Tinnitus left and right tinnitus are what diseases, there is danger and can it be cured

Tinnitus left and right tinnitus are what diseases, there is danger and can it be cured

Tinnitus is not a disease but a warning sign of an underlying medical condition. Timely treatment is the best way to safely protect the hearing system and manage dangerous complications. Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom. Although tinnitus does not cause a danger to life, tinnitus affects the quality of life of the sufferer. Tinnitus is also a warning sign of an underlying medical problem. So tinnitus is dangerous today, let's find out more details through this article.

Tinnitus in the left ear is a sign of disease

Hearing disturbances

Hearing disorders are changes in organs or the properties of the internal fluid, leading to hearing disorders. If the internal organs in the ear want to function well, the pressure, volume and chemical composition of the internal fluid must always be kept at a stable level. Hearing disorders usually only occur in one ear or both ears with unpleasant symptoms such as tinnitus, reduced sound perception, dizziness, headache. People at the age from The 20 to 40 year olds are at higher risk for hearing disorders, with several known causes of hearing disorders such as middle ear infection, inner ear infection, and head injury. Over time the causes are identified, if not treated in time, can cause permanent hearing loss.

Inflammation of the middle ear

A rather dangerous condition involving infection in the middle ear. Some studies have shown that the causes of otitis media are mainly purulent sinus diseases, nasopharyngeal tumors, acute respiratory infections, and air pollution. Otitis media is a dangerous disease and potentially dangerous complications such as tympanic membrane perforation, mastoiditis, facial nerve paralysis, fibrosis of the eardrum.

Kidney disease

The kidneys and hearing are two closely related organs. Hearing directly affects the health of the kidneys, when kidney function is problematic or kidney-related diseases make the kidneys impaired function, patients can suffer tinnitus, even deafness kidney health is too poor.

Tinnitus in the left ear is a sign of disease related to the kidneys

Tinnitus in the right ear is a sign of disease

Brain aneurysm

Cerebral aneurysms are common in the elderly, people with poor immune systems and organs that have deteriorated over time. Cerebral aneurysm is a very dangerous disease with a very high mortality rate, ringing in the right ear is just a simple initial symptom of the disease, accompanied by vision loss, limb weakness, numbness of the limbs, headache intense, nausea, stiff neck. The cerebral aneurysm not only affects the brain blood vessels, but also seriously affects other parts of the body. Some cases can lead to dangerous complications such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebrovascular accident, infection of blood vessels, ...

Causes of tinnitus

Tinnitus occurs when a patient's hearing has problems causing the ear to appear in sounds that only the patient can perceive. Over time these sounds interfere with the patient's ability to hear and recognize sounds.

Common cause: When the patient is old, the patient has to deal with the aging condition that causes the hearing organs to be increasingly impaired, leading to tinnitus. Working in environments often exposed to loud noises or living, working in noisy environments can also damage your ears and cause ringing in your ears. Bad hygiene for the ears such as wax, dirt, foreign objects, and allergens also makes tinnitus worse. Frequent stress due to work or abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and stimulants on a regular basis also leads to tinnitus.

Less common cause: Some medications you have used in the past affect your ears, such as high-dose aspirin, gentamycin, antidepressants, and cancer medications that can cause tinnitus. Some cases have had head or neck injuries affecting the temporomandibular joints, the mandibular bone, the joints on the sides of the head before the ears that can also affect the auditory nerve, brain function related to hearing and inner ear. Tinnitus also often occurs when patients have some serious diseases such as vestibular nerve tumors or cerebral aneurysms, ...

Tinnitus symptoms

Some of the symptoms you have may have been or are experiencing tinnitus such as frequent occurrence of noise in your ears such as wind blowing, shoulder noise, mosquito noise, whistling. These sounds can occur in one right or left ear, sometimes on both sides, and feel the most when in quiet environments or at night. Tinnitus is often accompanied by headaches, dizziness and dizziness.

Tinnitus symptoms

Is tinnitus dangerous

Dangerous tinnitus or not depends on the medical condition that the patient has. Tinnitus, tinnitus does not harm the health, but makes the spirit and quality of life of the patient a lot of trouble. Tinnitus for a long time makes the sufferer feel insecure and uncomfortable, leading to sleepless nights and physical weakness due to frequent lack of sleep. Tinnitus does not go away for a long time and is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, nausea, and discharge of pus in the ears, we advise you to go to the nearest medical center for examination and timely treatment time.

Tinnitus can be cured no

The cure tinnitus depends on many factors, such as the cause and the severity of the syndrome. For those who are new to tinnitus or mild tinnitus, just pay attention to rest and gently clean the ears with a soft damp cloth or saline to remove dirt, destroy bacteria, and tinnitus. will disappear when appearing for a short time and then go away on its own. For people with chronic tinnitus, the patient needs to be treated with reasonable methods to restore health.

Treatment of tinnitus

Based on the health status of each person, the doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment methods, specifically:

Internally medical treatment

After discovering the cause of tinnitus, the patient will be prescribed drugs such as smooth muscle relaxants, drugs to increase circulation of the cochlea and the central nervous system, vitamins, drugs to reduce edema, sedatives, drugs.

Surgical treatment

In addition to medical treatments, patients also receive surgical treatment to perform surgery to treat the root cause of the disease. Based on the medical condition, there are different treatment methods such as:

Surgical treatment of dizziness tinnitus cut vestibular nerve and labyrinthectomy suitable for patients with complete deafness on both sides.

Stellar lymphadenectomy, endothelial ear pressure reduction, ... for tinnitus patients due to hearing disorders.

Surgery removes the cause of tinnitus

In addition to surgical methods, tinnitus can also be cured with other methods such as hypnotic acupuncture, neurological treatment using transcranial magnetic stimulation, ...

Treatment of tinnitus

Tinnitus treatment with home remedies

Treatment of tinnitus with natural herbs is also a safe, simple, convenient method with high efficiency. Here are some popular tinnitus improvement remedies that many people use:

Method number 1


- Grain salt.

- 1 clean cloth.


Roast salt on a hot pan for about 5 to 10 minutes. Take it off and wrap it in a clean cloth and apply it around your ear. The heat of the salt will significantly relieve tinnitus.

Method number 2


- Black bean 12g.

- Black sesame, each type of 10g ceiling.

- Cheek 8g.

- Chrysanthemum, bamboo leaves 6g each.

- Add 50g of fresh celery if you have high blood pressure or 100g of greens and 6g of wormwood if you have low blood pressure.


- Rinse, drain.

- Place all prepared ingredients in a sharp kettle for about 20 to 30 minutes.

- Divide the mixture into 2 parts, drink directly in the morning and at night while still hot. Persistently follow the remedy for at least 1-2 weeks to see a noticeable effect.

Method number 3


- 10g of cheeks.

- 10g strawberry leaves

- 12g green rose silk

- 16g earthen spirit

Add 10g of bamboo leaves for people with high blood pressure; add 6g of wormwood for people with low blood pressure or 8g of fig leaves for people with insomnia


- Wash the ingredients prepared, drain.

- Put everything in the pot and heat until almost empty.

- Pour into a bowl and divide into 2 times / day, drink morning and night before going to bed. Best to use while still hot and persistently done at least 2 weeks for the best improvement in tinnitus.

Tinnitus treatment with home remedies

Prevent tinnitus

The most effective way to prevent tinnitus is to protect your hearing from damage, and wear protective gear to protect your ears to reduce the noise volume when regularly working in a noisy environment loud noise. Limit the use or abuse of stimulants, cigarettes, and beer because they are the cause of obstruction of the blood circulation to parts of the ear. Do not poke deep in the ear because this action can cause inflammation, puncture the eardrum, create conditions for viruses and bacteria to penetrate. Only clean the ear with a soft damp cloth or wash the ears - nose combined with saline. Improve tinnitus by massaging the arms to heat up with 2 palms. Develop a scientific diet and exercise to increase blood circulation and prevent dangerous complications.

Hopefully the above information on tinnitus has helped readers to understand the causes, symptoms, treatment methods as well as how to prevent this symptom. Although it is not a medical condition, it can lead to many unpredictable complications. Never be subjective and always take good care of yourself !

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of tinnitus as well as measures to help you solve tinnitus problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about tinnitus.

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