High-sugar fruits and low-sugar fruits for dieters

High-sugar fruits are not for dieters

Dieters often eat fruit to lose weight. However, not all fruits are good, there are fruits high in sugar that will make the weight loss process fail.

For people who lose weight, they often limit starch and sugar in dishes. The preferred option for overweight people is to eat fruit. However, there are fruits that are high in sugar when you eat them, which will make the weight loss process fail. So which fruits are good and not good for dieters? Let's read the article below.

Fruits with a lot of sugar



Mangoes have a lot of fiber and nutrients, which are very good for the body. However, mangoes are also high in sugar compared to other fruits. One mango contains 45g of sugar, which is not a great choice for dieters. It is best to eat only 1 slice of mango.


Cherries are one of the high-sugar fruits. One cup of cherries is equivalent to 18g of sugar. Therefore, you should limit eating a lot of cherries because it is easy to gain weight.


On average, a pear has about 15g of sugar, so you should not eat pears or whole pears when you are losing weight. You can mix a few slices of pear with unsweetened yogurt to reduce weight gain.


One cup of grapes is equivalent to 23g of sugar. Therefore, you should not eat a lot of grapes at once, but eat a little bit every day to avoid excess sugar in the body.


High-sugar fruits are not for dieters

Like pears, watermelon contains about 17g of sugar. Besides, watermelon also contains a lot of water and electrolytes that help the body quickly recover after going in the sun. Therefore, you should only eat 1–2 slices of melon to quench your thirst!


Many people often lose weight with bananas, but they do not know that an average banana has about 14g of sugar. Therefore, you should limit eating bananas during weight loss.

Low-sugar fruits


Low-sugar fruits

Avocado is one of the low-sugar fruits. An avocado contains only about 1/2g of sugar. However, avocado is quite high in calories. Therefore, you should not include avocado in your daily weight loss menu.


Each guava contains 5g of sugar and 3g of fiber, so it's better than having to eat brown rice or whole grain bread. For more fiber, you should eat the skins, but wash them thoroughly before eating.


Raspberries contain a lot of fiber (about 8g per cup) so it is good for weight loss and digestion. Raspberries also have sugar but with a low content (about 5g), so you can comfortably eat this fruit without fear of gaining weight.


You will be surprised to know that one cantaloupe has only about 5g of sugar and 23 calories. This is a great choice for girls who are on a diet.



Did you know half a papaya has very little sugar, about 6g. So, for girls who are trying to lose weight, you should only eat half a papaya.


One cup of strawberries has only about 7g of sugar. So, you will comfortably eat strawberries without worrying about gaining weight.

In the process of losing weight, diet plays an important role in helping you achieve success. Therefore, you need to find out carefully what foods and fruits are suitable in your diet period. Hope the above information has helped you find the right fruit for you.

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