Helps you treat gout at home

Helps you treat gout at home

When suffering from gout, patients can be easily relieved by adjusting their lifestyle and eating style. When you accidentally get gout due to your daily routine, unhealthy diet. You can also remedy this problem by making changes in your lifestyle and diet, which will make gout get better quickly. So what are the measures I want to talk about here, let's find out more details through this article today.

The spike in the uric acid level in the blood is a characteristic symptom of gout, which is a result of a long-term unhealthy diet and lifestyle that leads to a rapid rise in uric acid mutations that the body cannot control. Over time the ability to excrete uric acid through the kidneys decreases and leads to excessive uric acid accumulation, forming urate crystals in the joints, causing inflammation in the joints leading to pain and swelling. redness, especially the big toe. Uric acid synthesized from purines is abundant in some carbonated foods or beverages, so if you want to effectively treat gout, healthy lifestyle changes play a very important role during the treatment of gout.

Should drink plenty of water every day to treat gout

One of the simple and most effective gout treatments is to drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration seriously affects the kidneys' ability to excrete, and dehydration can also increase the risk of an acute gout attack. One day you should drink 2-3 liters of water to ensure the body is not dehydrated and the kidney's ability to excrete uric acid is better. In addition to drinking filtered water, you also need to add beneficial fruits, juices that are good for people with gout such as fruits such as cherries, strawberries, blueberries, guava, lychee ...

Drink plenty of water every day to treat gout

Limit alcohol to treat gout

Alcohol is harmful to the body, regular drinking can make you weakened the nervous system, in addition to drinking a lot of alcohol is also the cause of gout. Alcohol, beer entering the patient's body will accelerate the decomposition rate of purine, an important factor that causes the amount of uric acid to spike, in addition, when alcohol or beer enters the patient's body, it will inhibit uric acid excretion. body and make the body more dehydrated. Dehydration will make gout attacks more frequent and cause bothersome aches and pains. So we recommend that you stay away from alcohol, beer and other carbonated drinks or stimulants.

Limit alcohol to treat gout

Drink lots of milk to treat gout

Many people often think that drinking milk will not be good for people with gout because the milk is made from animal protein. But not everyone knows how to drink milk properly, some statistics around the world have shown that low-fat milk can even reduce the risk of gout by more than 40%. Regularly drinking low-fat or skim milk can help you get rid of uric acid through your urine, preventing acute gout attacks.

Fat choices to treat gout

Foods like tuna and salmon, flaxseeds and other nuts contain a lot of healthy fatty acids. Healthy fatty acids work very well in reducing arthritis. In addition to foods high in fatty acids, patients also need to use cooking oils such as olive oil in the diet to add the best natural fatty acids. Limit your intake of animal fats so that gout doesn't get worse.

Fat choices to treat gout

You should eat a balanced protein diet and do not need to limit all purines. Some foods high in purine do not cause gout. One study found that peas, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach, chicken - foods previously considered a diet - may not cause gout.

A healthy lifestyle is one of the key factors in preventing gout and many other diseases, prevent many diseases in general and gout in particular. Try to take care of your health not only for yourself but also for the peace of mind of your loved ones around you.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of gout as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about gout !

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