Beautiful yoga poses to keep you motivated to practice every day

Beautiful yoga poses to keep you motivated to practice every day

The following beautiful yoga poses introduced will make you unable to take your eyes off by the flexibility and flexibility of the practitioner's body. Let's admire to be motivated to practice Yoga every day.

In addition to the perfect physique and healthy body, beautiful yoga poses also give you a unique "virtual life" picture in every trip with relatives and friends. Believe that you have 1 more extremely compelling reason to start learning Yoga today! But first, let's take a look at the beautiful yoga poses we have collected to recharge for the upcoming journey.

King Pigeon Pose

Referring to beautiful yoga poses, it is impossible not to mention King Pigeon Pose - the Dove pose.

However, this is a difficult pose, requiring you to achieve perfect full-body flexibility. So just by doing a King Pigeon yoga pose is enough to show off your yoga level.

King Pigeon Pose

The practical steps are as follows:

Sit on a yoga mat, bend your right leg with your foot inward towards your pelvis.

Straighten your left leg back. Place your hands on either side of your body, palms down, fingers facing out.

Keep your thighs straight, parallel to each other, hips forward, and head and chest up. Breathe evenly and relax.

Press the instep of your left foot and left knee to the mat. Note to avoid injury and improper hip twist, you do not press your butt on the right leg in front.

Next, raise your left shin so that it is perpendicular to your thigh, toes pointing up.

Push your chest forward, face and neck up, hands reach behind to grasp left toes.

If you want to increase the difficulty of this pose, tilt your neck, face up as high as possible so that your head touches the sole of your left foot.

Breathe evenly and hold this position for a few seconds.

Bring your arms and legs back to the starting position and then repeat the steps above with the other side.

Iron Cross Headstand

Iron Cross Headstand

If you are going to travel and want to own a "super" picture, start practicing Iron Cross Headstand right now. Not only that, this pose also helps to significantly improve your balance when inverting your body. First you need to prepare a folded blanket or a mat with good adhesion to lay under the head and arms

After placing the mat under your head and arms, kneel on the mat, interlock your fingers, arms on the floor, elbows shoulder-width apart. Gently roll your biceps outward while pressing the insides of your wrists into the floor. Place the top of your head on the floor. If you are just starting to practice this pose, put the bottom of your palms together, leaning back on the back of your head, your head will rest on two clenched hands. The experienced person can open the palm and slowly place the head on the open palm.

Take a deep breath and then lift your knees off the ground. Carefully step your feet closer and closer to your elbows, lifting your heels up high. Move the top of the thigh up to form an inverted "V". Firmly hold your shoulder blades to support your back while lifting them toward your tailbone. Try to stretch your abs as much as possible first to prevent the full load of your shoulders and body from pressing on your neck and head.

Exhale and gently lift your feet off the floor, lifting both feet at the same time, you can even bend your knees or bounce off the floor. It's better to do both legs at the same time.
Iron Cross Headstand.

Crow Pose (Crow Pose)

Crow Pose

Among the beautiful yoga poses, however, to master Crow Pose requires long-term perseverance and practice. This exercise will help Yogis improve their balance and strengthen the wrists, arms and spine.

The practical steps are as follows:

You get into a mountain pose with your feet close together. Then, slowly bend over, placing your hands on the mat, shoulder-width apart.

Slowly raise your hips up, resting your knees on your arms, elbows slightly bent.

Look straight ahead, then use the strength of your arms to lift your legs, hips, and lower body off the mat, slowly straightening your arms.

Breathe evenly to balance with this pose for about 1 minute, then lower your legs slowly to end the exercise.

Fish Pose

Fish Pose

Fish Pose focuses on resilience, balance, living as the resilience of Matsya (the embodiment of the supreme being Vishnu) helps to balance the earth and the sea. This is also one of the beautiful yoga poses that many people practice.

The practical steps are as follows:

You lie on your back on the floor, feet close together, hands relaxed, placed along the body.

Bring your palms to your hips and then slowly lower your hands to the floor, bringing your elbows close to your waist.

Cross your legs together, thighs and knees on the floor.

Exhale, gently lift your chest and head, the top of your head touching the floor.

Make sure your entire body weight is on your elbows instead of your head. When you lift your chest, you will feel some pressure on your shoulders.

Hold the pose until you feel comfortable, breathing gently.

Exhale while relaxing your body. You raise your head first, then lower your chest to the floor, while opening your legs and relaxing.

Scorpion Pose

Scorpion Pose

Flexibility poses are always on the list of beautiful yoga poses, including the scorpion pose. However, it is not easy to do and requires you to spend a lot of time practicing. When mastered, this pose will help the cardiovascular system work better, prevent memory decline and prevent back pain caused by sitting a lot.

How to do the beautiful scorpion yoga pose:

Start by balancing on the familiar Yoga pose "Forearm Standing pose" in the middle of the mat.

You bend to your knees, slowly raising your head.

When standing on your arms, push your hips over your shoulders. In order for your body to move into a C shape like a scorpion, you need to move your hips away from your head. This movement will then happen naturally as you begin to bend your spine into the extension.

When you are able to bend more deeply, slowly separate your knees but still keep your big toes touching.

Continue to gradually move your toes in the direction of the head like an arch on the top of the head.

To get out of this position, lower each foot to the floor in a gentle, slow way.

Return to the familiar Baby's Pose to help relax your back.

Boat Pose

Boat Pose

In Yoga, the boat pose is quite simple to do, helps strengthen the spine, relieves stress effectively. Besides, it also "appears" in the list of beautiful yoga poses.

The practical steps are as follows:

Sit on a flat surface, legs stretched out in front of you.

Press your hands on the floor, and at the same time place your hands close to the back of your hips, fingers pointing toward your feet.

At this time, keep your back straight, raise your chest slightly, inhale deeply and slowly.

Exhale and slowly raise your legs off the floor to a 45-50 degree angle.

Straighten your legs and toes in front of you, and at the same time bring your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor. You widen your shoulders, fingers straight.

Keep your back straight, chest up slightly, squeeze the lower abdomen.

Maintain this position for about 10-20 seconds, you can gradually increase the time according to your ability.

Mermaid Yoga Pose

Mermaid Yoga Pose

Mermaid is one of the yoga poses that "ten thousand people love", which helps to show off the soft curves of the body, and at the same time improves the flexibility of the spine and hips very effectively. In addition, it also helps to stretch the thigh, lumbar, shoulder, and neck muscles very well.

The practical steps are as follows:

Sit with your back straight on an exercise mat, with your legs extended in front of you.

Bend your left leg close to your hip and bring your right foot back so that your right foot touches the floor.

Lift your right shin and bring it near your hips so that your toes are pointing toward the ceiling.

Wrap the right arm around the right leg so that the inner cheek of the biceps hugs the instep of the foot and the right hand touches the left toe.

Simultaneously, the chest and left side stretch, the left hand reaches over the head and grabs the right toes. Then place your toes in the flexion of your left elbow and reach your right hand behind your head to grab your left hand.

Open chest and shoulders, breathe evenly. The face is tilted to the side and the eyes are looking straight. Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths. Continue to switch sides to repeat the above steps to create balance for the body.

Above, Fitness Knowledge has just shared with you beautiful yoga poses that many people love to practice. If you are interested, you can practice according to the specific instructions above to help improve your health, spirit and perfect physique. Good luck !

Hopefully through the above article you have better understand about Beautiful yoga poses to keep you motivated to practice every day as well as how to lose weight quickly. Stay tuned for new articles on Healthy Life For You to be updated with useful information about Health And Yoga !

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