Pandan leaves to treat diabetes: Did you know it or not

Pineapple leaves to treat diabetes

Pandan leaves are an extremely delicious tropical fruit loved by many people. Not only that, this plant also brings many "golden" benefits to health, including the prevention of diseases that people are afraid to name: heart disease, cancer... The following article will explain why why is pandan leaf good for diabetics

Despite the same name, pandan leaves and leaves of the pineapple plant (fragrant) are two different types in both shape and use.

Learn why pandan leaves can help treat diabetes

Before discussing how pandan leaves treat diabetes, you need to clearly distinguish between pandan leaves and leaves of the pineapple plant (fragrant).

Pandan leaves (also known as fragrant pineapple, sticky leaves) is a common herb in Southeast Asian countries. Unlike the leaves of the pineapple, which are sturdy and full of sharp thorns, the diabetic pandan leaves have a slender and long shape like a sword, but clustered at the base into a fan shape. Not to mention, thanks to the beautiful green color and characteristic aroma, this leaf is also widely used in Vietnamese cuisine.

Back to the main topic, a study in Indonesia said that the use of pandan leaf extract had the effect of reducing blood sugar, as well as improving insulin resistance in obese mice. Particularly for normal healthy rats, pandan leaf juice after consumption will reduce postprandial blood sugar through inhibiting alpha-glucosidase enzyme (the role of digesting starch into glucose to create energy for the body) and promoting activity. insulin action.

Healthline also mentions a survey on the diabetes ability of pandan leaves on 30 healthy adults. Specifically, after performing an oral glucose tolerance test, those who had previously drank pandan leaf juice had more stable blood sugar than those who only drank water. However, more research is needed to corroborate this benefit.

In the end, should pineapple leaves be used to treat diabetes

Pineapple leaves to treat diabetes

Indeed, pandan leaves are effective in controlling blood sugar levels. But you'd better consult your doctor before using it. Absolutely do not use each of these leaves to treat a disease instead of the medicine you are taking. If you agree, you can refer to how to treat diabetes with pandan leaves according to the instructions from Health Life For You as follows:

Pandan leaves are bought at agricultural stores, then take a handful, wash and drain. If you are more careful, you can wash the sticky rice leaves with diluted salt water and then wash it again with clean water to remove all the dirt.

Leaves after washing bring to a pot (about 3 liters of water) to boil.

When the water boils, reduce the heat and cook until the water turns green, then turn off the heat and drain the water.

In addition to how to cook pandan juice for diabetes, you can use pandan leaf juice for cooking. Either way, it's important to check your blood sugar after taking it. In case of abnormal blood sugar or you yourself have strange symptoms, you should stop using it immediately.

In addition to supporting diabetes, what are the uses of pandan leaves

In addition to supporting diabetes, what are the uses of pandan leaves

Here are other amazing health benefits of pandan leaves:

Prevent high blood pressure: High blood pressure and diabetes are closely related. Fortunately, sticky leaves have the ability to reduce blood cholesterol absorption, protect patients from high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

Relieve Arthritis Pain: Ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine mentions a remedy using a mixture of coconut oil and pandan leaves to relieve pain caused by arthritis. This benefit actually comes from active alkaloids and glycosides that have effective anti-inflammatory effects.

Reduce anxiety and stress: Pandan leaves, in addition to supporting diabetes, also boost the mood of the user. This is thanks to the abundant tannin content that will dispel stress.

Protect oral health: chewing pandan leaves will eliminate bad breath to help you have fresher breath. Folk people also use this leaf to stop bleeding gums, but this effect needs more research to confirm.

Recently, the sharing revolves around the issue of pandan leaves to treat diabetes. Hopefully through that, you have learned a simple method to stabilize blood sugar that is easy to follow. However, before applying any herb, it is important to consult a doctor to ensure safety.

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Hopefully, through the above reading, you have a better understanding of Pineapple leaves to treat diabetes: Did you know it or not as well as this measure to balance. Stay tuned for new articles of Health Life For You to update useful information about Type 2 Diabetes !

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