Summary of beans good for health and beauty

Summary of beans good for health and beauty

Legumes are good for health and are highly appreciated by doctors and experts alike for the nutrients they provide. Beans have a nutritional content that surpasses many fruits and nuts. As a result, they bring many good effects to health.

Legumes are good for health because they contain abundant nutrients, bringing many good effects to the body. These beans can be processed into delicious dishes or nutritious drinks such as milk, …

Benefits of beans

Improve heart health

According to some studies, eating beans regularly helps to lower total and LDL cholesterol. High bad cholesterol is one of the factors that cause cardiovascular disease.

In addition, according to a 2013 analysis of other studies, eating beans also helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Therefore, regularly adding beans to meals will help limit death from heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular problems.

Reduces the risk of cancer

According to studies, eating beans helps to reduce the risk of cancer. Because beans contain active ingredients such as flavonoids, tannins, phenolic compounds and other antioxidants... These active ingredients have the effect of preventing cancer as well as some chronic diseases. In particular, the fiber content in beans plays a role in limiting the risk of rectal cancer.

Stabilize blood sugar

Legumes not only help regulate blood sugar at a stable level, but also help prevent diabetes. Beans are rich in carbs. The abundant fiber content helps slow down the digestive process, increasing the feeling of fullness for a long time, thereby helping to reduce blood sugar.

Health benefits of beans

Boost gut health

According to several studies, legumes, especially black beans, help improve gut health by improving the intestinal barrier and increasing the number of healthy bacteria in the gut. This helps to effectively prevent intestinal diseases.

Weight loss

Legumes are quite high in phytate. Phytate has the effect of reducing starch digestibility and slowing the absorption of glucose after eating. This helps increase feelings of fullness for a long time, curbs appetite, inhibits energy intake and supports safe and effective weight loss.

Healthy beans to eat

Here are suggestions for healthy beans that are popular with many people, including:

Healthy beans – Black beans

Black beans are an excellent source of fiber and protein. Black beans often appear in Mexican and Brazilian dishes. Black beans have a lower glycemic index than other foods. Eating black beans helps to reduce blood sugar, limit the risk of diabetes and lose weight effectively.

healthy beans - black beans


Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are divided into two varieties: the larger Kabuli which is common throughout the Mediterranean and the smaller desi, which is mainly grown in India. Many scientific studies show that chickpeas can help limit the risk of heart disease, even cancer, and support effective weight loss. Therefore, dieters can replace red meat with chickpeas in their diet.

You can coat some dried chickpeas with olive oil, salt and seasonings and then put them in the oven. Or you can also use chickpeas as a topping for weight loss salads.

healthy beans - chickpeas

Kidney beans

Mentioning one of the healthy beans cannot be ignored: Kidney beans. This bean contains a lot of protein, omega-3 fatty acids are good for heart health. Not only that, but kidney beans also contain the same amount of cancer-fighting antioxidants as blueberries. Not only that, kidney beans also work to lower blood sugar.

healthy beans - kidney beans

Healthy Beans – Pinto Beans

This is a common bean used in cooking in Mexico. Pinto beans are packed with healthy protein and fiber. Besides, Pinto beans also work to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. You can use pinto beans whole or cooked in stews, fried or mashed.

healthy beans - pinto beans

Green bean

The name that cannot be absent from the list of healthy beans is green beans. It is also one of the most consumed beans in the world. Green beans are rich in vegetable protein, fiber and antioxidants. Green beans are often used in soups or mashed up to make fried foods. With high fiber content, eating green beans helps to increase the feeling of fullness, limit appetite, thus helping to lose weight effectively.

Summary of beans good for health and beauty

Soy bean

Beans are one of the commonly consumed legumes in Usa in many different forms such as tofu, soy milk, and soybean meal. Soybeans bring a lot of good health effects such as: good for the heart, prevent obesity, beautify skin and hair, ...

healthy beans - soybeans

Healthy beans – Red beans

Similar to many other beans, red beans are high in protein and fiber. The fiber content in red beans helps to stabilize cholesterol in the body and the potassium in beans helps in easy blood circulation, stabilizing blood pressure. In addition, red beans contain antioxidants that help strengthen immunity, fight some diseases and effectively fight inflammation.

In cooking, red beans are often ground into red bean paste and appear in sweet Asian desserts such as cakes, ice cream, etc. Or they are also used in savory dishes, which can be cooked with rice or green vegetables.

Summary of beans good for health and beauty

Healthy beans – Navy beans

Navy beans are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Therefore, navy beans are foods that help prevent inflammation, strengthen the immune system, improve heart health and prevent many diseases. Navy beans are often used in baked goods or appear in a traditional British breakfast.

types of beans are good for health - navy beans


The name that cannot be "absence" in the top of the healthy beans is: peas. Like other legumes, peas are rich in protein and fiber. The fiber content in beans helps to inhibit the rise of insulin and blood sugar, increase the feeling of fullness for a long time, limit appetite, and support weight loss.

Not only that, peas also work to develop beneficial bacteria for the intestines such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, etc. As a result, intestinal health is better improved.

healthy beans - peas

Above are the types of beans that are good for health as well as their effects. You can use beans in dishes in many different forms, very suitable for those who are on a diet or vegetarian. Any type of bean has many health benefits, so you can completely use them in your daily menu.

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