5 effective weight loss drinks to get in shape

5 effective weight loss drinks to get in shape

Many women make an extremely serious mistake when they want to lose weight, which is to only pay attention to the diet and ignore the weight loss drinks. If you know how to choose low-calorie drinks, you can control your cravings and quickly gain the desired weight.

5 effective weight loss drinks

Let's find out which drinks will be your effective "assistants" in your weight loss process!

1. Filtered water

If you want to find a drink that is not fat, you cannot ignore filtered water. Increasing your daily intake of filtered water will not only help you quickly lose weight, but also improve your overall health.

A study in 48 overweight adults found that those who drank 500 ml of water before meals and followed a low-calorie diet lost 44% more weight 12 weeks than those who did not drink water before meals.

2. Weight loss drink from vegetables

Drinking vegetable juice helps to lose weight

Vegetable juice is also a low-calorie drink, beneficial for people who want to lose weight safely. A cup of tomato juice contains only about 41 calories compared to a cup of orange juice 122 calories. In addition, when using fruit juice as a weight loss drink, it also provides you with fiber to help control hunger.

In one study, adults who drank 200ml of vegetable juice per day had better weight loss results than those who did not.

3. Black Coffee

If you feel "craving" for caffeine, choose a cup of black coffee instead of soda or energy drinks. In fact, soda is an unfriendly drink for people who want to lose weight. Meanwhile, black coffee has no calories and is rich in antioxidants. This is a drink that can help you lose weight quickly.

4. Green tea

Green tea is a fat-free beverage. Therefore, this is a great choice if you are looking for a weight loss drink. Drinking green tea regularly not only enhances fat metabolism, but also plays a key role in maintaining body shape and reducing cravings.

Research by the American College of Nutrition shows that within 2 months, people who drink green tea lose an average of 2.7 kg compared to people who only drink water.

5. Drinks with a light alcohol content

Beer may not necessarily help you lose weight, but if you are forced to go out with friends and drink beer, choose a beer or drink with a light alcohol content. A large light beer has about 100 calories compared to a regular beer with 150 calories.

5 drinks to avoid if you want to lose weight

People who want to lose weight need to avoid consuming the following 5 drinks:

1. Soda

Does drinking soda make you fat. Every time you drink a bottle of soda, you have received hundreds of calories into your body, exceeding the amount of calories needed a day to lose weight. Not only that, the sugar content in this drink also makes you gain weight quickly.

Therefore, to cut down on sugar and calories in soda, you should switch to using fat-free soft drinks or diet drinks.

2. Cocktails – spirits

Using cocktails - spirits are not good for weight loss

A glass of brandy has fewer calories than wine or chilled wine, but if you mix spirits with soda or ice cream, be careful. A glass of Russian wine with whipped cream has up to 715 calories. There is a lower fat option that you can mix rum or vodka with soda.

3. Coffee with milk

Milk coffee is not a weight loss drink you should choose. When you add milk, whipped cream, syrup or top with whipped cream, your cup of coffee now contains about 570 calories and more fat. This amount is equivalent to the calories of a meal.

However, if you do not like black coffee, the solution for you is to add a little skim milk and chemical sugar to the coffee cup to reduce the calories.

low calorie soft drinks fat free soft drinks weight loss soft drinks

4. Energy drinks

Most energy drinks have as many calories as soda. While this beverage can add essential nutrients, you can also find the same vitamins and minerals in low-calorie foods. If you are losing weight, quench your thirst by drinking water and other weight loss drinks instead of these beverages, unless you need to replenish your nutrients from heavy exercise and sweating.

Choosing the right weight loss drink is also an important step in the process of adjusting the diet to suit each person's weight loss goals. In addition to limiting harmful drinks, you can refer to the above weight loss drinks to find alternatives for yourself. Besides, persistently practicing exercises to reduce belly fat is also an important step on the road to owning a slim figure.

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