2 ways to treat hypoglycemia for diabetics

2 ways to treat hypoglycemia for diabetics

Hypoglycemia is a common complication in diabetics. Patients can become comatose or experience many other injuries if they are not treated for hypoglycemia in time.

So what is hypoglycemia in diabetics and how to recognize it. What are the current treatments for low blood sugar? Please refer to the article below to get answers to the above questions !

Overview of the status of hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is common in diabetic patients being treated with insulin or oral sulfonylureas. The cause of low blood sugar is usually due to the patient's overdose or improper insulin injection, causing the drug to be absorbed too quickly, eating too little, eating late or skipping meals, drinking alcohol, exercising intensely or Exercising too much…

In addition, normal people can also experience hypoglycemia in cases such as alcoholism, complications from liver or kidney disease, malnutrition or infection. Low blood sugar can be easily recognized through a number of symptoms such as:

- Feeling trembling.

- Heart beat fast.

- Feeling hungry.

- Restlessness, nervousness, anxiety or confusion.

- Nausea and vomiting.

- Headache, memory loss.

- Blurred eyes, double vision.

- Pale skin and mucous membranes.

- If hypoglycaemia is not treated early, for the blood sugar to drop deeply, the patient can have convulsions, coma, even death.

Treat mild hypoglycemia according to the 15-15

Treat mild hypoglycemia according to the 15-15

The blood-administration manner can be understood simply as the pathway rapidly increases in levels above 70 mg/dL. Among them, the 15 - 15 rule is the most commonly applied method.

Specifically, the patient will add 15g of carbs and check the sugar level in the body after 15 minutes. If the bloodline is just below the target, keep doing the above until the desired range is reached.

When it comes first, the patient should continue to use a nutritious snack to ensure the quality of the food does not fall too low again. Some dishes contain about 15g of carbs that diabetics should refer to:

- 1 tablespoon sugar, honey or syrup.

- 1 half glass of water left tree or soda information.

- 1 glass of milk.

- 2 - 3 glucose tablets (note that you should read the technical instructions before use).

- Hard candy, marshmallows, or gum (see label specifications for exact amounts in them).

When blood sugar drops value according to the 15 - 15 rule, the patient also needs to keep in mind some of the following rules:

It takes time for blood sugar levels to rise after eating.

Children will need less than 15g of carbs, especially babies and toddlers.

Regularly check blood counts when lows are most likely, especially during hot weather or when you are traveling.

Limit your intake of starchy sources that are high in fiber, such as beans and lentils, or high in fat, such as chocolate. By 2 this quality will slow down the absorption speed line.

Please save the idea that after you eat to have a sugar, the lines but can be going to down the low. Patients should recheck blood sugar 60 minutes after treatment.

Statement state drops to critical level

Hypoglycemia is considered severe if blood sugar falls below 55 mg/dL. This time, rule 15-15 will not be how to be the bottom of the re hit effect.

Instead, using an injectable form of glucagon would be the best way to help raise blood sugar. Patients should consult their doctor about a glucagon injection kit that is available by prescription and stocked at home. In addition, the patient should also make sure that the person next to them knows where to store and use them properly.

If the patient is unconscious or very sleepy, do not give them anything to eat, but help the patient inject glucagon if available and know how to use. After 10 minutes, if the patient regains consciousness, give the patient a light meal containing starch such as bread, biscuits, milk... The rest in case there is no glucagon or injection but the patient does not wake up after 10 minutes, You must call 911 immediately.

Besides, when under control, the patient should also go to the hospital because it is likely that the blood pressure will drop again.

In the hospital, doctors usually prescribe an initial level of glucose infusion, then maintain it with dextrose.

Statement state drops to critical level

Some other ways to treat low blood sugar

With non-diabetic hypoglycemia, depending on the cause, the treatment for hypoglycemia will be different. Such as:

Drug-induced hypoglycemia:

If medication is to blame for your low blood sugar, your doctor may recommend adjusting your dose, changing your medication, or stopping it altogether.

Due to tumor:

If your blood sugar is low due to a tumor in your pancreas, your doctor will consider surgery to remove the tumor. Sometimes patients have to remove part of the pancreas.

A drop in blood sugar is not a strange condition for diabetics. Be cautious about early management and seek medical attention if this condition recurs frequently, even if it is only mild hypoglycemia. Hopefully the information in the article has helped readers gain more knowledge and useful experiences.

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Glucofort Reviews – Conclusion

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Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of 2 ways to treat hypoglycemia for diabetics as well as this measure to balance. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Diabetes Complications !

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