7 things that affect the weight of people with type 2 diabetes

7 things that affect the weight of people with type 2 diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes often find it difficult to control their weight. Being overweight or obese makes the disease worse.

You will be surprised to learn that being overweight or obese increases the risk of diabetes-related complications or vice versa, people with diabetes are more likely to be overweight and obese. You should lose weight with healthy eating habits and exercise to control blood sugar to reduce your risk of complications and many other health problems. However, many times type 2 diabetes affects your weight silently without you even knowing it.

Dietary factors also affect the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Excessive consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of developing diabetes. The type of fat in the diet is very important. Saturated fats and trans fatty acids increase the risk, while polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats reduce the risk of developing the disease. The habit of eating a lot of white rice also contributes to an increased risk of the disease. In addition, about 7% of patients with diabetes are due to lack of exercise.

Here are 7 factors that make it difficult for people with type 2 diabetes (type 2 diabetes) to achieve their desired weight:

1. People with type 2 diabetes are easily overwhelmed by emotions

People with type 2 diabetes are easily overwhelmed by emotions

The remedy: If you're overweight or obese, the prospect of having to lose weight and then maintain it can be daunting. However, you need to be determined and try every day. You can start with healthy food choices in the morning, add good foods in the afternoon, followed by the afternoon after work, dinner and so on.

You should do this every day and try to make it a habit. The hardest part of the weight loss journey is maintaining a healthy diet.

2. People with type 2 diabetes don't get enough sleep

People with type 2 diabetes don't get enough sleep
The remedy: You need to aim for about 7-9 hours of good sleep each night and choose healthy snacks for the night.

Sleep deprivation not only leads to insulin resistance but also wreaks havoc on weight-related hormones. When you don't get enough sleep, your body increases ghrelin (the hormone that stimulates appetite) and decreases leptin (the appetite suppressant).

Another problem that greatly affects your weight is staying up late as well as choosing nighttime snacks that are high in salt, high in calories and starch. According to a published survey, starchy foods are not the best choice for blood sugar balance or weight loss (or weight maintenance).

3. People with type 2 diabetes often skip meals

People with type 2 diabetes often skip meals

Remedy: You need to incorporate diabetic snacks into your diet and try not to skip meals.

In addition to the habit of skipping breakfast, if you skip lunch or dinner, it can also cause a sudden drop in blood sugar. This is also the problem of most people who are in the process of being treated for type 2 diabetes without a good knowledge of dieting as well as because they are too busy with work and do not have time to arrange a reasonable meal. . The body going through a long period of not eating will lead to insulin and glucose disturbances, making it easier for you to gain weight.

Because the distance between meals is too far, people with diabetes will not be able to cope. If this situation is not corrected in time, you may also experience confusion, forgetfulness, fainting... even more severe convulsions and death.

4. People with type 2 diabetes eat too much

People with type 2 diabetes eat too much

Remedy: You should eat healthy foods, but with reasonable portion sizes.

Healthy foods are the cornerstone of a proper diabetic diet, but portion control and quantity are just as important. Many sick people are equating healthy eating with uncontrolled eating. There are many people who choose very good foods, such as nuts, olive oil, avocados, but do not realize that they are too high in energy.

5. You are processing protein in the wrong way

processing protein in the wrong way

Remedy: You should fry less oil and should use olive oil. Instead of frying lean meats, grill or stir-fry them.

Protein sources from beef or poultry don't affect blood sugar, but it does have an impact on your cholesterol and waistline. Lean proteins are better for weight loss and are recommended as part of a type 2 diabetes diet, but preparation is also important. The habit of frying with too much butter or oil can ruin a weight loss diet.

6. People with type 2 diabetes do not choose food carefully

People with type 2 diabetes do not choose food carefully

Remedy: You need to pay attention to the food for snacks, replacing uncontrolled meals with healthy meals.

Healthy snacks are encouraged in a diabetic diet, but not choosing them carefully can lead to weight gain and excess calories. If you reduce 100 calories / day, you can lose 4.5 kg in 1 year. If you are a person who is easily absent-minded, schedule and prepare snacks. For example, don't go to the kitchen (where you know there's cake in the morning) but walk in a different direction or make yourself a cup of herbal tea.

7. Type 2 diabetics eat a lot after exercise

Type 2 diabetics eat a lot after exercise

Remedy: You can exercise but refrain from eating desserts. Try to satisfy your sweet tooth with foods that are low or no calories.

The goal of good diabetes management means controlling blood sugar levels by balancing eating with exercise. There are many ways to balance your blood sugar. For example, if you want a cookie or cake for dessert, go for low-starch and low-sugar desserts. But if your goal is to cut calories and lose weight, dessert isn't necessarily the best choice. Because, training sessions can hardly consume the calories in dessert.

Overcoming these obstacles will help improve health and contribute to the successful treatment of type 2 diabetes. If you are still having trouble losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to get the right help.

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Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of 7 things that affect the weight of people with type 2 diabetes as well as this measure to balance. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Type 2 Diabetes.

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