Obesity - Causes and treatments

Obesity - Causes and treatments

Obesity not only makes you self-conscious about your appearance but also causes many health problems. Understanding obesity is the best way to help you treat it effectively.

What is obesity

Obesity is a complex disorder caused by having too much fat in the body. Obesity makes your physique worse but also increases the risk of other dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, sleep apnea, shortness of breath during exertion...

Obesity and overweight are two different concepts. Overweight is excess weight relative to height. The causes of overweight can be due to excess fat in the body, but also due to more muscle or water in the body. However, both being overweight and obese can seriously affect your health.

Common symptoms of obesity

People with high body fat. People with a body mass index (BMI) higher than 25 are overweight, at 30 or higher are obese, and 40 or higher are severely obese. BMI is a true indicator of the current state of the body, a way to know if a person is overweight or not.

For most people, BMI helps estimate a reasonable amount of body fat. However, BMI cannot give you an accurate reflection of your obesity status. BMI gives you an approximate estimate of your obesity only if your BMI is above 30. Ask your doctor if you have questions about your BMI, or you give that you may be obese or overweight.

Common symptoms of obesity

Causes of obesity

The main cause of obesity is the body absorbing too many calories. In addition to eating too many calories, leading to excess fat, obesity also has other causes such as genes, stress, often staying up late or having an unhealthy lifestyle.

Risk of obesity

Anyone can become obese without a proper diet and exercise regimen. People who are inactive, who work in an office, are at a higher risk of obesity.

You can limit your risk by minimizing the factors that put you at risk for obesity. Obesity not only appears in adults, but now obesity in children is also an alarming problem due to unreasonable diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Factors that increase the risk of obesity

The following factors may increase the risk of obesity:

- Genetics.
- Family lifestyle.
- Sedentary.
- Unhealthy diet and habits.
- Smoking.
- Sleepless.
- Side effects of some medications.
- Age.

Factors that increase the risk of obesity

Just because you don't have risk factors doesn't mean you can't get the disease. You should consider in your diet and lifestyle to ensure the best health condition and not be obese.

Diagnosis of obesity

To diagnose obesity, your doctor will do a physical exam and ask about your medical history, eating habits, and exercise intensity.

One of the simplest ways to assess your health status for obesity is to assess your weight and measure your BMI.

Body Mass Index (BMI): Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by your height and weight using the formula: BMI = Weight (kg)/ (height (m) x height (m) )). Typically, a person with a body mass index (BMI) higher than 25 is overweight, a level of 30 or higher is obese, and a level of 40 or higher is severely obese.

Waist: Your waist measurement is another way to estimate how much body fat you have.

Effective obesity treatment

Diet and exercise can all help you treat obesity. You can plan a low-fat, low-calorie diet. In addition, you should also exercise, exercise is good for health and joint system, exercise is also an effective way to treat obesity. In addition, some drugs can also help you lose weight, but these drugs also often cause side effects. You should only take weight loss pills under the guidance of your doctor and after applying a diet and exercise regimen to ensure safety.

Effective obesity treatment

Positive lifestyle

Lifestyle habits also play a huge role in helping you lose weight and reverse obesity. You should limit the habit of snacking or avoid stress through other stress reduction methods such as yoga, exercise... Limit staying up late because when you stay up late you will feel hungry and make you eat more.


Diet plays a very important role in deciding whether your obesity will develop more severe or improve. You need to limit your intake of processed foods, fast foods, and foods that contain a lot of fat because these are the leading causes of your obesity.

Vegetables and fruits are two food groups that are good for your health. Green vegetables, fruits provide you with a large amount of fiber, vitamin C and many other minerals and vitamins to help you lose weight quickly without affecting your health.


Obesity is a common disease today, although obesity is dangerous, you can also prevent the risk of disease by following a healthy lifestyle and limiting bad habits. The article above will also help you answer your questions about obesity, wish you success, soon get the body you desire.

To reduce the risk of serious complications from being overweight or obese, doctors recommend that each person control their weight with a healthy, balanced diet, combined with reasonable exercise. to improve health as well as prevent dangerous diseases caused by overweight and obesity.

Hopefully through the above article you have better understand about Obesity And Overweight as well as how to lose weight quickly. Stay tuned for new articles on Healthy Life For You to be updated with useful information about Obesity And Overweight !

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