Poor eyesight from where

Poor eyesight from where

Blurred vision, unclear vision, or inattention are the most common vision problems. Unable to see, blurred vision, unable to focus on an object that the eye wants to see are all common vision problems today, are problems related to vision impairment. The above problems are not only refractive errors in the eyes, but also a warning symptom of another more serious disease happening. Poor vision is the reason why, today let's find out more details through this article.

Refractive defects in the eyes

The refractive error of the naked eye is very diverse, but some are known to be common today such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These refractive errors are also a major cause of blurred vision. However, refractive errors in the naked eye are very easy to treat, you just need to go to the nearest medical center for medical examination and treatment as directed that you can completely treat the refractive errors in the eye effectively fruit.


Presbyopia is also considered to be one of the refractive errors in the eye, unlike other eye refractive defects that occur only after 40 years of age. Presbyopia significantly affects the eye vision, making it difficult for the eyes to focus on nearby things, such as reading books and documents. However, you can also remedy this problem by using reading glasses from medical glasses stores.



Conjunctivitis is caused by the Adenovirus virus or caused by an infection, although the conjunctivitis does not seriously affect the eyesight, the disease also brings discomfort to the sufferer such as eye pain, discomfort eye. In addition, conjunctivitis can also spread and form an epidemic if there is no timely treatment. Usually conjunctivitis resolves on its own in a week or two without treatment and leaves no complications.

Poor vision due to improper wearing of contact lenses

Today, the fashion trend that is most often used by young people is to wear contact lenses to create aesthetics. Contact lenses can be used to help you see clearly without having to wear glasses, but if you overdo them in your beauty care and use them properly, you can cause corneal infection. When sleeping, you should not wear contact lenses because organisms in the glasses can develop and cause corneal ulcers, open wounds on the cornea can blur your vision. So remove your contact lenses right away if you're going to sleep.

Poor vision due to improper wearing of contact lenses

Poor vision due to eye infection

There are many causes of damage to your eyes, your eyes can be damaged, infection caused by improper contact lenses is more susceptible to eye infections and corneal damage. In addition to wearing improper contact lenses, one of the most common causes of eye infections is herpes keratitis. Herpes keratitis is an infection of the eye caused by the herpes virus. You can become infected if you touch an ulcer on your skin and then put your hand in your eye, the bacteria that come into contact with your eyes will immediately infect. Eye infections can also be treated with simple methods such as eye drops and antibiotics. However, you should limit touching your eyes with your hands to ensure your eyes are always healthy.


Cataract is a disease of the elderly, the manifestation of the disease is apparent aging of age. People over the age of 70 are often the subject of cataracts, cataracts are a condition in which the lens of the eye is blurred leading to limited vision, poor and unclear vision, impaired vision decreased rapidly. People with cataracts can be treated by surgically removing the damaged lens and replacing a new one. This method is highly effective, but limited for people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes. In addition to treatments, you also need to have a healthy lifestyle to prevent cataracts such as improving indoor lighting, limiting phone use, eating more foods containing vitamins C, E, A , zinc ... and regular eye exam every 6 months.

vision impairment caused by cataracts


An age-related visual impairment, glaucoma is a condition that occurs when the pressure in the eyeballs increases, causing damage to the optic nerve, which usually progresses slowly and only occurs. in people from people over 70 years old. To treat glaucoma, patients need to go to the nearest medical center to be examined and take prescription drugs or laser surgery that can help treat the disease.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

Macular degeneration is a common disease among the elderly when the central area of ​​the eye is affected, making it difficult for daily activities such as driving and reading. Bonus macular degeneration occurs only when the patient is old and usually after over 60 years of age. Macular degeneration does not have any medications that can be treated, but the use of certain vitamins and minerals can only slow the progression of the disease. You can also prevent macular degeneration by exercising, keeping blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels, not smoking, and eating plenty of green vegetables and fish.

impaired vision due to macular degeneration

Diabetic retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Especially if the person with diabetes cannot control their blood sugar, the disease may progress more rarely, can be permanently blind, permanently lost light. Diabetic retinopathy progresses in silence, so it is difficult to detect, you should regularly have a physical exam every 6 months. Untreated diabetic retinopathy can lead to very serious complications such as macular edema, retinal hemorrhage, vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment ... leading to blindness. Currently, the two most common methods of treating diabetic retinopathy are injections and laser surgery. Also good control of blood sugar is the best measure against diabetic retinopathy.

High Blood Pressure

One of the most common causes of stroke and heart failure is high blood pressure, high blood pressure in addition to causing a small stroke in the eye known as retinal vein occlusion and does not cause pain. time of vision gradually loses sight and vision impairment occurs. Treatment of retinal venous obstruction as well as other eye diseases need to be based on the morphology, degree of retinal venous obstruction as well as other symptoms in the fundus, there will be appropriate treatments such as use drug, retinal laser, intraocular injection. People with a history of high blood pressure need to have regular eye exams to prevent retinal venous obstruction.

High blood pressure causes occlusion of the retinal veins

Eye exam to find out the cause of poor vision

In addition to the eye diseases prevention measures we mentioned above to prevent the risk of eye diseases leading to vision impairment. You will also need to go to the nearest medical center for an examination if you experience the following symptoms:

Your eyesight changes suddenly and gets worse with every blink, you suffer from frequent eye pain. See many floating objects in front of your eyes, see flashes in your eyes, see distorted or twisted objects.

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