5 Christmas Drinks You Must Try This Year

5 Christmas Drinks You Must Try This Year

Christmas is an ideal time for everyone to gather and celebrate after a year of hard work. Besides delicious food, no party will be complete without attractive Christmas drinks.

If you are fed up with useless alcohol, beer and soft drinks, why don't you try to change the taste for the whole family with a brand new drink menu that is easy to make and ensures the nutrition that Health Life For You suggests below.

Take a look at 5 delicious Christmas drinks

To make this year's festive season more new, Health Life For You reveals to you a few delicious yet easy-to-follow Christmas drink recipes for you to show off your talents to entertain the whole family.

1. Hot chocolate: A warm Christmas drink

Hot chocolate: A warm Christmas drink

Opening the list will be the traditional chocolate dish. This drink served with desserts will create a beautiful "end" to any meal. The process is also very simple, you just need to prepare the following ingredients:

- 250g pure chocolate
- 100ml milk cream
- 1 liter of pasteurized fresh milk without sugar
- A few other ingredients such as sugar, marshmallows...

Chocolate is chopped to make it easier to melt. Put all the chocolate in a thick glass bowl and place it in the water bath to melt the chocolate slowly. When it has dissolved, add milk, a little salt and sugar, stir well, then continue to add milk cream and stir quickly until the mixture is completely dissolved. Done, you transfer the mixture just boiled into the cup and you are done with the Christmas drink.

To enhance the taste, it is recommended that you add a little marshmallow, cinnamon or mint depending on your preference.

2. Chocomint: A Christmas drink that's hard to refuse

If you are a fan of crushed ice, chocomint (or mint chocolate) is an option not to be missed. This drink is very popular thanks to the attractive blend of rich chocolate with the mild spicy taste of mint, bringing an interesting experience to users.

All you need includes:

- 30ml chocolate sauce.
- 15ml white mint syrup.
- 1 Oreo cookie.
- 60ml of fresh milk.
- 30ml of fat milk.
- 10g frappe powder (or mixed milk powder) to prevent layering of drinks.
- whipping cream (optional).

The way to do it is as follows, first you put the above ingredients in a blender and puree them. Then transfer the mixture to a mug and garnish the Christmas drink with chocolate sauce, Oreo cookie crumbs… You can also add whipping cream to the water if you prefer a richer taste. The quantity of the mix just now is just a suggestion, you still have the flexibility to change it depending on the taste of your family.

3. Cinnamon tea: A little warmth for Christmas Eve

Cinnamon tea: A little warmth for Christmas Eve

There is nothing more wonderful than sipping a cup of cinnamon orange tea on cold days, isn't it? The sweet, warm taste from two ingredients orange and cinnamon will bring peace and warmth to the audience. Let me tell you, this is also a good drink for health, against colds and flu in the changing seasons.

Ingredients for making this Christmas drink include:

- 4 cloves of black tea or tea bags.
- 1 fresh orange peeled or 3 slices of dried orange.
- 2 cinnamon sticks.
- 3 slices of fresh ginger.
- Half a cup of honey.

The method is extremely simple, first you put black tea cloves (or tea bags), orange peels (or dried oranges), cinnamon, ginger and 4 teaspoons of brown sugar into a pot containing 200ml of water. Put the pot on the stove, boil the mixture until the sugar dissolves, turn off the heat, brew the tea for about 30 minutes. If you want the tea to taste better, you should brew it for about 1 hour.

After completing the above steps, you filter the tea grounds to get the water and then let the tea cool down completely. When the tea has cooled, put it in an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator. This way, you can store the tea for 1 week. Each time you use, you just need to take out an appropriate amount, add a little warm water and then add a little honey to have a delicious cup of Christmas tea right away.

4. Hibicus Tea: A Healthy Christmas Drink

Hibicus tea, also known as Hoa Lac Than tea, has long been known for its many health benefits such as: anti-aging, beautifying the skin, maintaining a stable weight, reducing the accumulation of blood fat and especially is to strengthen the body's resistance. This drink is also popular because of its natural sour taste and bold Christmas red color.

To make a delicious cup of Christmas tea, you need the following ingredients:

- 3g Hibicus (or red artichoke).
- Sliced ​​lemon.
- Fresh mint leaves.
- Honey.
- 200ml of purified water.

Put Hibicus in a tea strainer, rinse the pot with hot water, then pour 200ml of boiled water (about 90 - 95 degrees Celsius) and steep the tea for 15 minutes. An important note when preparing this Christmas drink is not to use boiling water of 100 degrees Celsius because it will burn the tea and lose its natural flavor.

If you want to use it cold, after brewing the tea, you can pour it into a cup and then transfer the tea to the refrigerator for storage or add ice cubes directly to the drink. To make the tea more delicious, it is recommended to add a little honey and mint leaves.

5. Matcha latte: A must-try Christmas drink

Matcha latte: A must-try Christmas drink

It can be said that Matcha latte is the ideal Christmas drink to sip in conversations with loved ones. Not to mention, matcha is a pure form of green tea, so it has a very high antioxidant content that brings many health benefits.

To have an equally delicious cup of hot matcha latte, you need the following ingredients:

- 1 tablespoon pure matcha powder.
- 1 cup of fresh milk without sugar.
- 15g sugar (equivalent to 1 tablespoon).
- Whipping cream (optional).

First, heat the milk in a saucepan, then add the sugar and matcha powder and stir until everything is completely dissolved. If you want to use it with ice cubes, you should add sugar and matcha powder to enhance the taste. This drink with Whipping cream will be very delicious.

Important notes to remember to have a happy and healthy Christmas

- During the holiday season, it's extremely important to take care of healthy Christmas foods, including drinks. To ensure your health, you should pay attention to the following issues:

- Drink a lot of water because at the end of the year the weather is very cold and the body will dry out easily.

- Although typical Christmas dishes and drinks are delicious, they should not be overused because they can cause stress on the digestive system.

- Eat a variety of green vegetables or use fruit drinks to supplement vitamins and minerals. Absolutely do not eat too much in one meal.

- Limit the use of alcoholic beverages. Instead, go for healthy Christmas drinks or Christmas teas.

Hopefully, through the reading, you have had more choices of Christmas drinks to treat friends and relatives in these last days of the year !

Hopefully, through the above article, you have a better understanding of 5 Christmas Drinks You Must Try This Year and nutritious menus that are good for the body. Follow new articles on Healthy Life For You to stay updated with useful information about Healthy Recipes.

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