Myths about bad breath make the breath smell bad forever

Myths about bad breath make the breath smell bad forever

Bad breath usually not dangerous, but a great barrier to communication, especially when there are important negotiations or when whispering with friends and relatives. Bad breath is bad breath, bad breath is usually not dangerous to life, but it is a big barrier in communication, especially social relationships that need daily communication. Bad breath is a common problem that can occur at any age, but there are still many myths about this problem. So the myth that you previously thought was the cause of bad breath is what, today, join us to find out more through this article.

1 - Bad breath comes from the stomach

Most of us think that bad breath comes from the stomach, actually this is not true because there are many valves inside the stomach and esophagus that prevent all odors from the stomach to the esophagus, throat, mouth or nose, but we are sure there will be a very small incidence of bad breath due to stomach and digestive problems. Some people have Zenker diverticula in their esophagus and that is the source of the odor related from the stomach to the esophagus. The percentage of people with bad breath due to this cause is very small, only 0.1% and only recorded in patients over 65 years old.

Bad breath comes from the stomach

2 - Breathing in the palm of your hand will be able to smell your breath

Some experiments have shown the downside of this problem that when breathing through your mouth you will not use the throat muscles the way you would when you speak, but the odor usually originates in the back of the oral cavity. The best way to find out if your breath smells bad is to find a trusted relative, and then ask them to smell your breath when you speak 30cm away from them. In addition, if you want to know the exact smell of your breath, please go to the nearest medical center for a specific examination.

Breathing in the palm of your hand will be able to smell your breath

3 - Bad breath can not be cured

According to statistics has shown that bad breath has a cure rate of 90%. If you want to treat the root cause of bad breath you need to identify the exact cause of bad breath.

If the source of the bad odor is due to periodontitis, tooth decay, you need to treat periodontitis will stop bad breath.

If the source of the odor due to ear, nose and throat problems such as tonsillitis recurs many times, after cutting the tonsils, bad breath will also decrease.

4 - Brushing your teeth and shaving your tongue are enough to keep your breath fresh

Most of your oral hygiene only focuses on brushing and only spend 30-45 seconds on this activity. Along with brushing teeth, scraping the tongue only helps to remove the thin layer of bacteria, dead cells and food debris left on the surface of the tongue. Meanwhile, the majority of bacteria will hide in other locations in the oral cavity.

The best way to properly and properly clean your teeth, you should spend 3 minutes per brushing to help clean the entire tooth surface. However, you should not brush your teeth too much in a day or a short period of time. Brushing too much will cause dry mouth, which in turn allows bacteria to grow, in addition to causing dry mouth brushing too much also increases the risk of damage to teeth, gums, and can create more niches in the teeth. We recommend that you combine tongue scraping and flossing to clean your tongue, between teeth and the area that comes into contact with your gums.

Bad breath can not be cured

5 - Food is the cause of bad breath

Some foods that can cause temporary breath odor such as onions and garlic. There are also certain foods that, after being absorbed in the intestines, smells can be in the blood and breathed out from the lungs. However, these foods only cause a temporary bad breath. Chronic bad breath is caused by the breakdown of food left over in the oral cavity by bacteria, creating foul-smelling sulfur compounds. Avoiding smelly foods will only keep you away from the characteristic breath for a short period of time and cannot eliminate or alleviate your usual bad breath.

Food is the cause of bad breath

When you know the cause of bad breath and how to treat bad breath, you will detect this condition earlier for timely treatment. In addition to ways to prevent and treat bad breath at home, you should remember to visit your doctor periodically to check your oral health every year !

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Bad Breath as well as measures to help you solve Bad Breath. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Bad Breath.

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