Lose weight 100% with aerobic exercises at home

Lose weight 100% with aerobic exercises at home

Aerobic exercise is one of the physical activities that have many benefits for both health and fitness. Aerobic exercise is one of the easiest exercises to do at the gym or at home.

What is aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is also known as beauti exercise. In addition, when doing aerobic exercises you also help the mind become more alert, happier, increase heart rate and breathing rate by combining many movements with the music. Aerobic not only includes indoor exercises in combination with moving movements to music, other activities such as brisk walking, swimming, endurance running or cycling are also included in aerobic exercise.

6 effects of aerobic exercise

Regular exercise helps you improve your mental health, fitness and endurance. Aerobic exercise too, not only improves fitness, it also brings the benefits of physique and effective weight loss. Here are the effects of aerobic exercise on the body:

Support weight loss

One of the studies has shown that people who follow the diet and combine regular aerobic exercise lose weight and get back in shape faster than those who focus solely on diets. Also during earobic exercise you will breathe faster and deeper. This helps you make maximum use of the amount of oxygen in your blood. Therefore, the body increases its ability to burn fat.

Regular aerobic exercise will lose weight and get in shape

Improve heart health

People at risk for cardiovascular diseases need regular aerobic exercise. Regular earobic exercise helps you improve your breathing rate, strengthens your heart, improves high blood pressure, clears the arteries and lowers bad cholesterol levels, increases the health of your heart the process of pumping blood throughout the body.

Reduce asthma symptoms

Aerobic can help people with asthma reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms. However, you also need to consult your doctor before starting the exercise.

Aerobic exercise improves sleep quality

One of the studies has shown that regular earobic exercise can effectively treat insomnia, reduce symptoms of difficulty sleeping, and chronic sleep problems. While earobic exercise is good for health and improves sleep, you should also note that not exercising too close to bedtime can make it harder for you to sleep. You should complete the exercise at least two hours before going to bed so that there is no side effect.

Aerobic exercise improves sleep quality

Strengthens the immune system

Regular aerobic exercise also helps increase some of the immune globulin antibodies in the blood. Furthermore, increasing your breathing during aerobic exercise can help remove some of the bacteria from your lungs and airways, thereby reducing your chances of catching a cold, runny nose or other illnesses.

Do aerobic exercise to improve brain function

The aging process usually occurs in the elderly, brain tissue usually fades away after you reach the age of 40. Regular exercise helps you earobic to enhance your brain's ability to work, slow down the process. this loss and improves brain performance.

Aerobic exercises at home

The earobic exercises are easy to do at home, you can also find aerobics classes at the gym, you will feel fun, excited with instructors and many members. others join together. If you don't have time, you can also do aerobic exercises at home with a few suggestions below:

The twist-up exercise

The twist-up exercise is a simple exercise that will help you have a strong spine. In addition, the twisting exercise when moving with a fast rhythm, this exercise will have a strong impact on the abdomen, helping to reduce fat in the waist area effectively.

To do a twist-up aerobics exercise, you first need to be prepared with two feet standing shoulder-width apart, arms open and up, Twisted his body to the left at a 45-degree angle.

Do aerobic exercise with twist-up exercise

Hips shaking exercises

Performing fast, strong hips movements continuously following music not only helps the waist area slimmer, but also helps improve, firmer waist.

To do hips shaking aerobics, first be prepared with your feet spread shoulder-width apart, with toes and feet facing forward. Next, put your hands on your hips, shake your hips and buttocks to the left and right, doing 2 reps, 8 reps each.

Hips shaking exercises

Jump-jump exercises

This aerobic exercise will help muscle groups stretch, so the thighs and bust are firmer.

To do a pop-up aerobics exercise, first prepare yourself with feet shoulder-width apart, upright. Next, lower your buttocks and knees so that your thighs are parallel to the ground, put your weight on your heels, and turn up. When jumping, swing your hands back and use force to jump your whole body up. Finally, do about 20-40 beats for 5-7 minutes.

Jump-jump exercises

Opt for aerobic exercise music

Music is always the inspiration for all creation or work. One of the indispensable parts in this subject is aerobic exercise music. Listening to music helps you to always do more aerobics, be more inspirational and effective when you do earobic aerobics. You should choose your favorite songs with vibrant rhythm, rhythm, playful or remixed to increase efficiency and spirit for the practice session. You can also check out our list of recommended music tracks below to make your workout even more fun and energetic:

- La Bomba – Eddy Wata.

- Flute Remix – Barcode Brothers.

- Anything For You – Short Dance Edit – Jeremy Kalls.

- In The Club – Dutch Radio Edit – Syskey.

- I Love My People – Eddy Wata.

- I Leave The World Today – Baracuda.

- I’m In Love (The Whistle Song) – Fabrizio Faniello.

- Upside Down (Kevin Dee Remix).

In addition, when doing aerobic exercise, you need to keep a few notes in mind:

Drink water 30-60 minutes before exercising so that the body does not become dehydrated. Limit drinking water during exercise.

Have a snack 1-2 hours before training to give your body enough energy

Clothing is also a very important thing during aerobic exercise. You should wear comfortable clothes, absorb sweat well, choose a place to practice with fresh air, clean, do not practice in high wind or too cold.

Before training, warm up carefully and warm up for 5-10 minutes.

Drink water before doing aerobic exercises

With the amazing benefits of aerobic exercise, you are hesitant to do it right away. For optimal efficiency, try to exercise regularly.

Above, Health Life For You has shared with you basic home gym exercises to help reduce belly fat, slim your waist quickly and effectively. What are you waiting for, do not apply today to own the body of your dreams.

You need to be patient to perform quick weight loss exercises, not over-exercise or eat irregularly. You choose for yourself an exercise that you like and then create a habit to practice to own a slim body.

Hopefully, through the above article, you have a better understanding of Lose weight 100% with aerobic exercises at home as well as how to lose weight quickly. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay up to date with useful information about Health And Exercise !

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