Large-hole cavities cause dangerous complications

Large-hole cavities cause dangerous complications

Just because unhealthy diet or improper dental care habits make your teeth gradually erode, resulting in large cavities in the molars. Tooth decay is a dangerous disease that now occurs at all ages, one of the most common reasons today is that unhealthy diet or improper oral care habits make your teeth gradually suffer abrasion. Over time, large cavities appear in the molars, if not handled immediately, it can lead to many health problems later.

Due to poor living habits, bacteria reside in the oral cavity, they will create acid when you consume carbs or sugar, if you eat too many sweets for a long time, this is the right condition for bacteria to thrive and produce more acids that destroy tooth enamel over time and eventually your teeth will appear large, dark brown (caries).

Large cavities also partly reflect improper oral care habits or your diet has too much sugar, over time that bad habit causes teeth to decay and damage sooner, tooth decay if Without treatment, there can be some serious problems later.

Eating too many sweets can cause tooth decay

Tooth decay causes nerve damage

Your root is composed of many blood vessels and nerves, and when you suffer from severe cavities for a long time, it affects the pulp. At this point, your nerves will become very painful, which can last for several days. Tooth decay at this stage often causes painful sharp pain that makes it difficult for the patient to eat and drink.

Tooth marrow died

When tooth decay adversely affects the pulp, it can cause nerve infection in the root and lead to painful swelling. Affected nerves can cut off the blood supply to the nerves and cause pulp death to your root. If this lasts for a long time, you may face sudden loss of teeth that you may not expect.

Infection in the oral cavity

When the nerves are seriously damaged and can no longer supply blood to the teeth, causing tissues around the teeth to die, causing infection and pus in the root if not cleaned regularly. The infection can become more severe and spread, causing inflammation of your jaw and glands in your oral cavity. As a result, you will have a high fever, more serious a tooth abscess and be life-threatening.

complications of tooth decay

The teeth are broken into pieces

When you have long-term tooth decay without timely treatment, large cavities appear in the teeth. Your teeth can break into pieces when eaten. Chewing food in the tooth decay makes them unable to hold on to their jaws, causing crumble.

To overcome the simplest tooth decay, you need to limit the consumption of sweets and pay more attention to brushing your teeth every day, go to the dentist periodically at least every 6 months to ensure good oral health best.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have a better understanding of tooth decay, gingivitis, common oral problems as well as measures to help you solve the problem of cavities and gingivitis. Follow the new articles of Health Life For You to stay up to date with useful information about cavities and gingivitis, common oral problems.

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