What should you eat before and after the gym

What should you eat before and after the gym

If you do not pay attention to what to eat before and after exercise, it may be difficult for you to achieve the desired effect because you do not pay attention to the diet combined with the exercise. A scientific diet will greatly determine your training results. When you exercise in the gym, you will need to consume a huge amount of calories and a lot of energy to increase the effectiveness of your workout. To meet the requirements of rigorous exercise, you need to pay attention to what to eat before and after the gym. You will easily burn out during exercise or risk losing muscle after training if you have an improper diet. Today, let's find out what to eat before and after the gym to support your training process with Health Life For you.

What should you eat before going to the gym

How to build a pre-gym meal:

A pre-workout diet will help you boost your energy to avoid feeling nauseous and fatigued from overtraining. This sensible diet helps you replenish energy in a reasonable way, helps you avoid glycogen depletion during exercise and avoids muscle catabolism…

You also need to pay attention, eat before exercising about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to help the body digest food and avoid uncomfortable belching. If you eat food before the gym about 2-3, you should choose foods rich in protein such as meat, fish, eggs, legumes and high-carb foods such as oats, pasta, sweet potatoes. If you eat 30-60 minutes before exercise, choose an easy-to-digest meal.

The healthy fats will metabolize very quickly and are easily digested, providing energy to help your muscles work continuously, reducing the feeling of fatigue. In addition, starchy foods help provide energy for your body, while protein will help you ensure that you do not lose muscle during exercise.

What should you eat before going to the gym

What should I eat before going to the gym

What to eat at the gym is a question that many people are often interested in. Here are the foods you should eat before hitting the gym to speed up your workout to get in shape.


You eat 2 bananas before going to the gym to get enough nutrients for an effective workout. Bananas are a known food that contains a lot of protein and carbohydrates. In 100g banana contains about 20g carbohydrate (carb), 1.1g protein and 0.4g fat.


Oats are a very rich source of fiber, B vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In addition to being packed with B vitamins and antioxidants, oats are also packed with protein and healthy fats, which are one of the key nutrients in building muscle, helping you hit the gym better.

The fiber in oats will help you release energy into the bloodstream faster, and the B vitamins help convert carbs into energy more efficiently. Some studies have shown that 78g of dry oats contains 51g of carbs, 13g of protein and 5g of fat. This is really great, isn't it, gymers.

Greek yogurt – fruit

Greek yogurt combined with fruit will give you a high-quality protein, while the fruit splits quickly so it will serve your workout well. This is a great combination that gives a novel taste to those who want to lose weight and those who want to build great muscle. Greek yogurt is a food that is chosen by many gym people, specifically in 100g of Greek yogurt contains 3g carb, 5g fat, 9g protein, 4% RDI vitamin A and 10% RDI calcium .

Protein milkshake

If you do not have much time to exercise, you can make a protein shake to bring to the gym. This is a simple dish but also very effective for gym goers. First, you just need to mix 1 bag of unsweetened fresh milk, some favorite fruit and 1 tablespoon of whey protein and puree for 5 minutes to have a glass of protein-fortified milk before exercise.

Protein milkshake

Brown bread, banana and cinnamon

Brown bread, bananas and cinnamon will provide you with an abundant source of energy for training. Brown bread is a good source of fiber, brown bread can contain 3 or 4 times more fiber than white bread. Regularly consuming fiber can help you feel fuller longer, tone your muscles, and aid in weight loss. In addition to fiber, brown bread and bananas are also known to be a high-carb food that is easy to digest to create a source of energy for you quickly, help your muscles work harder to lose weight quickly. Cinnamon plays a role in stabilizing blood sugar levels and improving brain function.

Red Apple and Almond Butter

Red apple is a food that can provide you with a large amount of fiber and carbohydrates. Regularly eating red apples helps you enhance your ability to exercise and build muscle in the fastest way. Specifically, a red apple about 182g can contain up to 95g calories, 25g carbs and 4g fiber. In addition, when you peel an apple, don't throw it away, eat the skin whole, because half of the fiber and a lot of apple polyphenols are in the skin.

To enhance and promote the benefits of jujube in the best way, you can eat apples with almond butter before training to replenish protein for the body, increase satiety and increase energy.

Boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are a popular dish chosen by many gym people because of their effect of helping to replenish energy thanks to the quick protein supply to the body. This is one of those easy and convenient dishes. Before going to the gym, eat 2 boiled eggs to get ready for exercise.

Boiled eggs

What to eat after gym

Diet for gym people cannot lack the foods that you need to supplement your body after training.

How to build a meal after gym

Eating after exercise will help replenish glycogen depleted during exercise, and also provide raw materials for protein synthesis. Supplementing with nutrients helps muscles to grow and regenerate in the best way. In addition, these vitamins and minerals also help you reduce muscle soreness and restore the body.

To build a scientific diet after the gym, you need to pay attention to foods that contain a lot of starch and foods rich in protein. If you eat a lot of carbs your body quickly regains insulin and increases glycogen. Protein helps the body not to lose muscle and drink plenty of water to replenish lost water and electrolytes. The golden time to eat post-workout is 30 minutes post-workout so that muscle is not lost.

How to build a meal after gym

Here are the foods you should add to your body after you've finished exercising:


Eggs are not only a good food source for a pre-workout meal, but also a source of protein to help replenish and strengthen muscles after a workout. You can eat with a lot of different foods for better taste.

Chicken breast

Chicken breast provides you with a lot of easily digestible protein that is beneficial for muscle recovery. You can easily make delicious dishes such as steamed or grilled chicken with green vegetables to provide a meal with a comprehensive source of nutrients, helping you to develop muscle.

Salmon and greens

Salmon contains a tremendous amount of protein along with healthy fats and omega-3s. Healthy fats will help you restore energy after a long workout, restore muscles and ensure the cardiovascular system is in top condition. To maximize the benefits of salmon, you should eat it with green vegetables to increase the taste of the dish and provide many nutrients for the body.

Salmon and greens

Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes can help your body recover after a workout thanks to their high fiber, potassium, carb, starch, and vitamin content.


Chickpeas can help you replenish your blood sugar levels after a workout. A good source of fiber and protein and carbs. Chickpeas are a source of food that should be added after gym

Cereals and milk

Whole grains are a dish that many vegetarians choose when exercising. Whole grains contain a lot of protein and carbs, which are two important nutrients to help you build muscle after the gym. In addition to whole grains, milk is a food with many health benefits, helping to improve the digestive system and provide a lot of protein for muscle growth.

You can combine milk and whole grains to enhance the effects of these two foods. Some types of milk that you can choose to drink after eating are almond milk, soy milk, cow's milk, whey protein milk.

Cereals and milk


A slice of peanut butter sandwich provides your body with a lot of protein, carbs and potassium. This is also the reason why Sandwich is chosen by gym goers, because of the convenience and nutrient content that Sandwich brings. The amount of protein in a serving of sandwiches will greatly help your muscles.

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Hope through the article above you have a better understanding of What should you eat before and after the gym as well as how to lose weight quickly and good nutritional menus for the body. Follow the new articles on Health Life For You to stay up to date with useful information about Nutrition While Exercise !

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