Low back pain in men causes and 4 cures

Low back pain in men causes and 4 cures

Low back pain in men, although not dangerous to life, but they affect the life of the patient. If not treated early, this condition will deteriorate and cause many dangerous complications. Low back pain is a common trend among young people, regardless of age and sex. Often low back pain tends to develop stronger in men than women, especially those who often work hard. In men, although low back pain is not dangerous to life, but they significantly affect the quality of life of the patient. Low back pain if not treated in time can leave dangerous complications, so what is low back pain in men today, let's find out more details through this article.

Causes of low back pain in men

Low back pain is a common disease today, but not everyone knows the cause of low back pain. Determining the exact cause will help the treatment process become easy and shorten.

Kidney diseases

The kidneys are an important organ of the body that is responsible for filtering and eliminating toxins and waste from the body. The kidneys are located next to the lumbar spine, when some bad problems occur with the kidneys will cause pain in the left lumbar, prolonged time will make you feel tired and weakened.

Spine spine

When your spine is damaged and makes your spine not as stable as before, in order to deal with this condition the spine will grow its own bony branches or spine spines around the joints to fix it spine. Although this method works, it will cause a bad situation when the spines are rubbing together causing pain and discomfort. The frequency of pain is increasing, especially at night, affecting the quality of sleep of the patient.

Spine spines make you more likely to have low back pain

Disc herniation

Pheratic herniation is a common condition that occurs in the elderly, when the disc degenerates and slips out of the joints and leads to back pain in men, disc herniation not only causes The pain is usually in the back area, the patient also suffers from the numbness of the limbs and limbs. In some serious cases, the patient cannot even move, stand up, sit down, and face many difficulties.

Appendicitis pain

In some cases, when you have lower back pain, you have symptoms such as low-grade fever, pressure on the belly button to feel pain, you may have appendicitis. Appendicitis is a quite dangerous disease, if not treated in time, it can cause unpredictable complications, even death.

Diseases of the urinary tract

When you have certain diseases related to the secretory, it can cause persistent right back pain with fever and nausea. Some severe cases can affect male fertility.

How to cure low back pain in men

To treat low back pain in men effectively, it is necessary to identify the source of the disease from the root to have effective treatment measures.

Use pain relievers

The first thing you will think of when you have low back pain is to do later to reduce the unpleasant pain caused by the disease. Depending on the severity or mildness of the disease, some pain relievers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) ... can be used to limit pain and inflammation. In addition to the above drugs, patients are also encouraged to use topical medicines with safe ingredients that also help effectively relieve pain.

Apply hot and cold compresses

Hot compresses and cold compresses are two commonly used methods of treating aches and pains in the joints.

Use a cold compress

It is a simple but very effective remedy for pain relief. The technique uses cold temperatures below 15 degrees C to act on the back pain, effective for acute pain or swelling, inflammation caused by trauma. When pain starts, this should be done in 48 hours. The patient uses an ice pack to place it on the affected area within 10 minutes. Each time does not exceed 10 minutes to make sure not to cause side effects.

Use cold compresses to relieve low back pain

Use a hot compress

Is a method that uses high temperatures to relieve pain, reduce spasms when suffering from chronic pain, dilate capillaries, arteries in place, help blood circulation. Patients need to use a warm washcloth or hot pack with a temperature of 37 - 50 degrees C and apply directly or indirectly to the sore back area. However, you should be cautious when doing this if you do not want to burn your skin.

Body massage and massage

The use of gentle physical methods will help quickly relieve back pain, numbness, restore mobility, help the body relax, and limit bone and joint diseases.

The patient lies on his stomach, comfortably massage, day, rub, press on the painful area, do once a day for 40-50 minutes.

Rub: Use both hands out. Work gently on the back area, rub the circle gently.

Rubbing: Use both hands to strongly rub the back area, rub both hands in opposite directions, rubbing horizontally, rubbing vertically.

Squeeze: Use both hands, thumb and fingers to squeeze the back muscle, focusing on the area where it hurts

Press: Use your thumb to click on the pain area, press and press, click each point and then rub and rub to cure back pain.

back pain exercise for men

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