Sciatica in young people and 4 attention must know immediately

Sciatica in young people and 4 attention must know immediately

Sciatica is increasingly a common illness among young people. The disease negatively affects health status and quality of life. Sciatica is becoming more and more a common disease, especially sciatica, which tends to appear more in young people today. Sciatica has a significant impact on the quality of your life, but also negatively affects the health of the sufferer. What is sciatica, how sciatica affects young people. Today, join us to find out details through the article below.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, the sciatic nerve runs from the pelvis to the hamstrings and then divides into 2 branches towards 2 feet. Sciatica refers to damage to the sciatica causing chronic pain in the lower back and along the path of the nerve.

Do young people have sciatica

Some studies have shown that sciatica can be acquired in both the young and the old, although it is currently increasing in the young, possibly due to a busy life that makes young people less interested. her health problems are over. However, the rate of sciatica still accounts for a high rate in the elderly. The statistics in the world every year between the ages of 18 and 28 are the age that can be infected in young people, the main causes come from the process of working and working. It can also be caused by sciatica or osteoarthritis.

Do young people have sciatica

The cause of young people suffering from sciatica

Sciatica neuritis: Some young people who have had gonorrhea, malaria, rheumatism or typhoid have complicated complications that cause inflammation of the sciatic nerve leading to sciatica.

Disc herniation: One of the leading causes of sciatica and disc herniation, when active activities related to the spine, patients will feel the pain around the lumbar region. hip.

The hip and back area have to be overloaded: The regular heavy exercise, doing the work related to the back and hips makes this part overload, leading to painful conditions, over time causes sciatica and pain. People at risk such as weightlifting athletes, porters, circus performers, ... are those who often have to use this area, so they are also subjects with high rates of infection.

Spinal slip: A condition in which the upper vertebrae slide out of the spine compared to the lower vertebra and vice versa. This can be congenital or traumatic during work. At this point, the vertebrae will slide forward or backward on another vertebra.

The cause of young people suffering from sciatica

Spinal infection: A condition in which cocci accumulate in the spine, causing infection due to certain diseases such as tuberculosis, which causes damage to the sciatica.

Ankylosing spondylitis: This common condition in men under 40 years of age causes pain in the hip, buttocks and inner stiffness.

In addition to the above causes, sciatica in young people can also occur when affected by trauma related to the pelvic system, spine, lumbar, due to the influence of metastatic tumors and primary tumor. In particular, people with lumbar spinal stenosis, lumbar thickened arachnoiditis or pregnant women have a very high rate of infection.

Symptoms of sciatica in young people

In the back to thighs appear lumbar pain or pain extending from back to thigh, knees, heels and vice versa. You may also experience pain in the middle of your back or side pain, severe pain when leaning over, stiffness in your spine, leaning or bending.

How to treat sciatica in young people

Treatment of sciatica in young people depends on whether the person's medical condition is severe or mild. Even if you use the method, the patient should note that treating sciatica not only pays attention to symptoms but also needs to pay attention to the cause from deep within, prevent disease from developing.

Physiotherapy: As one of the methods that is considered to be the most optimal in the long run, physical therapy is the action from outside to help better blood circulation in the body, stretching the spine from That reduces pain, inflammation, and restores nerve damage such as acupressure, acupuncture, physical therapy or candle wax,...

Sciatica treatment with physical therapy

Using drugs: In addition to physical therapy methods, people with sciatica can use some pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxants to help patients sleep better. The commonly used drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, ...

Surgical treatment: When the two methods mentioned above are not effective, then surgical treatment should be considered. Laser treatment is used to remove the adjuvant that caused the injury. Surgical treatment often causes certain pain, so you should consider it before treatment.

How to prevent sciatica in young people

To prevent back pain and sciatica, young people need reasonable rest, avoid lying on a hammock, or sitting on the swing, limit performing vigorous activities such as carrying too heavy objects, avoiding the influence to the spine and nerves, maintain correct posture when sitting, do not sit with extended back curves, do not stand up or change position suddenly, increase physical activity and sports activities to increase circulation Regularly practice with light exercises such as yoga to relax the mind and reduce stress and fatigue.

Prevention of sciatica with regular exercise

Change the scientific diet: Limit the use of stimulants, foods rich in fats and preservatives. Actively add vegetables, roots, fruits, grains and drink plenty of water to purify the body.

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