What to eat after gym to lose weight

What to eat after gym to lose weight

A delicious, nutritious meal after a workout is important in repairing muscle damage and supporting weight loss. So what is a reasonable diet after the gym is something not everyone knows. So what you need to eat after the gym to lose weight and what foods should be limited. Today, let's find out with Health Life For You what to eat after gym to lose weight through the article below.

Most people only pay attention to the pre-workout meals, but pay little attention to what to eat after the gym to lose weight. After a workout, your body will often need a large amount of nutrients to replenish the muscles. Because after completing a workout, energy stores (glycogen) are depleted, muscle tissue is damaged and fluid is lost through sweat glands. This is also the most important time for you to fuel up with nutritious meals to help repair and build new muscle tissue, and restore the balance of fluids and electrolytes in the body. However, if you want to have optimal weight loss results after hitting the gym, you also need to pay special attention to the food group you eat after training.

What to eat after gym to lose weight

To help your body recover faster and aid in weight loss, you need to consume carbohydrates and protein. These two groups of nutrients are indispensable for helping your muscles grow. Carbohydrates are very effective at replenishing glycogen stores, while protein provides the amino acids needed to rebuild new muscle tissue.

Carbohydrates help restore glycogen

The body's glycogen stores are used as fuel for exercise, and consuming carbohydrates after a workout helps replenish them. Depending on the activities that your body will consume more or less carbohydrates, sports that require endurance such as running, swimming will make your body need to consume more carbohydrates than a bodybuilder.

Consuming 1.1–1.5 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight within 30 minutes of exercise will best support glycogen synthesis. You can easily find carbohydrates in foods like sweet potatoes, quinoa, oatmeal, bananas, pineapple, kiwi. These foods are excellent sources of carbohydrates for the body.

Carbohydrates help restore glycogen

Protein helps repair and build muscle

Exercise triggers the breakdown of protein in the muscles. The rate at which protein breaks down depends greatly on your exercise and level of training. You should eat 0.3 - 0.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight immediately after exercise. If you make sure you get enough protein every day, your body will maximize its ability to recover from exercise. Protein can be found in many foods such as eggs, milk, Greek yogurt, chicken, tuna, etc. to supplement protein after exercise.

For best results, mix protein and carbohydrates together. You can mix a ratio of 3 carbohydrates and 1 protein to use to help your body recover quickly after a workout. In addition, this method also helps you lose significant weight by keeping the metabolism going strong. Rapid muscle recovery will help build and repair broken muscles, helping you to have a toned and fit body soon.

Make sure to drink enough water

On average, the body loses about 0.5-2 liters of sweat in 60-90 minutes of exercise, because the process of exercise causes the body to sweat a lot, this will cause the body to lose water. So besides focusing on exercise, diet, and what to eat after exercising to lose weight, don't forget to add enough water to your body after exercise.

Make sure to drink enough water

How long to eat after exercise

Although the time doesn't need to be exact, you should eat within 45 minutes of your workout. The world's leading nutritionists have shown that delaying carbs for at least 2 hours after a workout can lead to a 50% lower rate of glycogen synthesis, directly affecting the metabolism. muscle development.

What to eat at the gym

Here's a list of quick, easy recipes to include in your post-workout menu:

- Grilled chicken with grilled vegetables.
- Scrambled eggs with toast.
- Salmon with sweet potato.
- Whole grain sandwich and tuna salad.
- Oatmeal, whey protein, banana and almond.
- Cheese and berries.
- Toast and peanut butter.
- Whole grain toast and almond butter.
- Cereals and skim milk.
- Greek yogurt, berries and granola.
- Protein shakes and bananas.
- Boiled eggs.
- Brown rice and chicken breast.

What to eat at the gym

Foods to avoid after a workout to lose weight

Besides the question of what to eat after gym to lose weight, the question of what to avoid after gym is also of great interest to many people. Fatty foods, fast foods, if you eat them after a workout, this is terrible. All your efforts, the time you spend working out to lose stubborn fat will be in vain.

Here are the foods you should avoid eating after exercising:

- Spicy food.
- Fried foods.
- Soft drink.
- The coffee.
- Sugary fruit juice.
- Fast food.
- Alcohol.
- Cake.
- Milk tea.

Foods to avoid after a workout to lose weight

Many people worry that if they eat after exercising, they will make their training efforts go to waste. If you can eat properly and scientifically, this is not only good for your health but also helps you a lot in the process of losing weight. Today, make a nutrition plan before and after training to quickly get in perfect shape. Wish you will achieve your goals and maintain long-term results. Hopefully this article has provided enough information to help you answer the question: What to eat after gym to lose weight !

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