arthritis, and degenerative joint disease effectively.

To do yoga exercises with posture to greet the sun, you need to be prepared to stand upright on the mat, with your legs spread across your shoulders, and your body relaxed. With the left leg out in front, try to bend 90 degrees, right leg stretched back as much as possible. Next, raise your hands over your head, put your hands together and bring your arms close to your ears, pulling as high as you can. Breathe in, stretch, and exhale for 5 breaths. Finally, lower your arms to chest height and clasp your hands together and slowly pull your left leg back and do the same with your other leg. For best results, repeat on each side 5 times.

Posture to greet the sun

3. Triangular posture

Triangular posture yoga exercise is an exercise that gives you a gentle impact on your knees, hip joints and scapula, helping to widen your shoulder blades and relieve knee pain. Strengthens the muscles and joints to relax, effectively relieves knee pain.

To do yoga in a triangle pose, prepare yourself upright and relax on the mat, with your feet shoulder-level. Bring your right leg forward with just the right amount. Next, place your right hand on the floor, place it on the right heel and at the same time extend your left hand straight and upwards. The hands make a straight line. His eyes followed his left hand up. Breathe deeply, rhythmically. Finally, pull your arms forward and then pull your legs back and do the same with the other side.

Triangular posture

4. Crocodile pose

Yoga practice with the crocodile pose is an exercise that helps you relax after doing the exercises above. In addition, the crocodile yoga exercise also helps to directly impact the knees and hip joints, helping to stretch muscles and nerves. Enhances the circulation of blood and oxygen to the knee joint, reduces inflammation, dry joints and effectively relieves knee pain.

To do yoga exercises with the crocodile pose, be prepared to lie on your stomach on the carpet, with your arms folded, your right arm overlapping on your left arm. Next, use the left palm facing the carpet and the right palm on the left arm, so that the right finger touches the left elbow. Place your forehead on your arms, relax your neck, and your shoulders open. Finally the legs are straight and light, the feet facing up. Finally inhale, stretch, and pull in and hold the position for about 2-5 minutes.

Crocodile pose

Note: Practice this yoga pose at the end of the session to balance and condition your body. Should do deep fish position in the morning on an empty stomach or 3-4 hours after dinner.

An effective way to treat knee pain without medication and without surgery.

Most knee pain is caused by osteoarthritis such as: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Gout ... So, practicing yoga exercises to treat knee pain or taking medicine will only do temporary relief of pain and cannot be completely cured. That is why you should choose to take care of your muscles, bones and joints with Chiropractic manipulation.

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