Low Back Pain - Causes And Remedies

Low Back Pain - Causes And Remedies

Lumbar pain is very common in production labor, daily life and daily life. Low Back Pain is a very common disease today, low back pain usually occurs in middle-aged people and mainly focuses on over 30 years old. Low back pain is uncomfortable for you and directly affects the quality of your life and work.

What Is Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain refers to pain in the lower back. A low back pain gives you painful sensations in the nerves and running down your back. Low Back Pain is sometimes very intense and very annoying. It greatly affects work or daily life. Usually, the pain improves on its own. But if the pain persists and doesn't go away, you should have effective remedies.

The cause of Low Back Pain

Muscle tension:
When you work hard, the ligaments in your back can stretch or tear from this overactive activity. When stretching your muscles you are faced with stiff back pain with muscle spasms. Rest or physical therapy is recommended to stop this.

The cause of Low Back Pain

Disc injury:

As you get older, disc discs have a higher risk of injury than younger people. In particular, the discs in the spine are very susceptible to injury. As a result, the outside of the disc may tear or degrade the disc.

When the spinal disc mucus exits the original position you run the risk of disc herniation, which can lead to pinching of the nerve roots.

When you lift heavy objects or rotate your body you can also injure a disc, disc injuries usually last more than 72 hours.


When the disc inserts the sciatic nerve and inadvertently it causes back pain and pain in the legs and feet as the sciatic nerve extends from the spine to the legs.

Spinal stenosis:

Pain occurs when your spine is narrowed, causing pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Studies have shown that river column stenosis is caused by disc herniation.

You may experience symptoms such as numbness, muscle spasm, muscle weakness when pressing on the thickened spinal nerve. Many people with spinal stenosis experience these symptoms anywhere on the body, which is more severe when they stand or walk.

Low Back Pain - Causes And Remedies

Other related issues

Abnormally curved spine:

Abnormally curved spine is a common condition such as scoliosis, hunchback, and an arched spine. These conditions are most often found at birth or during the teen years.

Abnormal spine curvature will seriously affect parts such as Muscles, tendons, ligaments, vertebrae, thereby causing back and lower back pain.


Arthritis occurs when you feel pain and soreness in your joints, muscles, and tendons for a long time. Spondylitis and spondylitis are conditions known as degenerative disorders that can cause loss of structure and normal function of the spine. Each person will have different medical conditions and different rates of degeneration.

Symptom Low Back Pain:

Low Back Pain makes it difficult for you to stand up straight or walk. The pain is usually not the same, from dull pain to a stabbing pain like a knife. Low back pain includes 2 types. Acute back pain and chronic back pain, acute pain are pain that comes on suddenly and gradually subsides, and people with acute pain usually follow a sports injury or heavy lifting and continuing for 3 months is called chronic pain.

Symptom Low Back Pain

Those at risk of Low Back Pain

The older you get, the more likely you are to have low back pain, with most people over the age of 30 at risk. If you are obese or overweight, this is also the leading cause of low back pain. You also have a risk of getting sick if you do office work on a regular basis or do heavy lifting work.

Methods to help cure Low Back Pain

Self-care measures at:

Home self-care measures are only helpful for the first 72 hours after the pain begins. You should apply ice to your waist for the first 48-72 hours, then continue with warm compresses to relax your muscles and stop all normal physical activities for a few days. You can also take pain relievers like MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream. Sometimes when you are feeling too uncomfortable, put a pillow under your thigh to relieve pressure on your waist. If you feel uncomfortable, go to massage such as stretching muscles, manipulating the spine to make the body more comfortable. We recommend that you practice physical therapy exercises for the best long-term and maximum effect. If the measures listed above do not help you to relieve your pain, go to the nearest medical facility for the most effective treatment.

Methods to help cure Low Back Pain


In cases where home care methods are ineffective, there are serious problems or you can go to a medical facility to recommend surgery. pain that there are different surgical methods to remove a herniated disc, expand the space around the spinal cord or join the two vertebrae together.

Preventive Methods of Low Back Pain

There are a few things you can take to prevent low back pain:

We recommend regular sports and physical therapy exercises involving the abdominal and back muscles. If you feel you are overweight, then you should follow a weight loss regimen, exercise also helps you lose that weight. And finally, you should maintain a straight and correct body posture, you should also give up the habit of smoking. The nicotine in the leaves can cause spinal disc degeneration and reduce blood flow.

There are a few things you can take to prevent low back pain

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of upper back pain and middle back pain as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about back pain !

Although upper back pain and middle back pain cause you many difficulties in life, there are now many measures to help you treat back pain effectively. As long as you have a good thought, everything will be better, have a good day.

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