Is tinnitus dangerous, the measures to help you treat tinnitus effectively

Is tinnitus dangerous, the measures to help you treat tinnitus effectively

Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom of a medical problem and should not be taken lightly. Tinnitus is not a disease but a feeling that is difficult to describe in the ear, when we hear sounds coming from inside the ears, the sounds become even clearer when in a quiet space or about ban night. Tinnitus can be a manifestation of one or more different diseases in the body, in order to thoroughly treat tinnitus we need to find out the right cause and treat it thoroughly. Prolonged tinnitus causes you to suffer from frequent nuisances caused by tinnitus. So what is tinnitus, tinnitus is dangerous, today let's find out more details through the article below.

Tinnitus is what disease

Tinnitus occurs when you feel strange sounds emanating in your ears such as cicadas, blood pulses, these sounds usually come out for a short period or a few hours, even lasting day and night. These sounds cannot be perceived by outsiders, only the sick can perceive them.

Signs of tinnitus

For each person, there are signs of tinnitus differently, there are people who often hear the sound of cicadas, someone who hears the engine, the bell rings, the water is flowing, the rain is falling evenly click or sometimes hear a familiar song... Depending on the tinnitus, you may experience ringing in both ears or just one ear, at a time, lasting a few hours or continuously day and night . Long-term tinnitus makes it difficult to concentrate and can also be accompanied by other signs such as headache, dizziness....

Signs of tinnitus

Causes of tinnitus

One of the most common causes of otitis is damage to inner ear cells. This causes the ear cells to send an electrical signal through the auditory nerve to the brain. When the hairs in the ear are damaged they can "leak" random electrical impulses into the brain and cause tinnitus.

There are a number of causes that can cause tinnitus, such as age, and aging of your organs leading to tinnitus. Working environment with loud noise for a long time, being constantly exposed to noise for long periods of time causes damage to the cells in your ears, leading to tinnitus. Some cases may experience tinnitus due to chronic illnesses such as blood pressure, chronic illness, head and neck trauma, a tumor in the ear or from continuous use of pain relievers and antibiotics long time.

Old age is a common cause of tinnitus

Is tinnitus dangerous

While tinnitus is not dangerous to life, but tinnitus affects your quality of life significantly. If not treated promptly, this condition can cause many effects on psychology and health of patients.

The effects of tinnitus on the patient's life

Tinnitus negatively affects the health and ability of the patient to work and communicate.

Easy to isolate: Tinnitus makes it difficult for you to hear normal sounds or conversations. Over time, this makes the patient feel self-conscious and gradually tends to stay away from social relationships and gradually becomes isolated.

Hearing impairment: Prolonged tinnitus puts you at risk of hearing loss, making you unable to hear normal sounds, conversation, or even permanent hearing loss.

Affect life and income: Prolonged tinnitus prevents you from concentrating on work and communication, negatively affecting work. This will reduce the quality of work, seriously affect the quality of life of the patient.

Sleep Disorders: Prolonged tinnitus causes most people to fall asleep because they are constantly disturbed by strange sounds emanating from their ears. If this condition persists, it can significantly affect the health of the patient. Prolonged insomnia can lead to some neurological diseases memory impairment and brain atrophy.

Tinnitus causes you to experience sleep disturbances

Tinnitus can be a warning sign of many serious illnesses

Tinnitus is not a disease but a manifestation of a number of diseases in the body, when you have persistent tinnitus, you are likely to have the following conditions:

Meniere's Disease: Tinnitus can be an early sign of Meniere's disease, a disorder caused by abnormal fluid pressure in the ear.

Temporomandibular joint disorder: The temporomandibular joint is the joint between the lower jaw joint and the temporal bone of the skull, the area located in front of the ears. In addition to toothache, headache, dizziness, neck pain ... the temporal joint disorder also causes tinnitus.

Head or neck injuries: tinnitus can occur when you have head or neck injuries that can affect the inner ear, nerves, or brain function involved in hearing. As a result, these injuries often cause ringing in one ear.

There are tumors in the ear: The growth of benign tumors in the body causes them to insert on nerves running from the brain to the inner ear, causing ringing in one ear.

In addition to the above diseases, a number of other diseases related to tinnitus such as: Vascular diseases, tumors in the ear, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, ...

High blood pressure can cause tinnitus

Measures to prevent tinnitus

Nutrition: You need to include foods rich in iron, zinc, vitamins C and E in your daily meals. These are very good foods for hearing, contribute significantly in improving tinnitus.

Habits of scientific activities: Limit foods that cause hearing loss, fast foods, fatty foods, processed foods that are too salty. Limit beverages that contain stimulants or alcohol such as alcohol, beer, and caffeinated foods. These are risk factors that can make tinnitus worse.

Protect your ears from noise: You need to limit exposure to loud noise, headphones should not be used often at high volume, if working in a very noisy environment, you need to use ear protectors, Limiting stress fatigue because stress can also make tinnitus worse.

Measures to prevent tinnitus

How to treat tinnitus, improve hearing through using herbal products

While tinnitus is not life-threatening, tinnitus treatment is essential to rebuilding your life for a better way, if not treated early and properly can have a serious impact on your health. life quality. Currently, the treatment of diseases using products made from natural herbs is highly appreciated by many experts and trusted by many people with tinnitus because of the safety and effectiveness that it brings again.

One of the products trusted by many people and in fact has shown positive effects is the Synapse Xt health-protecting food. This product contains ingredients from natural herbs effective in treating tinnitus such as hibiscus, hawthorn berry, garlic, green tea tree, juniper, vitamin C, vitamin B. These herbs have active blood, helping to enhance nutrition for the ear; ear cells nourish, prevent them from oxidation. Since then, the product helps to effectively improve tinnitus due to many causes.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of tinnitus as well as measures to help you solve tinnitus problems. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about tinnitus.

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