4 delicious dishes from crab vegetables to help you lose weight

4 delicious dishes from crab vegetables to help you lose weight

Crab vegetables is a nutritious wild vegetable that is very good for health, especially mixed vegetables are indispensable in your weight loss menu.

As a shallow-rooted herb that grows all year round, Crabica is usually 15–45 cm tall, with succulent stems, heart-shaped leaves and small seeds that are easily dispersed. When crushed, the vegetable smells like mustard. Spinach belongs to the pepper family, the plant family has about 12 genera with 3,000 species.

The dishes made from vegetables are very familiar to the Central people, the taste of the vegetables is slightly sour, crispy and very cool to eat. Spinach is not only a delicious dish but also a medicinal plant that cures many diseases. This vegetable is used in the form of food to prevent colds, coughs, asthma, indigestion, high blood pressure.

Not only that, crab claw vegetables provide many nutrients but low energy, so you can prepare many dishes with crab vegetables to add to your weight loss menu. Please refer to 4 delicious dishes from crab claws to help you maintain a slim figure.

1. Vegetables with crab legs mixed with beef

4 delicious and nutritious dishes from crab vegetables for the whole family

Crispy, sweet and sour beef salad mixed with delicious, sweet and sour beef is often used as an appetizer in parties. If your family organizes a small party, you can prepare this dish that will be both delicious and does not take much time to prepare. This dish is very good for those who need iron supplements to cure anemia.


100g thinly sliced ​​beef, pre-marinated with seasoning or seasoning

100g crab vegetables

Lemon, garlic, red onion, chili

Sugar, pepper, olive oil


Heat a little oil in a pan, sauté garlic until fragrant, then add thinly sliced ​​beef and stir-fry.

Stir-fry beef over high heat until the meat is just cooked through, set aside.

Minced red onions and peppers.

Put a little sugar in a bowl, squeeze the lemon and stir until the sugar dissolves. Next, add the chopped red onion and chili to the lemon-sugar mixture, stirring well. Add about 3 tablespoons of olive oil to the above mixture, depending on your taste, you can add more oil if you like it more rich.

Wash the crab claws, dry them, and arrange them on a plate.

Spoon the sautéed beef over the vegetables, drizzle with the sauce mixture, and sprinkle with a little pepper to taste.

Mix well and you will have a salad with crab and sweet and sour beef mixed with sweet and sour beef.

2. Crab crab vegetables mixed with eggs

Crab crab vegetables mixed with eggs

If you are tired of eating meat, you can change to the dish of crab and egg mixed vegetables. This is a popular dish but very good for health, especially for people with diabetes, iron deficiency, in addition, this dish also works to strengthen the body's immunity.


Chicken eggs: 2 eggs

Crab vegetables: 300g

Fresh coconut water

Onion: 1/2

Mixing sauce: 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 tablespoons olive oil, 4 tablespoons lemon juice, a few cloves of garlic and 1 chili.


Pickled crab claws are washed, soaked in diluted salt water for 15 minutes, taken out into a basket, and drained.

Hard-boiled eggs, peeled and cut into chunks.

Peel the onion and slice it lengthwise.

Garlic peeled, minced.

Peppers seeded and chopped.

Mix the ingredients for the broth, stirring until all the spices are dissolved.

Mix spinach, onions with mixed water, then place on a plate, add eggs on top.

3. Vegetables cooked with crab claws

Vegetables cooked with crab claws

When you are tired of vegetable stew or familiar vegetables every day, you can cook soup with crab claws, a sweet and nutritious vegetable.

The simplest dish is minced crab meat, the cooking method is quite simple and similar to other vegetable soups. You just need to prepare vegetables and crabs with lean meat and then use the spices already in the kitchen, quickly and quickly, you will have a cool bowl of sweet soup to cool off. Boiling crab meat or cooking soup has the effect of curing mouth ulcers effectively.


1 bunch of vegetables

100g lean meat



Wash the crab vegetables.

Lean meat is washed, thinly sliced ​​and minced. Marinate minced shallot, half a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of fish sauce, a little pepper, a little monosodium glutamate.

Put the pot on the stove, put in a bowl of water. Boil water, pour minced meat in, use chopsticks to stir to separate the meat.

When the water boils thoroughly, add the vegetables, the soup is just boiling, season to taste, then turn off the heat because the vegetables are very quick to cook.

4. Stir-fried Crab Crab Vegetables with Garlic

Stir-fried Crab Crab Vegetables with Garlic

There are many ways to cook them into delicious and nutritious stir-fry dishes such as: stir-fried crab legs with beef, stir-fried crabs with garlic, stir-fried crabs with eggs, stir-fried crabs with shrimp...

You can stir-fry vegetables with garlic, or stir-fry with shrimp or beef depending on your preference for a delicious taste.


Crab crab vegetables

Garlic, cooking oil, spices


You pick up the old, shriveled leaves, pick up the old stalks, then wash and dry.

Peel the garlic, smash it and chop it finely.

You put the pan on the stove, put a little cooking oil in the pan, heat it up, then add the garlic and sauté it until fragrant, then you add the crab claws, stir-fry quickly with high heat so that the vegetables keep their crispness and green color.

You add a little seasoning to the vegetables, seasoning to taste. Vegetable crabs are very quick to cook, so you only need to stir-fry quickly.

Finally, you pick up the crab vegetables on a plate, you can decorate the plate to add a beautiful part to make the dish more attractive.

Crab vegetables is good for your health, not only delicious but also full of nutrients. If you want to lose weight and maintain your figure, you should favor mixed vegetables.

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