Prolonged tinnitus: Do not be underestimated

Prolonged tinnitus: Do not be underestimated

Tinnitus is caused by many different diseases, although it does not cause much harm to health but causes discomfort in living. Tinnitus is a symptom or disease caused by many different diseases, although not causing much harm to health, but causing discomfort in living. You always feel uncomfortable when there are annoying sounds in your ears for a long time. When you have tinnitus for a long time you are not taken lightly. So what is lasting tinnitus, is it dangerous, today let's join us in finding out more details through the article below.

What is tinnitus

Tinnitus is a fairly common symptom in the United States today, persistent tinnitus has a significant impact on the quality of life of the infected person. Prolonged tinnitus is when your ears appear strange noises or hums in the ears, or pulses.

The cause of tinnitus

There are many reasons you can cause tinnitus in your ears, these unintentional causes you may not notice such as age, the impact of the sound too loud, sudden, or prolonged, the ear is affected infection, the nerve end of the hearing is very small, damaged in the ear. Unhealthy living habits such as using many stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco make tinnitus increase, aneurysm diseases blood brain or vestibular nerve tumor, high blood pressure, Meniere's syndrome, diseases of the ear, nose, throat, due to the pressure of the job or the writing environment is very noisy....

In noisy environments, tinnitus can occur

Symptoms tinnitus

You feel in your ears there are always annoying sounds such as wind blowing, whistling, cicadas ... you may have tinnitus in your left or right ear, you can also have both ears. Tinnitus can appear much at night, in quiet moments, tinnitus can appear suddenly or can occur continuously and is often accompanied by dizziness, dizziness, headache.

How can tinnitus affect health

While tinnitus does not directly affect your quality of life, over time it makes you feel uncomfortable, anxious, sleepless, and debilitated ... When you have tinnitus and coma According to symptoms such as dizziness, inner ear disease, hearing loss, headache or middle ear disease, sudden weakness, you should go to the nearest medical center for examination and timely treatment.

How to treat tinnitus

You need to limit wearing headphones or listening to music at high volume for a long period of time. Stay in good mood and try to get enough sleep, clean the ear canal to prevent otitis media, ear canal fungus.

When you experience tinnitus and have to work in noisy work environments, limit your exposure to noise. In some cases of tinnitus with no known cause, you should go to the nearest medical center for prompt treatment.

effective tinnitus treatment and preventive measures

How to prevent tinnitus

Cotton swabs can cause earwax to rub against the eardrum, causing tinnitus, so do not use cotton swabs to clean ears.

Healthy lifestyle: Some statistics show that people with obesity have higher rate of tinnitus than normal people, obese people are more susceptible to high blood pressure, making ears more sensitive to sound noisy. You need to have a reasonable diet and combined with regular exercise to maintain body weight to increase blood circulation to the ear structures and help prevent tinnitus.

Daily routine: Do not turn on too loud or listen to music for too long when using headphones. Limiting the use of stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, avoiding passive exposure to cigarette smoke, stimulants that reduce blood circulation to the ear structure are also the causes of tinnitus.

Working environment: If your working environment is noisy, you should wear earplugs or ear caps, wear ear protectors to reduce the noise volume.

Wear earplugs to reduce your risk of tinnitus

Keep comfortable, avoid anxiety

Tinnitus causes many disadvantages for you in daily life, so you need to have appropriate preventive measures such as increasing exercise, sports, avoiding noisy environment ... have a healthy lifestyle and get a good rest. At the same time, it is necessary to have regular health checks for timely detection and treatment.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of tinnitus as well as measures to help you solve tinnitus problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about tinnitus.

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