How dangerous is tooth decay

How dangerous is tooth decay

When tooth decay is left untreated or incorrectly treated, it can cause pulpitis and then gangrene. Current oral problems are a topic of great interest in all ages, mainly tooth decay. The main cause of tooth decay is due to poor personal hygiene, especially due to poor oral care, enabling bacteria to grow and attack the surface and structure of the teeth. So what is tooth decay, today let's find out and the danger level of tooth decay through the article below.

What is tooth decay

Tooth decay is a dental disease caused by the growth of bacteria that destroy the structure of teeth, forming holes in the tooth surface. Cavities can develop on the surface of the crown or root, over time bacteria grow and slowly through the enamel, dentin and, most importantly, invade and destroy the pulp. For a long time, if tooth decay is not treated promptly, it can affect health such as toothache, tooth loss, infection.

Cause tooth decay

The main cause of tooth decay is poor personal hygiene. When you eat sugary foods such as sucrose, fructose and glucose, if you do not take good oral care when your oral cavity contains fermentable carbohydrates, these fermentable carbohydrates will facilitate bacteria. Cavities thrive and cause tooth decay.

Don't brush your teeth often: You need to brush your teeth and need to be cleaned regularly, at least twice a day, in the morning after waking up and at night before bed. Teeth need to be cleaned after eating colorful foods, sweets, if your teeth are not cleaned regularly, it will create a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.

Brushing your teeth incorrectly: You need to brush your teeth carefully, you need to use the brush with fluff tips to be able to brush in the interstitial positions, brushing teeth should be brushed vertically or in circles. After brushing, clean the entire surface of the tongue. If you don't brush your teeth seriously, this could be one of the causes of dental problems.

Eat too much sweets: When you eat too many sweets such as cookies, candies, sugar, cookies, chocolate, honey, cream, grains that easily stick to your teeth for a long time, it is a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.

Tooth decay Caries

Snacking often: You regularly eat junk food that contains a lot of acids, acids that can break down tooth enamel, making it ideal for bacteria to develop into tooth decay. You should limit your intake of milk, fruit or liquids high in sugar, especially before bed.

Lack of water: When your body lacks water, your mouth leads to dry mouth and lack of saliva. Saliva has the effect of cleaning food and dental plaque, helping to cure early tooth decay and limiting bacteria growth and neutralizing harmful acids.

Broken or weak teeth: When your teeth are weak and cracked, this is an ideal condition for bacteria to attach and develop into tooth decay.

Person-to-person contact: Tooth decay can be passed from one sick person to another by sharing household items such as bowls and dishes. You need to pay attention to regular oral hygiene to minimize the transmission of bacteria through the mouth.

Digestive disorders: Whether you eat too much or too little or go hungry can cause digestive disorders, which can create good conditions for cavities to develop.

digestive disorders, which can create good conditions for tooth decay to develop.

Gums fall

In the elderly, the body often ages, leading to receding gums, gradually forming plaque and over time bacteria develop into tooth decay.

All of the above reasons are based on our daily routines. We recommend that you visit your teeth every 6 months to promptly detect and have early treatment plans, not to lead to other serious consequences.

Danger of tooth decay

Affect oral health

Tooth decay is a medical condition that directly affects your oral health, destroys tooth structure causing pain, the more serious the condition will lead to dangerous complications such as tooth loss. Over time, cavities gradually develop to the pulp and cause pulp inflammation, affecting the nerves that cannot supply blood, leading to marrow necrosis, death of the pulp causing tooth abscess. Eventually painful cavities cause eating problems and affect the digestive system.

Lack of aesthetics

Tooth decay makes your teeth appear black dots on the surface of your teeth, making you not confident when smiling, talking to expose your teeth, in addition, cavities also make you bad breath and not confident in communication.

Affecting the spirit

Caries accompanied by pain, headaches directly affect your daily activities such as eating, sleeping, severe mental decline. People with tooth decay are often irritable and uncomfortable when caused by an unpleasant pain. Especially in young children, children feel anorexia, skip meals, fussy, make their body weak, reduce resistance due to lack of nutrition.

DANGER OF Tooth decay

Danger to life

When you have tooth decay for a long time that you do not treat in time, it can lead to bad complications such as pulpitis, then necrosis. When the necrotic wound is more and more developed, it tends to expand, leading to blood infection or spreading to the mediastinum, causing danger to life. When you have the situation I mentioned above, go to the nearest medical center for prompt treatment so as not to cause any serious conditions to occur.

Tooth decay treatments

Cure tooth decay with almond leaf: In the leaves of the almond tree, there are many substances that have antibacterial effects that kill some bacteria, reduce inflammation symptoms such as flavonoids, saponins, phytosterols. You can puree young almond leaves with sea salt and filtered water to form a solution to keep in your mouth every day before bed.

Cure caries with guava leaves: The leaves of the guava tree contain a lot of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help firm gums and relieve toothache extremely effectively like Astringents. You can crush with salt and warm water. Strain the water and use a cotton swab to dab the cavity or you can boil guava leaves with boiling water as a daily rinse. This solution works to reduce toothache and inhibit the growth of cavity bacteria.

Cure caries with perilla leaves: Perilla leaves cure compounds that can help relieve pain when inflammation, tooth decay, and deodorize the mouth. You can crush the perilla leaves with warm water and use a cotton swab to dab the cavities to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Tooth decay treatments

To completely deal with tooth decay, you need to treat the damaged tooth, destroy the growth environment of bacteria. Then proceed to other techniques to create a barrier, preventing bacteria from attacking the surface of the teeth


Filling is a method of using dental materials to fill the holes caused by cavities, and restore and protect the real tooth structure.

Porcelain crowns

In cases where the tooth decay is too heavy, the tooth structure is completely destroyed, the root canal is also affected, but the root is still firm, you must choose the porcelain crown method.

Using drugs or methods to treat and prevent tooth decay

On the market today there are many medicines or treatments for tooth decay such as Steel Bite Pro, Steel Bite Protocol, Gforce Teeth & Gums. These medicines or methods help you to treat caries effectively and best, help you have the best oral health.

Smoking habits cause serious harm to oral health such as gingivitis, tooth decay and especially bad effects when you have dental implant surgery. Although quitting can be difficult, you can seek the help of your dentist and smoking cessation counselors. At the same time, you also need to remember that proactively giving up bad habits and your self-control is an important factor in helping to quit smoking effectively.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have a better understanding of tooth decay, gingivitis, common oral problems as well as measures to help you solve the problem of cavities and gingivitis. Follow the new articles of Health Life For You to stay up to date with useful information about cavities and gingivitis, common oral problems.

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