Celery for weight loss: Slim body only in the near future

Celery for weight loss: Slim body only in the near future

Using celery juice to lose weight is a new health trend. This weight control method is popular with many women thanks to the quick effect that celery brings. This article will help you better understand the real effects of the celery weight loss method.

Does drinking celery help lose weight

Celery juice for weight loss is completely grounded. Many people believe that drinking about 500 ml of juice every morning helps break down and dissolve fatty deposits in the liver.

In fact, celery juice impacts weight in another way: its calories. Your weight depends on the amount of calories in the food you consume. When your calorie intake is less than or equal to your calorie burn, you will lose or maintain weight. Celery juice contains quite a few calories, 500 ml of juice only provides about 85 calories for the body, so the trend of drinking celery to lose weight is somewhat effective that you want.

However, even though it is a healthy, low-calorie juice, you should not abuse the way celery juice to lose weight for a long time. Instead, combine exercise with a nutritious diet with a variety of foods.

Benefits of drinking celery to lose weight every day

Benefits of drinking celery every day

Celery juice for weight loss and many other health benefits, including:

1. Anti-inflammatory

Celery juice is packed with phytonutrients, compounds that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Flavonoids are the main phytonutrients found in celery. High intake of flavonoids may help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. As such, eating celery or drinking its juice can help prevent a number of dangerous diseases.

2. Blood pressure control

Celery juice also helps control blood pressure because it contains a phytochemical (3-N-butylphthalide) that relaxes the tissues of the arteries, thereby reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow. In addition, potassium and magnesium in celery help regulate blood pressure levels effectively.

3. Lower blood cholesterol

Celery can also help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Some studies have shown that cholesterol levels are significantly reduced in animals that eat or drink celery over a long period of time. However, more human studies are needed to ensure accuracy.

Some side effects of celery juice

Some side effects of celery juice

Although celery juice is recognized as safe for health, it can also cause a few side effects for the body that you need to be aware of.

Lack of fiber

Fiber has many benefits for the body, from weight loss to healthy gut. However, when celery is juiced, this vegetable will lose a significant amount of fiber compared to when eaten, leaving you with a lack of fiber. A bunch of 9 celery sticks contains about 9g of fiber, but 500ml of juice contains only a negligible amount of fiber.

Causes excess sodium in the body

Another side effect of celery juice is an increase in blood sodium levels. Celery is a high-sodium food. One celery plant provides 32 mg of sodium and just 500 ml of juice will contain more than 400 mg. Excess sodium causes high blood pressure, so people at risk for this disease should exercise caution when drinking celery juice.

The US Department of Health recommends that to maintain a healthy diet, the average adult should keep their daily sodium intake to less than 2,300 mg. Therefore, you should balance the amount of salt in your diet and the amount of celery juice you drink each day to suit your body's needs.

How to drink celery to lose weight quickly and effectively

celery for weight loss

According to Anthony William (author of the book Medical Medium - 2015), you should drink about 500 ml of celery juice every morning, before eating to promote digestion. Celery juice is a drink for therapeutic purposes and does not contain many calories for the body, so you need to eat breakfast about 15-30 minutes later to get energy.

Use fresh celery, preferably organic if possible. If not, you need to wash to remove dirt, pesticides on vegetables.

Store the juice in glass bottles with airtight lids. Do not use plastic bottles to store juice.

Should pour water into the bottle immediately after pressing, not more than 5 minutes to limit oxidation.

Ideally, you should drink celery juice immediately after juicing to be able to absorb all the nutrients. If you can't drink it right away, you need to use up all the celery juice within 24 hours of juicing because this drink easily loses nutrients when left for too long. Storing in the fridge will help you keep the juices longer throughout the day. However, the powerful healing properties of celery juice decrease when it is subjected to a change in temperature.

If you feel the taste of celery juice is too strong and difficult to drink, you can add cucumber, lemon or apple to adjust the taste. Once you get used to it, keep increasing the celery ratio. Note that other ingredients when added to the juice will change the effect of pure celery more or less.

Some people may experience some changes in their body's need to defecate after drinking celery juice. This is a normal reaction and good for your digestive system. Stimulating digestion will prevent problems like constipation, bloating, acid reflux, acne, urinary tract infections (UTIs), sinus problems, Lyme disease, etc.

In general, celery reduces weight and brings many great health benefits such as reducing blood fat, treating high blood pressure, purifying the body, beautifying the skin, controlling weight...

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