What is sciatica, is it dangerous or not

What is sciatica, is it dangerous or not

Sciatica is a common adult disease. The disease causes aches and pains affecting the mobility and quality of life of the patient. Sciatica is a disease on the rise today, some statistics show that the number of male patients is three times higher than female patients. Sciatica is a disease of the adults and the elderly in the age of 30-60 years, but the fact shows that the rate of young people getting sick is increasing, especially in cases as young as 18. age and in working age. So what is sciatica, is sciatica pain dangerous, today let's find out more details through the article below.

Symptoms and Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is usually detected when symptoms of persistent pain, pain in one leg are present. The pain usually starts from the lower back, extending along the direction of the sciatic nerve to the front of the thigh, continuing down the outer surface of the lower leg, then to the ankle and finally the toes, causing inconvenience in movement as well as manual labor.

Causes of sciatica

There are many causes of sciatica right now, but most of it is because you have disc herniation, when the disc comes out of its original position. Insertion into the sciatic nerve prevents inherent circulation and causes pain, disc herniation accounts for 60-90% of the causes of sciatica.

Some other reasons such as:

You have experienced injuries or accidents that caused sciatic nerve inflammation, infections such as pelvic fractures, some pregnancies also cause sciatica.

Certain conditions related to the spine such as disc herniation, disc inflammation, internal bleeding, degenerative spinal cord are also the causes of your sciatica.

People who are overweight, obese, and diabetic have a large body weight, body weight has a great effect on the spine and also contributes to your sciatica. Especially, those who regularly sit in one place, sedentary like office workers, long-distance drivers are also more likely to get sick than normal people.

Regularly sitting in one spot can cause sciatica

Dangerous complications of Sciatica

Many people subjectively believe that sciatica is just a normal back pain, so they don't care. It was only too late when the illness worsened. Complications of Sciatica cause unpredictable consequences:

Sciatica causes dangerous complications

Sciatica makes you difficult in life, but it also leaves dangerous complications if not treated in time.

Persistent pain: You often experience intense pain, when movements are very painful, limiting your daily life activities.

Spine Tension: When you wake up in the morning and you feel your back tight and unable to move, it takes time to settle down.

severe pain caused by sciatica

Muscle atrophy: Because you suffer from intense pain that causes discomfort, persistent pain that you cannot move, when the sciatic nerve is pinched, nutrients that are difficult to go down the side of your leg hurt time leads to leg shrinkage, muscle atrophy.

Hemiplegia: When the sciatic nerve is too damaged without being treated or treated too late that the nerve cannot recover, over time leading to permanent hemiplegia.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of sciatica as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about sciatica !

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