Top 4 foods that help cure sciatica at home effectively

Top 4 foods that help cure sciatica at home effectively

Joint pain in the knee causes uncomfortable pain and also interferes with daily activities. So does walking help you to improve your pain, or make it worse. In the treatment of sciatica, nutrition is considered extremely important. It plays a role in deciding how quickly to recover from the disease. Foods at home that can cure sciatica are the remedies that are being used popularly today because of their safety and benignness. So what foods are safe in treating sciatica, how to do it properly. Today, join us to find out in detail the top 5 most effective sciatica remedies through the article below...

Using the available medicinal plants around you to safely treat sciatica, both achieve efficiency and help the patient save on treatment costs. Although the remedies from medicinal plants ensure safety in the treatment of sciatica, but because they are done manually, they still partly affect the actual effects. So often these remedies are only suitable for people in the mild and moderate stage.

The guise leaf

The guise leaf is a spicy, warm leaf, often used as a spice to increase the quality and flavor of dishes. In guise leaves contain ingredients that are used to relieve pain, anti-inflammatory, in addition to enhancing the flavor of dishes, people suffering from osteoarthritis and sciatica can also use guise leaves to cure.

Take the remedy for sciatica with guise leaves as follows:

First you need to prepare 100g of guise leaves, 1 ginger root, 1 teaspoon of salt. Next, wash the guise leaves and ginger root thoroughly with water and drain. Once washed and drained, put the guise leaves, ginger and termites in the blender to puree this mixture, in addition you can also put this mixture in the bowl to crush.After you puree the guise leaves in a blender, pour this mixture into a pot, mix with 500ml of warm water and soak your feet. Soak your feet for 30 minutes a day, during the foot bath you can also ask a loved one to do the massage simultaneously squeeze at the acupuncture points in the legs to release blood circulation, increase blood to the organs. If the water feels cool during the soaking time, you can add hot water to continue soaking. Finally, after a foot bath is done, wash and dry, we recommend that you do it best before going to bed to relax the nervous system.

The guise leaf


Wormwood is a plant used in many dishes, just like the guise leaves, wormwood also helps to increase the flavor and quality of dishes. Because wormwood contains a number of active ingredients that are relatively effective in anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, in addition to being used to enhance the flavor of dishes, wormwood is also used to treat sciatica and a other bone and joint diseases.

Take the remedy for sciatica with wormwood as follows:

First you need to prepare 500g wormwood, 2 liters of water, a little salt. Next, wash the wormwood with filtered water and drain it. After the wormwood has been washed and drained, put the wormwood in a pot with 2 liters of water and boil over low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes, when the water is just boiling, sprinkle a few grains of salt into the pot of wormwood water. Pour the boiling mixture into a pot and mix with cold water to keep it warm and soak your feet, Foot soak for about 20 minutes, during the foot bath, you can also ask a relative to perform simultaneous massage at the foot acupuncture points to ventilate blood, increase blood to the organs in the body. Finally, after the foot bath is finished, wash the feet clean and dry.

Take the remedy for sciatica with wormwood


Pennywort is a food that is used a lot in dishes for its cooling and detoxifying properties. In addition,pennywort has an effective analgesic effect, so it is commonly used to treat sciatica and other bone and joint related diseases.

Take a pennywort remedy for sciatica as follows:

First you need to prepare fresh pennywort, water. Next, wash the pennywort thoroughly with filtered water and let it drain. After you have washed the pennywort and drained it, put it in a blender to puree or crush it with a jar. After the pennywort has been ground or crushed, add water to dilute or filter directly to get the juice, if you like to drink sweet, you can add a little sugar to make it easier to drink. Every day you drink 2 cups, your sciatica will be significantly improved.

Take a pennywort remedy for sciatica


Garlic is a spicy and warm spice added to everyday dishes that can enhance the aroma, flavor and quality of the dish. In addition to its use in enhancing the flavor of dishes, garlic is also known for its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties quite well. Garlic combined with fresh milk is used to treat sciatica quite effectively, relieve pain and strengthen the immune system for patients very well.

Take the remedy for sciatica with garlic combined with fresh milk as follows:

First you need to prepare 5 garlic cloves, 200 ml of fresh milk. Next, peel 5 garlic cloves and wash them to drain. After washing it to drain, crush 5 prepared garlic cloves and put in a cup containing 200ml of fresh milk and stir well the garlic and fresh milk. Drink the mixture directly above, if it is difficult to drink, the patient can boil or use hot milk to limit the strong smell of garlic. You should take it daily to get the best treatment effect. To promote the best effect of the remedy, you should use the correct ratio of garlic - milk, not too much may affect the use and taste of the drink.

Top 4 foods that help cure sciatica at home effectively

In addition to using foods available at home to treat sciatica, you should also combine with diet, exercise and rest scientifically. Wish you lots of health and success.

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