The risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis

The risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis

Gingivitis is a common condition many people have, so it can lead to subjectivity and not promptly treated. Gingivitis, if left for a long time, can lead to complications leading to tooth loss and serious harm to the health of the patient. Daily oral hygiene is very important to today's life, just because of neglect in oral care, many adults face the risk of losing due to gingivitis, risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis. Today let us find out more details through this article.

What is gingivitis

Gingivitis is an inflammation and swelling of the soft tissues around the teeth caused by dangerous bacteria. The cause of gingivitis comes from not keeping good oral hygiene, causing plaque to accumulate and gradually calcify into tartar with increasing bacteria. Over time, the gums become inflamed, swollen, bleed easily, and the breath smells bad.

Some situations can cause gingivitis due to bad lifestyle habits, hormonal changes in the body, or some dangerous medical conditions.


Cigarette smoking is a bad habit that greatly affects oral health, the chemical components in cigarette smoke strongly impact on gum tissue cells, increasing the risk of infection.

Hormonal changes in pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman's hormone changes make her gums more sensitive, reducing her resistance to bacteria that cause gingivitis.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy put you at risk for gum disease


People with chronic conditions such as diabetes cause high blood sugar levels in the body, which limits the transport of nutrients to the gum tissue leading to reduced resistance inflammation.

Why is there a risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis

Gingivitis is not dangerous at first and affects the health, but without treatment, the initial signs of gingivitis will turn to periodontal disease, widespread inflammation, making the risk of tooth loss high. Periodontitis is formed when gingivitis goes through a severe stage and pus develops around the tooth neck, damaging all the surrounding organs. Over time, the bacteria will gradually destroy and invade the periodontal structure, forming the periodontal pocket, weakening the connection between the alveolar bone and the connective tissue holding teeth, causing the gums to be damaged. The exposed teeth become loose and lead to the risk of tooth loss.

In addition to the high risk of tooth loss, periodontitis also causes dangers to the overall health such as:

- Causes dangerous cardiovascular diseases such as arterial shutdowns and defects, leading to heart attack and stroke.

- Risk of pneumonia, diabetes.

- Difficult to control blood sugar.

Increased likelihood of preterm birth in pregnant women and low birth weight babies.

Decreased fertility in men.

Treatments for gingivitis

Knowing the dangers of gingivitis, you need to treat crickets thoroughly if there are initial conditions and signs to prevent undue consequences.

Scrape tartar

Gingivitis in the early stages of periodontitis, go to the nearest medical agency to have tartar scraped to remove the habitat of bacteria, to prevent gum disease from progressing to a worse stage. . This method can gently clean all positions of tartar, even deep under the gums, minimizing the risk of damage to the gums and not affecting the pulp. Accordingly, creating favorable conditions for the gums to gradually recover

Treatments for gingivitis

Periodontal mountain scraping

When the gum hospital has transferred to the stage of severe periodontitis and formed the periodontal sac. At this stage of treatment, it is necessary to use antibiotics in combination with curettage of the periodontal tissue in the tissues around the teeth due to inflammation and cleaning the root of the tooth in order to eliminate pathogens, avoid infection and phenomenon of cross-infection of oral diseases.

Dental implants

In case the infection is too severe, it makes the teeth wobbly, unable to be restored, it is necessary to remove the teeth to avoid the spread of infection and reduce the pain for the patient. At the same time, will implant teeth to help you have a permanent, durable teeth, high aesthetics and overcome the condition of jaw bone resorption.

To prevent the risk of tooth loss due to gingivitis, you should pay attention to oral hygiene at least twice a day, brush your teeth in the morning after waking up and at night before going to bed. You should also combine with mouthwash and floss to be able to clean your mouth, clean the oral cavity after eating. We recommend periodic dental visits every 6 months, to visit and clean tartar, plaque in places where brushes are not accessible.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of gingivitis as well as measures to help you solve gingivitis problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Gingivitis And Periodontal Disease.

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