The secret to living in harmony with prolonged tinnitus

The secret to living in harmony with prolonged tinnitus

If you have tinnitus, making positive changes in your daily life and surroundings can help you to live peacefully with the condition. In the game there are so many beautiful things that we want to hear, want to see, if you accidentally suffer from tinnitus then you do not need to worry about this condition. You can reduce tinnitus symptoms by making positive changes in your daily life and surroundings that can help you live peacefully with the condition. Today, join us to learn ways to live with chronic tinnitus and tips to improve tinnitus, ineffective hearing in just a short time.

Secrets of living in harmony with prolonged tinnitus

In order to live harmoniously with persistent tinnitus, you should do the following:

Find out what food and drink makes your tinnitus worse

Some people with persistent tinnitus may feel it, indicating that daily consumption of certain foods and drinks can make their tinnitus worse. If you have this situation then do not, try to be calm, try to avoid the risk factors by recording foods and drinks that make your condition worse.

Besides, you need to pay attention to a number of things in the diet and activities as follows:

- Limit your consumption of caffeinated beverages such as cola, coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

- Do not drink alcohol.

- Be careful when using aspirin.

- Limit your intake of foods high in salt.

Find out what food and drink makes your tinnitus worse
Quitting smoking helps to support effective treatment of tinnitus

One of the bad habits that is known to cause tinnitus can be smoking, smoking can worsen tinnitus, causing negative effects on blood flow to other people. Sensitive nerve cells control your hearing. The chemical ingredients in cigarette smoke also act as a stimulant that can make the sounds in your ears louder.

Use soothing sound in a quiet space

Prolonged tinnitus can be uncomfortable if you are in a quiet space, or at night, you should ease tinnitus by playing soft music, listening to the radio, turning on a fan. In addition to the measures above you can also try a white noise generator. These devices make the sound of waves, falling rain or running water.

Listening to music before bed helps to reduce tinnitus effectively

Take time to relax each day

Anxiety, stress may be the cause of visit tinnitus, tinnitus may worsen when you are under prolonged stress.

You should relax when working stress so that the brain is properly rested, avoiding excessive stress from happening. Just 15 minutes of deep relaxation at a time can reduce stress and improve your mood.

Try the following relaxation techniques:

- Yoga.

- Practice tai chi.

- Meditate.

- Self-hypnosis.

Note: For a method commonly performed in a quiet space such as meditation, playing soft soft sounds can help conceal strange sounds in your ears and improve your concentration.

Meditation helps reduce stress

Get enough sleep

Fatigue can make tinnitus worse. Having a healthy body can help you improve your tinnitus, we recommend getting enough sleep to have a healthier body, try to stay mentally comfortable to avoid stress to sleep well and reduce symptoms associated with tinnitus

For a good night's sleep, you should follow the following habits:

- Make your bedroom dark and cool.

- Use a fan or white noise machine if the bedroom is too quiet.

- Spend 7 - 9 hours sleeping at night.

- Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.

- Maintain habits like taking a warm bath, relaxing, or reading a book right before bed.

- We recommend that you take good care of your health because sleep is so important to your health. Make sure your bed, blanket, blanket, and pillow are clean and comfortable.

- Avoid exercising, eating and drinking alcohol for at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Getting enough sleep is a good way to reduce tinnitus in your ears

Protect your hearing

Exposure to loud noises leads to a short term worsening of tinnitus symptoms. Therefore, you should take measures to protect your hearing such as: Wear earplugs, do not listen to music too loud, ...

Build an exercise routine

Regular exercise helps you circulate blood in the body. You should maintain the exercise regimen at least 3-5 times / week. Exercise is very helpful in improving mood, a problem often associated with tinnitus. In addition, regular exercise also helps you improve your physique to help you confidently appear in front of people, exercise will help you reduce stress, fight depression, and bring a good night's sleep.

Health benefits of morning exercise

Treatment for other related health problems

Tinnitus can denounce your health. Tinnitus can be a manifestation of the following conditions:

- Thyroid disorder.

- High Blood Pressure.

- Lyme disease.

- Fibromyalgia.

- Earwax builds up too much.

- The jaw joint is skewed.

- Traumatic brain injury.

- Stroke.

- Diabetes.

Also, tell your doctor about the medications you take as some of the medications that can cause tinnitus side effects are tinnitus.

Get used to tinnitus

Tinnitus is easy to get used to, learning how to get used to tinnitus can help you deal with it effectively. If your tinnitus is severe and becomes chronic and prolonged, try to ignore the sounds coming from your ears, get used to them, you can forget the sounds. by being busy with work and activities you enjoy. Over time, you can get used to tinnitus and be less preoccupied with sounds coming from your head.

Hopefully the above information on tinnitus has helped readers to understand the causes, symptoms, treatment methods as well as how to prevent this symptom. Although it is not a medical condition, it can lead to many unpredictable complications. Never be subjective and always take good care of yourself !

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of tinnitus as well as measures to help you solve tinnitus problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about tinnitus.

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