Weight loss gym diet: Eat right, lose weight fast

Weight loss gym diet: Eat right, lose weight fast

No matter how hard you work out, if you don't have a proper diet, it will be difficult for you to reach your weight and body goals. So how is the right weight loss gym diet.

Note with weight loss gym diet

When building a weight loss gym diet, pay attention to what you eat before and after exercise. They greatly affect your weight loss efforts.

A pre-workout snack will help you burn more calories, fuel your entire workout, and turn your body into a powerful fat-burning machine. Conversely, if you fast to exercise, your body will convert your muscle tissue into energy. As a result, you will easily feel dizzy, headache, sluggish and weight will not lose as expected.

When you eat at the gym is just as important as what you put in your body. You should eat about 45-60 minutes before exercise time so as not to stress the muscles and digestive system. You should also not eat too much for 30 minutes after exercising. At this time, the digestive system is not ready to work.

Weight loss gym diet for beginners

Before going to the gym

Weight loss diets for gym goers need to focus on 3 main groups of substances: carbohydrates, proteins and fats. You need to understand the role of these substances and allocate them appropriately in the meals before and after the gym.

Before going to the gym

The goal of a pre-workout meal to lose weight is to replenish energy for the whole workout. If the power level is below optimal then performance will suffer. You can include in your gym weight loss diet the following foods before you start working out.

- Whole grains
- Kinds of bean
- Oat
- Fruits such as bananas, smoothies, fruit served with yogurt...
- Bread, rice cake
- Egg
- Sweet potato
- Green apple

Besides, you also need to add some protein to maintain the protein level of the body. You can find it in various types of milk such as soy milk, almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc.

Attention: Do not eat foods containing unhealthy fats, greasy foods, fried foods... even before and after exercise.

Diet after gym to lose weight

what to eat before morning gym

The purpose of a post-gym diet is to promote muscle recovery and replenish energy. That's why you need foods rich in protein and high-quality carbs to start the repair process and prevent muscle breakdown.

You can eat some foods that contain protein such as:

- Types of meat: lean beef, chicken breast, lean pork, turkey...
- All kinds of fish and seafood
- Egg
- Buttermilk
- Nuts

In addition, do not be afraid to add fatty foods. They're important because they help maintain optimal hormone levels, providing slow-burning fuel that can aid in fueling long workouts. Good fats are found in avocados, nuts, salmon, tuna, olive oil, tofu...

To avoid overeating after exercise, you should add to your weight loss gym diet with berries and vegetables that are high in fiber.

Suggested 7-day menu for gym people to lose weight

Menu for gym people

You can refer to the 7 day weight loss gym diet below:

Day 1

Breakfast: oats, banana pancake with protein shake.

Lunch: assorted nuts with chicken salad, bell peppers.

Pre-workout snack: banana.

Post-workout dinner: brown rice, pea curry, sprout salad.

2nd day

Breakfast: oatmeal with Greek yogurt and seasonal fruit, mango juice.

Lunch: assorted nuts, curry fish, vegetable salad.

Pre-workout snack: toast with jam.

Post-workout dinner: croutons, sautéed carrots, egg whites, vegetable salad.

3rd day

Breakfast: hard-boiled eggs, wholemeal toast, protein shake.

Lunch: quinoa, chicken and broccoli salad.

Pre-workout snack: nuts and dried fruit.

Post-workout dinner: lean beef steak, vegetable curry, brown rice, cucumber and steamed potato.

4th day

Breakfast: oatmeal and honey, apple juice.

Lunch: grilled chicken, salad.

Pre-workout snack: toast with peanut butter.

Dinner: chicken curry, brown rice, broccoli, protein shake.

Day 5

Breakfast: steamed eggs, wholemeal toast, fruit smoothie.

Lunch: rice roll with grilled chicken with vegetables, salad.

Pre-workout snack: nuts and dried fruit.

Post-workout dinner: sautéed chicken with onions and peppers and broccoli, 1 cup of milk chocolate.

6th day

Breakfast: oatmeal, wholemeal toast and orange juice.

Lunch: whole-cup whole-cup chicken, black beans and peppers, greek yogurt.

Pre-workout snack: apple and peanut butter snack.

Post-workout dinner: pan-fried salmon and asparagus, sweet potato, protein shake.

7th day

Breakfast: oatmeal with nuts, fruit smoothie.

Lunch: whole wheat pasta, boiled chicken and green salad.

Pre-workout snack: cereal.

Post-workout dinner: fish curry, boiled pea salad, brown rice, tofu, milk.

Weight loss gym diet only works when you apply it long-term and patiently. Combine exercise with a healthy diet and lifestyle for healthy and safe weight loss.

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