What is the cause of lower back pain in young women

What is the cause of lower back pain in young women

Due to hormone changes during menopause, women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis and lower back problems than men. Low back pain is very common today, especially back pain in women is a common phenomenon, especially in older women. Low back pain in women has many causes, which can be caused by your daily routine such as sitting for too long, back pain during pregnancy, menstruation, postpartum or arthritis, ligament relaxation. What is a woman, is it dangerous, please join us for details through the article below.

Causes of low back pain in women

Modern life always keeps people busy. Women are the same, women are often busy with housework and society, so maybe sometimes they feel tired, back pain. When a woman experiences these pains, she is often ignored, assuming it is normal. This is not easy, but in fact, back pain in women can be a manifestation of dangerous medical conditions.

Low back pain during pregnancy

When a pregnant woman is in pregnancy, the amount of hormones in her body is changed, the bones and joints become looser, the bigger the fetus, the pressure on the spine of the spine, the weight of the body, causes back pain. Especially, back pain appears much, pain is worse in the last months of pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women are the leading cause of low back pain in women. In some cases, when the fetus develops, pressing on the hip nerve leads to a pregnant woman with sciatica. Back pain during pregnancy in a woman is actually not so dangerous, it usually goes away on its own after giving birth. In order for the health to be guaranteed, pregnant mothers need to pay great attention and should go for regular check-ups.

Low back pain during pregnancy

Postpartum back pain

A common low back pain condition in women is that after giving birth, some reports have proven that up to 50% of women experience back pain after giving birth. Postpartum low back pain is known during pregnancy, the uterus enlarges and expands, due to this change, the abdominal muscles weaken, the mother's posture changes, and the spine is pulled forward, the back becomes tighter. The increase in muscle weight puts more strain on the muscles and joints, under more pressure. In addition to the fact that the back muscles are under a lot of pressure, hormones during pregnancy loosen the joints, ligaments of the spine and pelvis, so it will feel mild pain when sitting, walking or standing for a long time. Low back pain usually goes away a few months after giving birth, and women will no longer have back pain. Back pain can get worse when many young mothers are breastfeeding their babies incorrectly, which can cause lower back pain for up to a year. Also sciatica is likely to continue for at least 18 months after birth.

Low back pain during menstruation

During menstruation is the most tired period of a woman, during menstruation, changes in hormones, mood during menstruation lead to low back pain. During this time period may feel mild back pain, especially in the lower back.

Low back pain after menstruation

In addition to back pain during menstruation, you may also experience back pain after menstruation, causes that can lead to low back pain after menstruation such as: stress, stress, restlessness, anxiety. , suffer from a number of diseases of the bones and joints such as degenerative spine, joint pain ... Dangerous chronic diseases such as tumors in the hip hip compressing the ligaments. have gynecological diseases such as metritis, genital tract infections ... Suffering from some congenital diseases such as birth defects in the uterus, some habits also cause low back pain such as wearing high heels, wearing shoes If high heels are too high, it will put pressure on the spine, arching the back down causing the spine to stretch. This causes back pain in women and the risk of degeneration of the spine.

Low back pain during menstruation

Low back pain in women due to arthritis

In addition to the above conditions, joint diseases are also the main causes of lower back pain in women. Arthritis usually occurs due to sitting for a long time, sitting a lot for a long time, causing stiff muscles to cause pain and fatigue. If prolonged inflammation, degeneration causes osteoarthritis to be more difficult to treat. So when working, women need to rest at least 10 minutes every hour and walk around to avoid back pain.

Low back pain in women due to fractures

Some injuries are also a contributing cause of lower back pain in women. The fractured spine is causing back pain in women, the pain often feels sharp and dull. Although the fracture has been cured after surgery, the medical conditions persist and the fractures of the spine mostly become chronic back pain.

Low back pain in women due to osteoporosis

Postmenopausal women reduce the amount of hormones in the body that can lead to osteoporosis and cause back pain. A reasonable diet is indispensable, so you need to have a nutritious diet and supplement foods containing calcium, vitamins D, A, C that are good for joints and body.

Low back pain in women due to osteoporosis

Low back pain in women due to inflammation, sprains, ligament relaxation

Back pain often results from ligament relaxation, tendon rupture, inflammation. Back pain gets worse when carrying heavy objects. When the symptoms appear on the woman, she should see a doctor for prompt examination and treatment.

Low back pain in women due to fibromyalgia syndrome

Fibromyalgia syndrome is one of the leading causes of back pain in women, and some people with this syndrome also experience generalized pain. Fibromyalgia syndrome is a chronic pain condition in the tendons, muscles, ligaments, and software of the human body, causing the sufferer to suffer from unpleasant conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, and depression. Fibromyalgia syndrome becomes worse when a woman does long-lasting, heavy work. Although the fibromyalgia syndrome is not life-threatening, it seriously affects the quality of life of the sufferer. Chronic bone and joint diseases can cause women to be more susceptible to this syndrome.

Low back pain in women due to disc problems

As women age, it means the parts of their body age gradually. Skeletal joints, too, the most influential effect of aging is disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, which causes back pain in women. It can be done down the buttocks, thighs and legs, making the patient always tired and uncomfortable. Back pain in women due to disc herniation, if left undetected and treated early, can cause lifelong disability.

Low back pain in women due to disc problems

Low back pain in women due to gynecological diseases

Some women suffer from diseases related to gynecology such as fibroids, cervicitis, cervical prolapse, cervical cancer ... all can cause back pain in women. The emergence of prolonged back pain, the woman needs to go to the nearest medical center for examination and timely treatment measures.

Low back pain in women due to sleeping in the wrong position

The woman may experience low back pain from sleeping wrongly, sleeping in the wrong position such as sleeping on her stomach, head and neck are not straight. Back pain caused by sleeping in the wrong position is temporary and quickly disappears. To prevent the disease from progressing into a chronic disease, you should correct your sleeping position. The best way to lie flat, lying on your back when sleeping so that the bones and joints system less pressure.

In addition to the above condition, back pain can also be caused by stress, stress, and obesity. In this case, you need to rest, relax, and have the right diet to maintain the right weight. The above are some of the common reasons why women suffer from back pain.

Low back pain in women due to sleeping in the wrong position

Solution for the treatment of low back pain in women

Back pain in pregnant women is normal. However, if the pain persists and shows signs of not relieving, the pain lasts for 6 weeks or more, it can be caused by pathological causes. Especially if it is a bone and joint disease that requires early treatment, to avoid potentially dangerous complications.

When detecting the cause of back pain, it is necessary to apply treatments to reverse the root disease.

High paste

Some of the quickest pain relief measures are high paste, a direct acting patch that helps relieve pain quickly after 2 hours on the skin. The composition of high paste extract is also derived from 100% spicy herbs such as Dai An, Cinnamon ... When absorbed through the skin, it will have a pain relief effect concentrated at the pain point.

Do exercise

Some light exercises like yoga can improve low back pain, help blood circulation in the body, thereby helping your bones better, reducing back pain. This is a safe and long-term remedy for low back pain.

simple and effective back pain yoga

Natural pain reliever

Currently on the market there are many pain relievers, we recommend the use of drugs derived from herbal ingredients from nature. For women, citrus, topical for pain relief is best, should not use oral medications because they are not good for women during pregnancy. A topical cream with natural ingredients you can refer to as MindBody Matrix Pain Relief Cream.

Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of upper back pain and middle back pain as well as quick pain relief. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about back pain !

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