Gym to increase muscle and lose fat - what is the secret to owning a body of thousands of people

Gym to increase muscle and lose fat - what is the secret to owning a body of thousands of people

Gym exercise is an increasingly popular trend among modern young people today. Gym exercise to help you gain muscle and lose fat is the secret to owning the desired figure. Especially for women, gym also helps to lose weight effectively. Today, let's learn together with Health Life For You to learn how to exercise to increase muscle and lose fat through the article below.

Why is it difficult to gym to lose fat and gain muscle

Currently, there are still many people who think that exercising both to gain muscle and lose fat is impossible because these two things can hardly happen at the same time. You just need to understand simply as follows, exercise often helps burn calories to help lose weight and can also increase weight if you eat a lot of calories to help gain muscle. So the important thing here is that it's hard to gain muscle and lose fat if you don't know the principles and effective nutrition. However, if you know how to apply the right principles and exercises, it will bring unexpected results.

The plan to gain muscle and lose fat needs science - understand the body

In fact, today there are many training methods to help you meet both of these requirements. To have a slim figure and a toned body, it is important that you have the will to exercise and maintain a long-term routine for the best results.

First, you must understand that muscle mass still increases when you take in less calories than you lose during exercise because it only needs just enough calories to stimulate growth. To meet these requirements, you need to know the nutritional content of the daily menu. After you know the amount of nutrients you consume daily, you will calculate the amount of calories you need to consume just enough to stimulate muscle gain without storing too much fat.

The plan to gain muscle and lose fat needs science - understand the body

The second most important thing is training, you must schedule specific training for each muscle group. Example for the most basic 5-day training schedule.

Session 1: Chest + Back.
Session 2: Legs + Cardio exercises.
Session 3: Shoulders + Hands.
Session 4: Legs + Cardio fat loss exercises.
Session 5: Depending on conditions, you can take a break or repeat Session 1.

Each muscle group you should do 2-3 exercises continuously to stimulate muscle growth. After the intense workout is over, you should give your body a short rest before starting the next exercise.

Principles of gym training to gain muscle and lose fat need to be persistent

To help the process of exercising in the gym can help increase muscle and lose fat effectively, you also need to note some of the following principles:


You should consume more calories than your body expended during exercise. The composition of dishes in the daily diet is very important, you should consider carefully in choosing foods, do not eat too much fat and grease, but prioritize food groups rich in protein, vitamins and minerals substances to help gain muscle instead of fat.

Exercise method

Determine the weight, body height, the goal of the exercise, and at the same time, based on the body and body shape to build appropriate exercises. You should have a companion during your training, who will guide and advise you. Helps you apply exercises to build muscle mass, burn more calories to make it easier for you to exercise effectively.

Besides, only do gym exercises to increase muscle and lose fat in accordance with the condition of the body. You should not do too many exercises at the same time, this may adversely affect your health, affect the endurance of the muscles beyond the limit, may cause injury, unnecessary injury.

Exercise method

Combined with high intensity exercise

Besides exercises that help increase muscle mass, high-intensity exercises are also very important, helping you burn calories effectively, and stimulate the growth of muscle mass. You should only do high-intensity exercises if your body is ready. Do not overdo these exercises, which can easily make the body lose strength, but only practice in a short, moderate time.

Resting mode

It is advisable to take time to rest properly so that the body can recover and have time for muscle growth because muscles only develop well during the time you are in deep sleep. Muscles also need time to rest and recover, so you also need to pay attention to the reasonable rest time, do not exercise too much in a week. This can be not good but also harmful to muscle groups, take one day a week to rest and relax your muscles.

Resting mode

Therefore, knowing how to exercise to increase muscle and lose fat is a great advantage for you to notice unexpected changes in your body. Proper exercise, adequate rest, and healthy eating will help you truly enjoy a healthy, positive, youthful and energetic life, possessing a supple health and a neat physique, healthy

Hopefully through the above article you have better understand about Gym to increase muscle and lose fat - what is the secret to owning a body of thousands of people as well as how to lose weight quickly. Stay tuned for new articles on Healthy Life For You to be updated with useful information about Health And Fitness !

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