Custom Keto Diet Review - Losing weight is easy with great diets

Custom Keto Diet Review - Losing weight is easy with great diets

We've all heard of the keto diet. You know, a low-carb diet can help you lose weight. If you've been following recent weight loss programs, you'll know keto is the buzzword today. Ketosis is the process by which you starve carbohydrates in the body. As a result, your body has to use the last option of fat to lose weight. By burning fat, the body produces ketones in the body tissues for energy. In my Custom Keto Diet review, I'll reveal everything you need to know about this popular new diet program. What's good, what's not and whether this personal diet approach is right for you.

What is a custom keto diet

The Custom Keto Diet is a diet that follows the Keto principles. You will find a lot of information broken down into various sections on how ketosis helps control blood pressure, lose weight, among other benefits. The Ketogenic diet is when your body uses stored fat for energy instead of glucose, putting your body in a state of ketosis. Normally, our body's main source of energy is carbohydrates and then fats, in that order. However, you can skip carbohydrates and use fat for energy by following the keto diet. Unlike other keto diets, custom diets consider a person's dietary preferences, goals, and needs to create a unique meal plan for them.

What is a custom keto diet

The Custom Keto Diet is a diet that follows the principles of Keto.

The difference is that it’s custom-made for individuals. Unlike other Keto diets out there, it considers the dietary preferences, goals, and needs of a person to create a unique meal plan for them.

Rachel Roberts is the person behind the Custom Keto Diet. The diet consists of a detailed eight-week meal plan. Rachel recruited chefs, nutritionists, and personal trainers to help create these healthy meal plans.

Who can benefit from the Custom Keto Diet

Anybody can do the Custom Keto Diet.

It’s not only for women; men can do this diet just as easily.

This flexibility is ideal if you like dieting with a partner of the opposite sex. You can help to keep each other motivated.

Eating a Keto diet is a proven way to lose weight and be healthy.

And the Custom Keto Diet is not that restrictive at all, as there are lots of food choices. This varied choice means you can pretty much eat anything… within reason, of course!

As the diet is custom-made, the meals are planned based on the real information that you give it.

The diet you receive is unique to you and your needs.

So, you can’t share your exact plan with anybody else, but you can share the tasty Keto meals.

The meal plans you receive will match more of your personal diet goals than any other diet. This matching system raises your chances of diet success.

Because it is a custom-made diet, it will also tick all your preferred food choices. You already know you are going to eat food you love on this diet.

Who can benefit from the Custom Keto Diet

If you love your food, this should be music to your ears.

Nobody needs to “miss out” when they are dieting on this plan. So, if you dislike diets that restrict your food choices, this diet is a better choice for you.

Who is Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts created the Custom Keto Diet. She is a qualified dietician and fitness expert. She devised the diet after having her own struggles with health and weight problems.

Disappointed with other diets that didn’t work, she decided to create one that does. Her mission was to develop a diet system that would match everybody, without exception.

Rachel wanted to make sure that it was convenient, cheap and that people would enjoy it. She liaised with chefs, nutritionists, and personal trainers to create the best diet plans.

What is included in the custom keto diet

The diet includes an eight-week detailed meal plan. Every day you eat three main meals and snacks. There are recipes with detailed instructions, photos and tips that have been chefs, nutritionists and personal trainers to help create these healthy meal plans.

You'll also get a list of foods you can eat from your favorite fast food chains. It contains a wide range of recipes, including smoothies, party snacks, bacon, desserts, and more. There's also information on the link between the keto diet and blood pressure, how you can start a keto diet, and when it's best to eat it. Your ideal calories and macro consumption are calculated using the available algorithm. Meals are all delicious as they match your eating preferences.

Here is the list of all the downloadable items that you receive with the Custom Keto Diet:

Keto 101: eBook & Video.
Your Custom Keto Diet.
Keto Avocado Recipes.
Keto Bacon Recipes.
Keto Fat Bombs.
Keto Chocolate Treats.
Keto Cookies.
Keto Desserts.
Keto Fast Recipes.
Keto Superfood.
Keto Smoothies.
Keto Party Snacks.
Keto Peanut Butter Keto Treats.
Keto Savory Foods.

What is included in the custom keto diet

As you can see from the entries, you won't run out of ideas for keto recipes and maybe even eat keto at a party. Flexibility in your food choices makes dieting fun.

Custom Keto Diet Dashboard

After getting through the sign up page

It shows current weight, ideal weight, daily calorie needs, and projected weight at the end of the month. (By the way these are made up numbers I signed up for another account in order to create this blog.

It is suggested to edit and weigh once a week as when you do it alters your caloric needs. So when you modify your weight, your daily requirement adjusts as well as your meal plan.

So as you can see from the photos there is a nice variety of recipes and it takes your preferences into account.

There is also a handy shopping list that you can print to pick up everything you need that week.

Why am I interested in the Custom Keto Diet

I have battled through the years trying different diets. Although I have had some successes, I have “failed” more often than not.

I usually get bored counting calories or start staring and drooling at “no-go” food.

Then I give up… and start eating whatever I want, and you know how that ends…

So, when I heard about the Custom Keto diet, the word CUSTOM jumped out at me.

Let’s face it; we are all different.

We all have different commitment levels, motivation, and food preferences when it comes to dieting.

No wonder we have different results when we do the same diets.

Once I started reading about this diet, I came across some mind-blowing weight statistics. These stats made me take the diet seriously.

I figured why would a company highlight these statistics unless their diet worked.

So… what were the statistics that made me look again?

It stated that 71.6% of American adults were overweight. On top of this horrifying stat, more than half of these adults were obese.

The statistics are bad in themselves. But it made me feel sad to know that so many people are battling with their weight.

In the end, all these people are struggling to lose fat. They are real people like you and me.

The thing that finally sealed the deal for me was the pictures…

I love looking at the before and after pictures of diet successes. They always make me feel motivated and ready to get going.

On the Custom Keto Diet, there are loads of them.

Genuine visual testimonials from both men and women. Real proof that this diet works and is not all marketing hype.

A closer look at the Custom Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet Review

As I hinted at earlier on, the Custom Keto Diet takes the concept of Keto to another level.

Most of us already know what Keto is but in case you’re new to it, here’s a quick summary.

You need to eat low carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high quantities of dietary fat. When you eat in this way, it puts your body into a “ketosis” state. This means there is less glucose in your body.

But your body still needs to find the energy to perform, so it looks elsewhere in the body. It starts using ketones when your glucose is low.

The best bit? You can burn fat faster and more efficiently with ketones. The result is supercharged weight loss.

Four mistakes everybody is making with dieting

Four mistakes everybody is making with dieting

It’s easy to get complacent doing a diet. To go ahead and start a diet without doing any proper research.

It’s a bit like building something from Ikea and not reading the instructions.

We shouldn’t do it with diets, but we all do it…

Rachel Roberts realized there are four main areas that people forget to consider when they diet.

- Eating fewer calories than your body needs: Whatever diet you’re on, it’s always best to eat fewer calories than what you burn in energy. If you do this, you will end up with a “calorie deficit.”

- Restricting calories and affecting your metabolism: However, if you starve yourself, you won’t lose more weight. It is the reason why low-calorie dieters put all the fat back on. Your body thinks you are “starving it,” so when you stop the diet, it stores the food to protect you.

- Thinking about fat loss instead of weight loss: Although calories are essential, you need to consider your macro intake as well. These are the carbs, fats, and proteins you eat. For example, if you eat too many carbs, it is hard to lose weight because it raises insulin, which is a hormone that stops weight loss.

- Doing a restrictive diet that makes you feel bad: We all have different levels of willpower. But a restrictive diet will wear most people down. Who wants to do a diet that depresses you? Nobody.

How to start the Custom Keto Diet

To get started, all you need to do is complete some simple questions on the website, including:

- Your gender (men and women store fat in their bodies in a different way).
- Daily activity level.
- Statistics of the foods you like to eat for us to analyze whether to include them in your custom diet (meat, vegetables, other foods, etc.).
- Tell us your current height and weight so that we can balance your food and diet.

You will then get a summary page with recommendations for calories, carbs, fat and protein you should consume. You also get information about your current BMI and how much water to drink.

Once you've reviewed your charts, you can start using the custom diet plan right away.

Custom Keto Diet Review

How does a custom diet work

The Ketogenic diet works by forcing our bodies into a state of ketosis. The ketotic state is when miracles happen. The ketosis process starts within a week, and you should see significant results in eight weeks. The custom diet works on a two-step process. The custom diet will first try to know about your lifestyle and then allow you to choose the type of meal you can eat. In order to get into ketosis, you must cut or limit your carbs intake to less than 50 grams per day. When your body depletes carbohydrates, you run out of glucose, so your body switches to fat storage for energy. When you move around, walk, talk, eat, you're using energy. Therefore, you lose fat.

How to start the Custom Keto Diet

Benefits of using the Custom Keto Diet

The benefits of this diet are supported by a number of studies:

Cardiovascular disease: This regime helps reduce excess body fat, blood pressure, blood sugar and Cholesterol, thereby reducing the likelihood of disease.

Alzheimer's disease: Ketogenic regimens can reduce symptoms as well as reduce the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Cancer: Recently, this regimen has been used to treat certain types of cancer and reduce tumor growth.

Epilepsy: Studies have shown that the Ketogenic regimen can significantly reduce seizure symptoms in children with epilepsy.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: The Ketogenic diet can reduce the amount of insulin in the blood, and this plays a key role in polycystic ovary syndrome.

Brain damage: This regimen can reduce confusion and help recover from brain damage. Benefits have been studied in animals.

Parkinson's disease: There is research showing that this diet improves symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Acne: Eating less sugar and processed foods and less insulin will reduce acne.

The advantages and disadvantages of the custom keto diet


100% customized:

Diet is completely customized according to your body shape, lifestyle and eating preferences. You will always eat the foods you like instead of forcing the foods you don't like.

Instant access:

As soon as you buy the program and answer the questions I mentioned above, you will instantly receive your customized diet plan. This means you can start the diet right away.

Can intermittent fasting:

You can do intermittent fasting in the Custom Keto Diet. This fast option comes in handy if you need to skip meals if you're busy. Better to stick to a rigid schedule.

Healthy approach:

Ketosis is a proven process that is helping many people lose weight without sacrificing the burden. The diet contains nutritional information you will get when using each recipe. You don't have to worry about mistakes as it is step-by-step instruction.

The natural and risk-free diet plan:

Weight loss is never accompanied by life-threatening side effects or impaired health. You cannot get harmful additives to burn fat in the wrong way. The custom keto diet contains homemade recipes from natural ingredients that will provide a host of other benefits beyond weight loss.

Food plan can be updated:

The meal plan works through algorithms. So if you want to change anything in your program (such as your food preferences), it will be recalculated automatically immediately.

You can eat at fast food restaurants:

If you have a busy schedule and can't cook at home, the program features 'keto-friendly' quick meal options. It includes places like Burger King, KFC, In & Out Burger, McDonald's, Subway and Wendys.

The advantages and disadvantages of the custom keto diet


Some people get "keto flu" as their bodies adapt to a new diet. Symptoms can be anything from a mild headache to a stomach ache and it can last up to several days. If you love carbohydrates and sugars, you may find it difficult in the beginning. The Keto diet requires adjustment and perseverance for most people to get the best results.

Where to Buy Genuine custom keto diet

Most diets are restrictive and repetitive, which is why most people give up on them.

With the Custom Keto Diet, you are eating food that is designed to help you (and only you) lose weight and that you love eating. You won’t feel like you are on a diet.

$37 is a compelling price for such a detailed diet program. A single consultation with a nutritionist would set you back a lot more—and you wouldn’t get such detailed meal plans.

If you want to lose weight and value simplicity, flexibility and eating good food in a diet, the Custom Keto Diet is a great solution.

Where to Buy Genuine custom keto diet

Custom Keto Diet offers a 60 days money-back guarantee, and they stand by it.

For the account I used to take the screenshots I literally just replied to the email saying it was not for me and attached my receipt. That was it no back and forth, no what can we do to keep you. They refunded the money and it was done.

So if it’s not what you expected, or not losing weight, or you simply change your mind, you can get your money back, no questions asked.

All orders of Custom Keto Diet Drops come with a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase through the official website !

Conclusion: Should I Buy Custom Keto Diet

Overall, I believe that the Custom Keto Diet will help you on your keto path whether you are new or an existing keto dieter.

You don’t have to look for recipes, weigh the food, count the protein, the carbs, the fats.

Don’t feel like eating bacon anymore? First of all you are wrong but a quick change and it will give you a new meal plan and makes all the necessary changes.

For those times you are too tired to cook just make a little tweak and it recalculates everything for you.

The cost of the Custom Keto Diet is a 1-time payment of $37. That is an amazing deal compared to speaking with a nutritionalist even once.

The coaching program and access to the Facebook community is nice but may not be for everyone. However before you think I don’t need it consider there are times when you will get down or just think it is not worth it those are the times the community is worth it.

The only downside I see is the limited options for eating out but that is really not that big a deal unless you eat out every day. In that case this is not for you.

So between the cost and the refund policy there really there it no risk to try it for yourself. Let me know what you think

As with any diet we recommend you sign up for a healthywage if you are seriously starting a weight loss journey. Check out our full review here.

I can't wait to hear your opinion after trying Custom Keto Diet !

How does a custom diet work

Custom Keto Diet Buy Now

All orders of Custom Keto Diet Drops come with a 60-day money-back guarantee when you purchase through the official website !

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